Carmen Carbonell – Biography of Carmen Carbonell

The actress Carmen Carbonell was born on March 19, 1900 in Spain.

She is considered one of the most prestigious actresses of our country of the 20th century.

He made his theater debut when he was only 14 years old, at the Teatro de la Princesa, which would later become the Teatro María Guerrero.

It did not take long for him to join the company of Margarita Xirgú, from which he passed, already in the decade of the 30s, in the company of the Teatro Lara in Madrid, where he met the actor Antonio Vico, with whom he married, founding a company own, of which it is possible to comment that it premiered the work of Carlos Arniches “For you is the world”.

The company is truncated before the outbreak of the Civil War, and, after the conflict, they join two more prestigious actors, Concha Catalá and Manuel González, with whom they form a new company that bears the name of “The four aces” . During the 1940s and 1950s they performed with her a large number of works and montages, obtaining great successes with them.

Among the many works in which we have seen Carmen Carbonell perform, we can highlight some prestigious titles such as “Mariana Pineda”, “Pygmalion”, “The House of Bernarda Alba”, “Teach a scoundrel”, “The dolphins” or ” The imaginary patient ”.

Although Carmen is essentially a stage actress, she also worked in film, although in a much less extensive way. In any case, his filmography includes notable titles, such as “Marcelino pan y vino”, “The unspeakable secret of a good boy”, “A man called Autumn Flower” or “Nacional III”.

As for her personal life, she was the mother of actor Jorge Vico and grandmother of Antonio Vico, also an actor, the latter married to actress Maribel Lara.

Carmen Carbonell died on November 27, 1988 in Barcelona.