Carley Shimkus

Carley Shimkus

Salary Amount $38000-$45000 usd Content for the year 2019

2 Who marries Julietta Compagno Skoog? Jon Skoog Where did Julietta Compagno marry Skoog? 2008 ‘ Sproutable ‘ was founded jointly with Alanna Beebe Julietta as an online learning hub for parents. The site provides educational videos for parents to manage the early months and years of their children’s lives with research-backed content.

Married to a long-term partner

The child psychologist Julietta is married. She and her boyfriend-turning-husband Jon Skoog tied the knot. At Shoreline Public Schools based in Seattle Washington, Jon operates at a prestigious rank.


Compagno works tirelessly to create the most open tools to provide parenting skills for new parents. The occasions that Julietta is separated from her children work with other parents on classes that teach them about good parenting and parent education.

Coach Julietta’s certified constructive training promotes a net worth of $300,000. Julietta spent years as a professional dancer, before working as a career consultant. She has 15 years ‘ experience in Public Schools in Seattle. Compagno’s primary revenue comes from her parenting classes business force seminars private coaching and teacher training. She has served as Sproutable’s co-founder since 2016. YouTube: See Julietta Compagno answering parenting questions The average salary for a parent support advisor is around $40,000 per year for the details. Hence Julietta seems to earn a decent amount of revenue from her career. Position as co-founder of ‘ Sproutable ‘

Julietta and Alanna Beebe created an online parent platform called Sproutable. The two were neighbors who lived nearby in Seattle. Upon discovering they had a common goal they wanted to use technology to solve parenting problems. Alanna worked in the field of public health and early childhood while Julietta was a child psychologist with her own parenting education company. Sproutable was created by Compagno and Beebe in May 2016, and officially launched in August 2016.

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