Bryce Harper Hair Ideas For 2019

The following is a list of the top 20 most fashionable Bryce Harper hairstyles that
are liked by fans around the world.

1. Bryce Harper Slicked Back Top with Trimmed Beard

Bryce Harper Slicked back with beard

The top is slicked back to a tall height, the beard is trimmed short and the beard
is allowed to grow until it covers almost all areas under the chin. The slick
top hairstyle and trim beard are ideal for people who want a casual or formal
haircut. The hair must be long if you want to have this haircut. A gel is used to
form the top into some height when you slick back it. The gel will keep the
volume and shape of the slicked back part in place. The hairstyle can be done
at home or at a barber. If you go to the barber, you will probably have to
visit the shop twice a week to keep the hair gelled.


2. Knot Bun and Sides with Half Hard Part

Low Fade with Knot and Half Hard Part

The top is tied into a bun and a headband is worn over the head. The sides have
been taper faded and there is a half hard part pattern near the ear. The hair
at the back is tapered down. The beard joined the tapered sideburn which gives
the haircut a unique look. There is no need to perform much maintenance on the
hairstyle. This hairstyle is ideal for people who don’t care much about styling
their hair.

3. Forward Spiky Mohawk Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair with Slight

Forward Flip Up Top Medium Height with Undercut Sides

The top is pushed forward to form into spikes that look just like a mohawk with
undercut style featured on the hair at the back and sides. You can keep this
hairstyle with a trimmed beard. The hairstyle is great for people who want to
wear a tuxedo and attend a formal occasion.

4. Parted Top and Side Undercut

Fade Undercut with Side Part

This is the haircut that makes Bryce Harper famous in baseball. It features a
complete undercut on the sides with the top parted. The hair slicked to the
side with some height which is what makes it an attractive hairstyle.

Bryce Harper Slicked back tutorial


Short tutorial how you make your owne hairstyle.

5. Bryce Harper Medium Top with Taper Fade Sides and Beard

 Undercut Sides with Medium Top Bryce Style

The top is cut to medium length and not shaved so that it has some thickness and
the sides are taper fade gradually. The sides have been taper fade short and
join to a well-groomed beard. After Bryce had this hairstyle, many baseball
players start to cut their hair to look just like him. It is a nice hairstyle
for men.

6. Bryce Harper Batman Haircut with Beard

The Bryce Harper Bearded Batman Hairstyle

The batman hairstyle looks great especially when it is matched with a beard. The
sides are shaved down completely to the ear. You must go to a professional
barber to have your hair cut to the old school style like this. The Bryce
Harper haircut is a modern haircut trending among young people.

7. Slick Back Top with low High Undercut for Medium Length Hair

Low High Undercut Sides with Medium half Slicked Back

This hairstyle is exclusive to celebrities. Bryce is often seen with this hairstyle.
The sides feature a low high undercut. The slick back hair on top is a thick and
medium length. The beard that joins to the sideburn also contributes to the
hairstyle. It does require some maintenance. You have to regularly trim the
sides to make sure it stays short. The beard also needs to be trimmed to keep it
neat. Additionally, you must apply pomade on the hair to keep it in place when
you brush it to the back.

8. White Slick Back Hair with Beard


Crazy and Slicked Back Hair

Bryce Harper is often seen with this hairstyle after attending the post-match
presentation party. His hair will appear slick back and be dyed. His haircut
always matches with a trimmed beard. The hair that is dyed in white make him look
like an old man.

9. Black Slick Back Hairstyle with Low Side Undercut

Low Fade Long Slicked Black Dyed Hairstyle

This is a long haircut that features black colour. The hair is push back to some
height to attract attention. The haircut is not suitable for men who have short
hair. It is ideal for the formal occasion and it will require patience for
maintaining the hair. The beard is just touching the tip of the sideburn. It
takes a lot of gel to create this hairstyle.

10. Cool Bryce Harper Hairstyle that Can Withstand the Wind

Bryce Hairstyle against the Wind

It takes at least 30 minutes for Bryce to do this hairstyle before he enters the
field. The hairstyle is designed not to become messy when exposed to wind
pressure. It takes a significant amount of gel to form the tall slick back
pomp. It takes a lot of maintenance and it looks best with a beard.

11. Bryce Harper Batman Haircut

The Batman Bryce Harper Hairstyle

The hairstyle feature a medium length hair that is tied into a man bun like a half
ponytail. This is a creative hairstyle with long hair and undercuts sides. It
features a Garibaldi beard with a rounded edge. Bryce is pictured in a good mood
in the photo.

12. Bryce Harper Standing Spikes with Side Undercut Hairstyle

Spikes with Undercut Sides Bryce Harper Style

The medium hair on top appears to stand up like spikes and the sides are shaved.
The standing spikes are what makes the hairstyle stands out among other baseball
players in the field.

13. Taper Fade Sides with Wavy Top

Undercut Sides with Wavy Top and a Razor Part

The hairstyle features wavy hair on top, taper fade sides and razor part. The 3
details make Bryce Harper hairstyle special. The beard acts as a compliment
with his hairstyle.Bryce Harper is not only known for his prowess as a baseball player, representing the Washington Nationals, but
also for his iconic hairstyles which have made him popular both on and off the
field. Everyone can see that his seriousness on following the latest fashion through the unique
hairstyles that he keeps. One of his most famous hairstyles is the slicked back
mohawk with taper fade sides.

14. Front Flip with Razor Line and Low Fade Sides

Front Flip Laid Down Top Razor Design Low Fade

The hair in front is flipped messily to a certain height and is parted from the
side by a straight razor line. The side has been shaved down to undercut style.
It takes a professional barber to get this hairstyle done. It also requires a
lot of maintenance to keep the hair look this way. Bryce spent a lot of time to
maintain the hairstyle.

15. Coarse Top with Undercut Side for Short Hair

Coarse and Short Top with Undercut Sides

Bryce Harper hairstyles often incorporate undercut style on the sides. In this
hairstyle, the sides are shaved down to the ear and the top is cut short. The
hair appears to have a coarse texture which can be achieved by not combing

16. Bryce Harper Thick Slick Back Top with Side Undercut

Slicked with undercut Bryce Harper style

The medium haircut features the top is slicked back and the sides are completely
shaved down to the ear. The thick layer of slick back hair on top make the
haircut looks unique. As usual, his beard compliments with the haircut.

17. Brushed Back Long Top with Hair Lock

Brushed Back with Side Lock

This is another cool hairstyle of Bryce Harper. The hairstyle features undercut
sides with the volume of hair on top brushed back. There is a long lock of hair
that falls off to the side. The long hair is slicked back to the neckline.
There is a medium beard that compliments with the haircut. It takes a lot of
effort to keep the hair the way it looks. It takes a lot of perseverance to
maintain the hairstyle that way and that is why the hairstyle becomes famous.

18. Bryce Harper Brushed Back Top with Short Sides

Brushed Back Bryce Harper Hairstyle

The top is grown long enough just to pass the neckline. It has short sides with a
neatly trimmed beard that joins the sideburn. Bryce often keeps this hairstyle
when he is doing an interview. The sunglass compliments with the hairstyle. You
must apply pomade on your hair before brushing it back so that it will stay in

19. Bryce Harper Brushed Back Hair with Ponytail and Taper Fade Sides

Slicked Back Ponytail Bryce Harper Style

The medium hair on top is slicked back and tied to a ponytail. The sides have been
slightly tapered faded and the beard joins the sideburn just like many other of
Bryce Harper hairstyle. After cutting the hair, make sure you wash and dry it
with a towel. Next, you must use some gel to brush back the top. A trimmer is
best used for creating an undercut for the side to the desired length.

20. Long Slick Back Top with Undercut

Undercut Sides with Long Slicked Back

The long top is slicked back and the sides feature an undercut style. The gel must be
used to form the hair to a certain height and volume. The sideburn is not joined
to the undercut. The beard looks great with the hairstyle.