brown hair with blonde highlights

Beautiful Layered Golden Highlights in Chocolate Brown Hair

In this combination of highlights with dark hair, the contrast between the two shades adds depth to the waves. You will notice, when you take a closer look, that the outer layers especially pop and make the waves appear much thicker than they naturally would. The ends merge to form a golden loose curl waterfall.

Golden Ribbons Of Blonde

It’s a good way forward if you want something amazing yet simple little peekaboo highlights popping out from the lengths of your naturally dark hair. This look also incorporates some slight red tinges. There are so many ways to add blonde highlights to dark hair, as we described before, there will always be something that works really well for your hair and skin type.

Trendy Highlighted Lob

Giving skin a sleek, hair-like makeover. Here’s a long bob with highlights of medium blonde. With the curly cut, the light blonde looks fantastic. For the ladies who want to try a trendy new hairstyle, this is the perfect idea. It’s one of our favorites we love this illuminated feel.

Pintura Highlights for Natural Curly Hair

Pintura literally translates into Spanish painting referring to the process used to achieve such highlights. Sure, somebody goes in and paints every single curl by hand to achieve this unique look! If that doesn’t make you feel as special as the way these highlights will stand out!

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair with Fair Amber Blonde Highlights

If you’re in chocolate, this style looks great! Mixed with the dark chocolate brown hair, the fair amber highlights almost imitate a bite of a mocha truffle. Dripping this luscious mix of color in cocoa makes your hair look delicious! For dark brown hair colors, of course, this look is best achieved; otherwise the contrast will not appear as evident.

Hand Painted Melt

Various highlight layers are the easiest way to rock such a look. Although it will take time to give you natural finishing themes. That’s, of course, if you want that sort of thing. Ciara is a big fan of this beautiful hand-painted melt look and we have seen it now too.


This is a very soft affair and with the aid of those huge rolling waves it has been rendered effortlessly glamorous. Using your hair dryer to boost volume, a large round brush will help you nail those that style your hair. You will also find a good mousse that adds volume, especially if you want your hair to have staying power.

Warm Highlights For Brunettes

If you’d like to jazz up your beautiful brunette hair, here’s your idea. The hair is an incredible shade of chocolate with highlights of hot caramel blonde. This combination of colors is beautiful and it will make your look glamorous. Regardless of the length of your hair, such highlights will look amazing.

Golden Platinum Streaks in Loose Waves

These light blonde highlights are hot enough to make them suitable for neutral skin tones. It will bring balance to a complexion in between. In these shadow highlights, the gradient look also adds structure to the hair.

Messy Platinum Platinum Highlight Waves

Brown hair with blonde highlights is visible in this style of messy waves that seem to have infinite layers. Not only are the roots kept dark, but the deeper layers of curls also produce a shadow effect that indicates a darker than there is. For those who care about thinning hair, this is a great style.

Sun Kissed Hair

This sun-kissed hair is perfect for you if you have length on your side. The purpose of the game is to hand-painted the lighter tones on your skin, but only in places where the sun will naturally reach it. Most of these lighter shades will be around the top layers of the hair that go back to highlighting the old-school way. Forget about the lowlights and keep them relatively dark if you don’t want to forget them. You’re supposed to be shadowing and remember the light and the dark?

Warm Blonde Ombre

Then we’ll show you another warm blonde look. The hair is of medium length with a blonde shade of caramel. This is a beauty concept that is trendy and easy to wear. You can recreate the look of the shadow or use the blonde caramel to create softer highlights. These highlights on shorter cuts would also look amazing. Two of the hottest hair trends are

Ombre Lob

Lobs and shadows. So why don’t you mix these two?! That’s exactly what this lob did. The color of the root is black, and then the hair becomes a light blonde hue. This is a stylish and chic look that suits everybody! For the ombre highlights, you can recreate this look or try another blonde hue.

Dark To Caramel To Blonde Ombre

It’s a look that’s not going to be easy to achieve at home, particularly if you’re not really a professional when it comes to hair coloring. To show a hairstylist what kind of finish you want, take as many pictures as you can. The more pictures you have of the sort of dark hair blonde highlights you like the more you can express the image to her / him. Also: the greater the likelihood you’re going to walk out of the salon with the look of a killer that will impress everyone.

Blonde Caramel Highlights For Dark Hair

A stylish way to highlight your hair is with shadow. Ombre is a method for coloring where half the hair is dark and half the hair is white. The hair is black at the top for this look, and then the lower half of the hair is a light shade of caramel. This is an amazing look and for the shadow you can replicate it or try a lighter blonde color.

Awesome Blonde Ombre Champagne Highlights in Brown Hair Chocolate

Get a fancy hair idea with this blonde hue version that’s distinct from all the others! If you think this color matches the hue of a bubbly freshly corked bottle or not, it is clear that the overall chic look it gives to skin.

Subtle and Simple Caramel Blonde Sheen

These subtle highlights offer a barely natural look! With these, you will trick people into thinking that once out of the sun, your skin will take on a lighter shade. This look is ideal for girls who want to look good without any effort.

Cool Frosted Blonde Heavy Highlights in Dark Hair

This cool, cold blonde hue would be an ode to winter as it imitates the season’s weather. This light blonde shade against dark brown hair makes the highlights look super evident and creates a very noticeable contrast. This style is perfect for those who like bold looks not to be missed on the streets by men.

Bright Golden Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair Chocolate

Dark brown hair can often look flat and lifeless unless it has a different color. Such vivid golden blonde highlights, however, ensure that this hair is not the case. The golden hue captures and reflects light in a hypnotic pattern that shows that brown hair with blonde highlights can quickly elevate any look to the next level.

Honey Blonde Highlights

if you want to break your hair … you probably need one. 1877.jpg” />

Medium Length Hair Pulled Back with Layered Highlights

Contrary to popular opinion layers, it may look just as perfectly pulled back as when left. The chic hairstyle proves this and is perfect for girls who like to keep their hair out of their faces! Looking carefully, notice how the highlights still add to the crown an illusion of volume?

Café Au Lait Highlighted Brunette Layers

Layers are hard to notice in dark hair so it’s hard to get that side-swept theatrical look that many celebrities sport on a daily basis. However, highlights can solve this problem especially if they focus on the layers as seen in this example. The depth obtained is insurmountable by concentrating the highlights on each individual surface.

Easy Strawberry Blonde Balayage Highlights

These easy highlights require a simple, classic method known as bayalage. Although it is quite effortless to achieve this look, it still presents a complicated final product by adding depth and color layers to the otherwise flat brunette hair.

Light Blonde Highlights On A Lob Cut

A must-have hairstyle lobster. Below is a lovely example of how a highlighted lob can be worn. The hair has a lot of light blonde highlights with dark tones. This is a lovely hair idea that is going to suit everybody. These highlights will transform your hair from drab to fab. On a shorter cut, you can also try a similar look.

Natural Brown and Blonde Hair with Subtle Highlights

This harmonious combination of brown and blonde looks amazingly natural making people second-guess whether you actually got your hair colored or just shine a golden blonde naturally. For someone who wants more of a low-key look, these slight streaks are fine.

Pretty Golden Sombre Highlights in Long Brown Hair

In all their golden beauty, these rare and simple highlights demand attention. Messy hairstyles like this one fit well with highlights because the highlights will always add a touch of structure and form to the base irrespective of how messy the hair gets.

Peachy Blonde Highlighted Tips

These reverse-layered highlights add a unique twist to traditional highlights that usually take shallow turf. These highlights are perfect for those who don’t want to distract themselves from their natural hair color but still want to add some depth to their hair. The ends that most women are struggling with in style will still look massive.

Dark Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

Would you like to try to add blonde to your hair but worry about the result? Then try this one’s hairstyle. The skin is very dark and there are warm golden highlights at the end of the head. They will easily grow out as the highlights are near the end of the hair. This is just a great way to see what your hair’s going to look like blonde. With any hue, you can try this.

High Ombre Contrast

Of course the ends of the spectrum are different. You can go for something that’s subtle and natural-looking or you can go outside the box a little bit and choose something that’s bolder and lighter. This aura of high contrast is a classic example of this. You have a great way to rock the colors and shades you really want when you mix together two very different ends – light and dark – with the right shades in the middle.

Blonde Highlighted Lob

Another lob hairstyle is our next suggestion. This is another stunning theme with highlights in multi-tone. We love this idea of hair because it looks like a beachy boho. It would be a trendy and edgy look, however, if you added some more curves and texture. It simply shows how flexible such a hairstyle is.

Short Blonde Hair Idea

You can add highlights not only to the long hair, but also to the shorter hair. This is a beautiful example. This is a short, side-swept bangs haircut. The hair is a dark brown shade on the top layer of the hair with multi-tone highlights. This is a fashionable short hairstyle that looks beautiful to anybody.

Dark Ashy Blonde More Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

This beautiful blonde color provides sleek and stylish vibrations. Even though this color is not the most natural shade for the season, it can easily blend with campuses of cafes and streets. The effect of the shadow makes a gradual shift from brown hair to blonde which helps others to ease into this unique look.

Fun and Subtle Beach Waves with Natural Highlights

Since the base of this hair is a lighter brown chestnut, a dirty blonde’s highlight color is only three shades away from the natural hair color. As a consequence, you get to the hair this mild but normal shine that does not disturb or go unnoticed! Choose such a theme if you want this experience to be a completely natural awakening.

Cute Strawberry Blonde Waves in Brunette Hair

If you have a warmer skin tone, a warmer strawberry blonde color will bring out the best of your teint. Those highlights can make your skin shine as much as your hair is accentuated. Trying out in the fall months is also a really nice color.

Peachy Blonde Gradient Highlights in Short Hair

This is a more natural look with a more natural blonde shade coloring. This particular style will suit women of all ages because it is professional enough to wear to work, but it also adds more complexity and texture to make it look more youthful and enjoyable. The dark roots are helping to intensify the shadow effect.

Ice Blonde Highlights

If you want a brighter blonde shade creamier in your new shade, choose to have it to the ends working it naturally in the darker shade. Despite very different contrasting shades being used at both ends, the gradient is very soft. Such twists are just adding depth as well. The whole thing is about the oomph.

Beautiful cream Soda Blonde Highlighted Long Waves

These sumptuous waves look almost like an old-fashioned diner’s dripping cream soda! We blend effortlessly into the natural light brown hair color and give off an elaborate volume façade that would fail to achieve darker colors. This color would work very well if you’re a lighter brunette.

Short Hair Vanilla Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Face framing can flatter any face shape. The way to go is whether you want your face to look slimmer or more structured face-framing highlights. Similar to a foundation, they contour your face shape just without the time and effort of mess!

Natural Looking Highlights

This is so natural that in fact it looks like some naturally sun-bleached highlights that have grown out and in reality it could almost be. That’s all the point of the stunning blonde’s dark hair highlights. They’re supposed to look natural. For a reason, they are hand-painted and cleverly mixed.

Natural Chestnut Blonde Ombre Highlights

This female hairstyle offers a sophisticated look with a more mature selection of colours. The highlights are not as dramatic and look very natural as it suits older women. Whether worn at the office or down and messy at the club, this coloring transition is exceptionally good between different settings.

Bright Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

We’ve got a beautiful blonde idea next. The hair at the root is very dark for this look and then blends in a cool blonde shade of color. This is a bold blonde look suitable for women who want a complete transformation of their hair. You can recreate a similar hairstyle if you want a subtler look, but just don’t add as much blonde.

Cute Ombre Platinum Blonde Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

If you are afraid to go full platinum blonde then consider this beautiful color as highlights! That shade not only provides a wonderful contrast to dark brown hair, but it also adds a lot of shine and depth. The lighter color will make hair thicker as well.

Dark Hair With Icy Blonde

A vivid blonde look next. The hair starts dark and then blends into a golden blonde, then into a shade of light blonde. This is an amazing look that has been highlighted and it really makes a statement. Thanks to the color change, highlights like this are best suited for long hair.

Blonde Balayage Highlights

There are so many shades you can choose from when it comes to adding beautiful blonde hair highlights. There are the cool beiges to begin with mixed in with the neutral and nude-like tones going right up to deeper and darker shades – for example, honey blondes with their slightly red tinges and brown sugar-like shades. It doesn’t matter what kind of brunette you’re wearing, there’s a way for you to incorporate highlights that will be super flattering.

Muted Ginger Blonde Long Hair Highlights

These highlights run through the hair in a disorganized manner allowing the natural brunette hair to peak through the ginger blonde colour. That particular style allows those who do not like dramatic effects to have a more subdued look. The coloring allows for an illusion of thickness and texture even with straight hair.

Modern Hairstyle with Bright Golden Blonde Highlights

This beautiful hairstyle shows what you can do with highlights. While not much has to be done to parade brown hair with blonde, this basic messy half-up and a half-down look shows just how much the color makes a difference. The messy braid culminates in the whole look by showing how much texture the highlights otherwise give flat hair.

Best Buttery Blonde Highlights in Light Brown Hair

These highlights almost appear as if they were dripping off the hair like warm butter from the oven. The scale of these highlights is smaller, giving off the impression of a larger surface. The concept works especially well for shorter haircuts and types with messy or low maintenance.

Dark Chocolate To Honey Blonde

Kim Kardashian is a big fan of honey blonde-looking dark chocolate rocking. We saw her mix the tones in all-over and much more lob multi-tone balayage designs. For the moment, it’s such a big style and even better than being one of the easiest styles to wear. Choose to combine the darker and lighter colors with chocolate tones and you’ll find it all coming together pretty nicely.

Honey Blonde Highlights

If the light blond is not for you, consider this warm shade. Here we have dark hair with highlights from the honey blonde. The highlights are on the lower half of the body, producing a look of shadow. This is such a stylish idea and it’s a great way to make your hair lighter.

Highlights On Dark Layered Hair

Why not add a slightly more tangerine twist to your blonde highlights if you want to add more dimension to your dark brown hair? The Blorange look is a really big one right now and looks pretty impressive in the backdrop of a darker comparison. 1879.jpg” />

Cool Buttercream Blond Babylights in Medium Brown Hair

These babylights add much-needed volume to the bottom of the hair. Hair tends to become thinner as it reaches the ends, but choosing lighter colored tips makes them look thicker and fuller.

Blonde and Brown Hair with Face Framing Highlights

Two color options for highlights are also available. Here you can see a much lighter blonde shade used for facial framing layers while using a darker, more natural-looking blonde for hair width. This method creates an extraordinary texture that can not be achieved with just one blonde shade. Use this one for the face-framing effect!

Bright Blonde Ombre Highlights in Loose Waves

These gradient highlights gradually shift from natural dark roots to an amazingly bright blonde at the end of the luscious strands. This shadow look blends well with multiple hairstyles and from the back looks fantastic. Also, the lighter colored ends tend to look more full and voluminous than their lifeless and dark counterparts.

Short Bob Hairstyle with Fiery Blonde Highlights

In particular, a sporty bob is a cute girls hairstyle. However, as seen in this feisty and fiery color selection, a bob doesn’t have to be dainty. A blonde with a reddish hue is best suited to girls with darker undertones, but can also fit well with most other skin tones. This is also a perfect shade in the autumn as it imitates fireplaces and leaves falling.

Natural and Curly Brown Hair with Fiery Blonde Highlights

For girls, natural hair highlights are still an open choice! Although the way the highlights are extracted that vary from those used on straight hair, the results are just as impressive. D An extra oomph to your bulky curls with a bright blonde auburn color!

Simple Silver Blonde Ombre Highlights

The pure scale of these highlights is the most visible feature! The highlights are sparse but wide in this style, giving the hair a distinct look. When you look drastically asymmetric then this one is for you the best!

Spotlight Blonde Highlights Curly Brown Hair

This blonde shade brings brown hair to the next level with highlights. The light reflects the hair with this color to give an iridescent look to make sure you turn heads indoors as well as outdoors! The noticeable contrast allows a dramatic effect that will always make your hair camera ready.

Beautiful Blush Blonde Highlights Hair Idea

This modern hairstyle combines the hint of each girl’s favorite color with the classic blonde platinum shade. Pink and blonde are the ultimate match made in heaven as Barbie reveals! All of your rose gold jewelry will always match with this style as well. For those who love accessorizing, this is the best style.

Short Bob Hairstyle with Ombre Waves

This simple hairstyle works well for women on the go! Such face-framing highlights do all the work in any low-maintenance hairstyle by perfectly contouring the head. For any face shape or teint, this simple style can work.

Chic Curly Bob

Like the concepts of bob hair? That’s for you then. Here’s a chic blonde bob that’s highlighted. The hair at the root is a beautiful dark brown shade, then it mixes into a warm blonde tone. These highlights are quite subtle, but the hair is really lifted and lightened. Leave the blonde’s dark highlights for a more natural look and lighter for a hairstyle statement.

looks like stunning blonde highlights for dark hair. We would also love to know which ones your fancy definitely took. When you notice the shades in between, or you’re looking to grow a lighter into a darker look, it’s a great way to do it.

Sleek Highlighted Bob

Looking for a new, fashionable hairstyle? That’s for you then. A chic blunt cut bob, this hairstyle. Really sleek and chic is a bob with a sharp cut like this. The dark root color is subtle compared to the blonde but to create lighter highlights you can start the blonde down for a shadow look or just add less blonde.

Beautiful Natural Blonde Highlights for Light Brown Hair

Light brown hair with highlights is skin hair as winter hair is skin hair. Essentially applying blonde highlights to light brown hair would make the hair appear paler overall, resulting in a new, attractive and natural look for the colder months!

Dramatic Blonde Highlights Pulled Back in a Braid

Selecting such a light blonde for such dark brown canvas results in a dramatic finish. The high contrast also means that a lot of texture is present in the body. Furthermore, the colors add volume to any hair resulting in an easily simple hairstyle whatever it may be.

Light Blonde Highlights in Short Bob Hairstyle

Highlights tend to be associated with long hair but they work just as well with a short bob hairstyle like this. All is proportional so the colorist can simply adjust the highlights length and width to match your shape. As seen here, with short hair, a dramatic shadow transformation style is still possible.

Caramel Blonde Highlights

Here talking of shorter cuts is a way to make short hair rock highlights. Here we have a short hairstyle like the caramel blonde above with hot highlights. As you can see, this blonde shade also looks incredible on shorter hair. We love the fashionable concept of hair. For spring and summer, a hairstyle like this will be a great choice.

Warm Blonde Highlights

The hot highlights of our next proposal. The hair is a dark shade running through it with blonde highlights. This is a lovely idea of hair because the blonde is from root to tip. You may replicate highlights on such long hair or a bob or graduated cut would look amazing on shorter hair.

Highlighted Lob

If you grow a bob a lob is definitely the way ahead. A lob is basically a long-bob … you don’t think the name gives it a little bit? D Most beautiful blonde is lighter towards the middle and more extreme towards the ends of the occasion. That’s the look you’re going to have.

Simple Icy Blonde Highlights

The winter epitome of this icy blonde is reminiscent of some famous Disney princess. This blonde hue is the perfect fit for a wintry backdrop full of snow and hot chocolate! If you have a warmer skin tone, be careful as this shade can make you look washed out. This is a shadow with cooler skin tones that works best.

Caramel Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

Some beauty ideas related to food make for nice hairstyles! Caramel blonde is naturally a beautiful color to make your hair look absolutely divine with these highlights. Giving it a go in the season’s spirit!

Awesome Blonde Chestnut Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

This woody and earthy hue is suitable for warmer skin tones. Although it looks pretty good in the hair, it will also bring out in your face a golden complexion. Use this if you want a color that adds something beyond your body!

Dirty Blonde Highlights with Dark Brown Roots

This sporty look is perfect for a short-haired girl who doesn’t want to mess her hair every day. The dark roots and bright highlights play together to create a look that is naturally messy and allied. Just run a comb through those strands and you’re going to be ready to go!

Beach Blonde Highlights Focused on Ends

Recalling the warmer days spent on the beach, this look paires beautifully with rough beach waves. Most of the color is focused on the ends that make the hair look like it’s dripping with sunshine. Focusing the highlights to the ends of the hair also allows for a more voluminous look as the hair becomes thinner towards the bottom as it grows out.

Sandy Blonde Highlights in Straight Medium Brown Hair

Straight hair highlights do justice to how much texture and depth they add to otherwise flat hair. Waves naturally cause weight, but it is difficult to get that look blow out with straight hair. You will not have to worry about spending time styling your hair with highlights and can stick to an easy look of low maintenance.

Wavy Short Brown Hair with Highlights

These highlights show what to do with shortened length. This example shows how layering highlights with a lighter superficial layer and darker deeper layers can produce a beautiful illusion of depth that wasn’t there before, although a gradient pattern is possible with shorter hair. Among women, this is a particularly cute hairstyle due to its bouncy and playful look. Remember this if the thinner side of your body.

Dark To Blonde Ombre Lob

A lot of stunning blonde highlights for dark hair are available. It’s a good starting point to ding a bronde mix in your locks. Often known as braund, this is a blonde and brown mix that produces a beautiful rich voice. With your darker and more natural hair color, ding caramel shades is how to get it. Your hairstyler can help you find the right tones for you.

Contrasting Blonde and Brown Hair with Lowlights

Lowlights serve as a hair contour adding more depth and texture to a plain canvas that lacked those characteristics prior to treatment. The more you contrast the hue of the highlight with your natural hair color, the stronger the highlights will be.

Golden Blonde Highlights

We’ve got a fantastic idea to show you next. With dark root color and golden blonde highlights, we have long curly hair here. A bright and beautiful golden blonde voice like this. Highlights in this shade will give your hair back to life and give it a sun-kissed, summery feel.

Soft Blonde Lowlights

If you’ve always wanted to go for a more copper hue to your ‘ do you forget all the rules that Kate Bosworth has done (and does it regularly. Do what you like. You can easily include red tones in a scanning blend like this. It gives you the chance to rock the shade without it being too much.

Dark Roots Light Blonde Highlights

Don’t just add a blonde shade to your hair. Perhaps try to add more than one such as the hairstyle shown below. The color of the root is dark and then it blends into a light blonde shade and then a very light blonde is subtly changed in color. This is a cool ombre idea and with fewer highlights you can recreate the multi-tone look too.

Golden Beige Blonde Highlights in Loose Curls

The dark roots remaining in this look cause this illusion of depth to cascade all the way down to the ends. Be prepared for the clear contrast between your natural color and the color when choosing a color so many shades lighter. The loose curls in this style emphasize the texture.

Simple and Voluminous Golden Babylights

Although the color is purposely toned down in these particular highlights, these loose waves still add depth. By choosing a duller colored hair, it tends to look sleeker and less dramatic, resulting in a cool, chic look without too much trying. In addition, baby lights tend to be low maintenance and can be managed without frequent visits to the salon.

Beige Blonde

If you want to add a few colors but not too many colors, choose to have those highlights framing your face instead of scattering around your face. It will stop you from playing around with your hair and save it too much from gong treatments to harm your health. To pull off, too, it will be softer.

Blonde Balayage For Long Hair

Hair balaying is another highlighting technique. It’s like a shadow, but the change in color is more subtle. Here’s a beautiful blonde balayage example. The hair starts dark and then blends into the highlights of multi-tone blonde. This is an amazing and stylish idea to suit everybody.

Baby Blonde Highlights in Loose Waves

The way to go is to aim for a more natural baby blonde look. This blonde shade is reminiscent of most kids ‘ hair color before it darkens with exposure to age and sun. Once, wearing this hue is an ode to youth, and it indicates a younger feel. The natural hue is also perfectly incorporated into brown hair.

Natural Blonde Chocolate Highlights in a Cute Bun

These blonde chocolate highlights do not fail to shine through even when they are placed in a bun. It simply shows the brown hair with highlights continues to work up or down with a number of hairstyles. This cute, easy hairstyle’s versatile nature will always keep you looking your best.