Braided Buns Re-inventing the Classic Style

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Prev1 by> Next Is there an easier way to freshen up than to make one of the braided bun hair>look classy and elegant but highly natural and spontaneous? Then look no further than a chic braided bun. The visually stunning braid interwoven with center strings gives you a topper reminiscent of the art-flowing Grecian ladies. You have a way of keeping all your hair in one place, but with a complex lattice work that flows into a smooth swirl.

Criss-Crossing Braids and Messy Bun

Try this braided bun combination here for a totally modern hairstyle. It’s great when you want to keep your hair off your neck on those long hot summer nights. Complete with a woven array of slim braids with a sock bun topped off – you’ll have everybody asking how to recreate your look!


Untraditional Pinup Style Dutch Braid Updo

This interesting look is based on a Dutch braid updo. The bright colors are beautifully presented with a dense cluster of chunky braids making a pompadour in the front that takes you back to the 1940s. Wear with a casual dress or some tights and a loose blouse!

This hairstyle creates the perfect spot to clip a fresh bloom right in the center with a cascading thicker French braid that turns into a spiraled bun at the bottom. This will dress up your look for a romantic date automatically!


Loose Bun With a Crown Braid

For longer hair a braided bun with a braid around is a way to go. The idea is to create a loose bun with twists of locks tucked in to finish the look off. A crown braid holds all loose fly-aways in line while finishing a sweeping updo that shows off your texture and lovely hair color.


Double Braided Racing Stripes

More than one braid! This French dual cord braid set at an angle of degree will have everyone turning their heads to get a better look! It is possible to curl the ends of the braids creating a flowing U shape at your neck base. You’re going to be ready for any invitation on your way!


Twisted High Crown Bun

A thick high crown braid with a full sock bun on top suits a Queen’s fashion. Elegant out of the way and yet trendy enough to wear this look to the club gives you the height both on top and front. Wear a sexy little black dress to make a strong impression on your adoring fans. In this updo cookie, you will find something messy and special. A series of twisted braids in a bun forms an impressionistic version of the old perfect for artistic soul designs!


Blushing Bride’s Braided Updo

The colors of today’s living rooms are not the colors of your grandmother! We reclaimed yesterday’s pink purples and blues. This messy updo consists of three loose French braids and a low bun with a nest of adorable rosettes fit for a bride!


Box Braid Bun

This braided bun is a complex braiding path that ends in the center. A comb or veil may rest on top of the bun to further accentuate the lines. Loose and elegant – make sure that with this one you use plenty of sticks!


Frosted Box Braid Twist

This variation of box braids shows a bit more of an artistic theme narrowing to the point in the center of the hairline. The elegant twist of braids collected in a bun gives volume thickness and class to your already eye-catching updo!

While holding everything in place, your hair creates a simple illusion. With a small lift at the front roots and a split bun at the bottom, two French textured braids ride over your head’s crown giving you a style ready for fun!


Lazy Elegant French Braid Updo

Rows of messy braids take a look at the back of this updo where a simple loose French braid bun gathers in an easy style that is ready for a beach trip or a women’s road trip. It is essential to wear hair anywhere, especially when you hit the beach or roll down the windows. Get ready for this adventure!


Sculpted updo with braids

The snaking black braids are sculpted into a complex labyrinth of twists and turns while the smooth line of the part increases the volume of the top in this elegant and sophisticated work of art. The smooth sides give a greater impression of the braided details. Holding the strands close to the head gives you leverage while the contrasting color braid attracts the bun’s attention. Ready to work or play this style is timeless and in any setting can be worn at any time.


Messy Bun with a twist

This messy look is perfect when relaxing by the pool or spending time in nature as the thicker twist in the front holds your hair off your face and serves as an interesting detail. The messy loops give a cool, effortless texture to your cute French braid bun.


While the rest of the hair is straight, the loose braid curves give this style a new definition. You can wear this with your most formal gown or a sleek office blazer to make sure you look elegant and classy.


Rope Braid Bun

Another low bun choice is the rope braid bun. Twisted braided strings make a pattern that looks great when embellished with a rose! Grab your favorite A-Line dress and look fabulous!


Vintage Rope Braid Updo

A network of thicker braids weaves together into a lower bun resulting in one of the best long hair braided bun hairsyles. For casual or dress-up period, it can be worn. The loose curls in the front and the complex twists in the back give you a timeless look that everybody will remember!


Romantic Braided Bun Hairstyle For Brunettes

Olga Kurylenko uses a low-volume bun for wavy hair. Thin side braids are inserted into the chic knot which looks delicately messy due to the wavy texture and tiny flyaways. Instead of side bangs, the feminine front-framing wave is used.

Vertical Braided Roll

There are endless means of experimenting with buns. Not only can you try new textures and finishes, but you can also find new forms. An alternative to a common round bun is a vertical roll. With a simple tuck, Joanne Froggatt achieves a very tender and feminine look that styles a braid.

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Braids With Bun Hairstyle For Casual Looks

Many long-haired girls like the idea of a top bun as a simple and comfortable summer hair>Easy-breezy braided bun hairstyles like this one are very popular now!

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Chic Black Braided Bun

The inverted braid, which starts at the right ear, joins the braid on the other side and is then wrapped in a side knot together. Well, do you feel like a professional eh job?

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Cool French Braid Bun

At the 2014 Creative Emmy Awards Genevieve Hannelius tried a beautiful young fairy look. A cute braided hairstyle with an amazing heart-shaped silhouette complemented her flowing floor-length gown.

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Sleek Braided Bun With A Jeweled Headband

Although most trendy buns of the current season are made on the basis of allled locks, you can always include in your hairstyle variants the idea of a glamorous polished updo. The sleek glossy bun by Emmy Rossum looks so tender and delicate that as an elegant wedding updo we can easily imagine it. HelgaEsteb /

Crown Bun With A Braided Trim

If you’d like to fashion a big bun resort for bun makers to help you get big buns quickly. We hold their shape and give a cool silhouette like a crown. The bun of Shaun Robinson is decorated with flavor with a thin braid wrapped around his neck.

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Charming Braids And Bun Hairstyle

Jessica Lowndes selects a classy updo with the center part and two divergent French braids with the ends wrapped in a cute little bun behind the left ear. The right hairstyle for Lady Perfection to create an image!

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Sleek Braided Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun worn high on your head is never out of fashion even if we are so obsessed with the messy hairstyle trend. The ballerina of Amanda Seyfried is decorated with a thick braid to support her dress’s stunning 3d appliqué.

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Side Bun From Skinny Dreadlocks For Natural Hair

Ava Du Vernay resorts her natural hair to skinny dreadlocks. Although bulky dreads are usually worn freely hanging or functioning as box breads or thin twists in basic hairstyles like low ponies slim dreadlocks. They look great in all sorts of updos.

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Boho Crown Braid

Anna Paquin shows not quite a bun but a sophisticated braided hairstyle that resembles braided buns. In a kind of crown, a very loose braid is styled in a circle.

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Braided Bun On The Crown For A Round Face

A braided bun sitting high on the crown is a perfect round face repair solution. Hong Chau rocks a sweet, lightweight braided bun built on a high-slick pony’s foundation. Leave your braid’s tail sticking out of the bun for your hairstyle’s added humorous note.

Helga Esteb / Braided bun hairstyles always look very feminine and buns are an easy way to wear medium and long locks. Braids make more sophisticated simple buns, even if it’s a casual hairstyle. Save your suggestions and don’t be afraid to try new approaches for styling! Prev1 of> Next —> —> Related Posts> Ideas for Boho-Chic Messy Buns to Pin and Recreate> Different Types Super-Flattering Braids for Curly Hair> Trendy Ways to Wear Shaved Sides Braids> Triangle Braids Taking Your Box Braids to Next Level> A Tall Cool Glass of Lemonade Braids!> Easy Loose French Braid Hairstyles Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get hair style inspiration. Whatever your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu>> >> > Home> Color> Balayage