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12 Retreat Preparation Rules for People in Their 40sRose Wheeler More Articles October 30 2015 3/3.1152 We know you’re probably dying to pack your bags and enjoy a lovely fall getaway. Until you hit the road, note that there are a few important items you need to pack until you can have fun in the sun. Should you drive towards your destination? A travel size package can then help you make space for other things on your weekend trip. The weekend flying? TSA can be a bathroom pain as nothing can float above 3.4 ounces. You will make the most of your trip by packing a travel kit with everything you need. Before you go away for a weekend, we’ve picked five of the best aircraft and luggage-friendly travel kits.

California Travel Kit Baxter

3/3.1153 This TSA-friendly travel kit, which includes 2 ounce bottles, brings necessities around your grooming wherever you go so that you can freshen up anywhere and any time. To store your products and bottles of shampoo moisturizer face wash cream and aftershave balm it requires a blue pouch. The bottles are immune to spills and you won’t encounter any unpleasant surprises after you land.

MOLTON BROWN London Men’s Carry-On Set

3/3.1154 Anthony Logistics ‘ Essential Traveler Kit has everything you need for those long days on the road to look sharp and refreshed. The kit includes products for moisturizing nourishing cleaning and skin protection. It comes with an efficient travel bag which makes it easy to store.

Jack Black Power Trip Travel Package

3/3.1156 Jack Black’s Power Trip Travel Set takes all of your pampering and cleaning products wherever you go. It offers a parabens-free skincare and shaving regimen that sulfates colorants and synthetic fragrance. The collection is filled with their best-selling products including a double-duty cleanser that also shades the skin with a hair and body cleanser moisturizer shaving cream, and a lip balm.

MenScience Travel Skincare Kit

3/3.1157 MenScience Travel Kit includes seven professional-grade items packed in a stylish bag with accessories such as earplugs and free samples for sleep masks. Inside the bag you can find: a post-shave repair shampoo deodorant face wash cream skin lotion and a lip balm. Anything you need during your trip to fit all your skin care and grooming needs.

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