Bold and Daring Takes on the Shaved Pixie Cut

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Modified on February 2018 Every now and then we get a itch for something fresh. You might think about redefining your image. Why don’t things take a whole new level this time? There’s a whole host of daring, intriguing trends you might want to try for yourself. The shaved pixie cut is ideal for these warmer months to shake your style in one quick chop. You’ve come to the right place if you’re ready to take the plunge.

How to Pull Off the Shaved Pixie

Pixie hair has become and remained one of the major trends for fashion-forward women since the early 2000s. It’s only recently that the shaved look has become part of this one’s make-up. Whether you’re going for a full-shaved side or just a little indent here and there’s plenty of ways for you to do this job.

Modern Buzz-Cut

Use this classic buzz-cut to unleash your wild side without being too extreme. Reminiscent of the 70s and punk scene, pulling this one off requires an edgy strong lady. To take it to the next level, try a shocking white color tone.

Sleek Crop

Whether you’re going to the office or hitting a bar for some post-work drinks, here’s a shaved pixie cut perfect for everyday life. There’s so much to think about with one hand shaved and the other cut back into good, polished looking hair.

Swept-Over Style

Celebrities like Ruby Rose and Miley Cyrus rocked this one earlier. It’s not for the heart’s weak. This cut portrays a powerful and strong image; it therefore suits a lady who is truly in control of her mind and destiny.

Undercut textures

Blonde and pastel tones as well as two-tone looks are common, so why not get on board? An interesting dynamic is created by the juxtaposition between the severe undercut and the softer. It’s serious, but it works anyway.

Powder Pink Pixie

A short choppy like a classic pixie will give you the opportunity to experiment with the fancy of becoming extremely colorful? This style can be easily set off with a shaved nape and some creative sheer indents. You can play around a tad with pixie cuts on shaved sides. Try to find out what works in powder tones.

Feathered Cut

You may want to choose some subtle feathering for a more relaxed take on the pixie. This is complemented by natural colors such as sandy browns and even grays. Here it’s worth considering the form of your eyes, slender small faces are ideal.

Cool Mohawk Curled

It’s time for glamor. The undeniable distinction underpins this rugged look. In contrast to the metallic dye, the gentle curls produce a visual masterpiece. The locks were gently teased to one side, but remained free to roam.

Boyish Cut

The epitome of ambiguity is the shaved sides of the pixie cut. Over the past few years, the asexual trend has gained popularity with celebrities like Cara Delevingne championing it. So it’s no wonder so many people now opt for easy boyish locks like the version seen here.

Asymmetric Undercut

Queen of Mods This ultra contemporary undercut is polished but carefree. Here it is the tiny details like the indented patterns that differentiate this one from others. Notice the locks waved back here.

Quirky Quiff

A bit different now. This flexible chop can be worn in a sleek quiff or in a flattering fringe, swept back in two ways. This uber feminine is made by opting for graduated shaving.

Short and snappy haircut

Having texture in a shaved pixie style will always be highly flattering, particularly if you have a pixie-like stature. A striking statement is made by the naturally dropping strands along with shaved sides.

Pixie with Paneled Color

This new-wave iteration of the fad makes a comeback when paneling the color may seem quite <h90s. The rasped undercut with detailing sets off the colored top layer; just like a real piece of art.

Subtle Moho Hairstyle

Pixie cuts are on the trend, but you definitely have some freedom to wear them as your personality fits. Initial and adventurous is the mild moho flick. The feathered sides still add a femininity level.

The Sassy Updo’

There are two different grades here; the shaved artwork nape and the elegant allled updo. You may think they are totally opposed to themes, but they work to complement each other by adding a sassy aspect to the classic slice.

Swept-Back Cut

Swept-back locks screaming glamor and femininity, but you don’t always have to grow super long hair to rock that look. Having a few shaved parts together with a bit of length on top means you can work it without the hassle. Thirty-one.167.jpg” />

Asian Shaved Pixie

This maverick is determined to turn heads on a classic short female hairstyle. The radical cut will allow you to unleash your inner free spirit while maintaining certain fullness to the hair. Ideal for both playing and working.

Pastel Pink Pixie Undercut

That’s the issue of dyeing or not dyeing? If you’re willing to experiment with coloring your hair brightly with your image, it’s just going to do the trick. Choosing the shaved back of the head and unkempt top for a half-shaved pixie cut – offers a punky twist to the lady-like tone.

Cascading Curls with Shaved Undercut

It can be especially challenging to add texture to a pixie cut, especially if you take off a lot of the length. Try some tousled curls that drop heavily to one side if you’re having trouble with this look. Charmingly elegant.

Shaven Detail Haircut

The shaven> design within your hairstyle may seem like a leap, but it’s worth it when it looks as whimsical as this.

Cropped Cut

You can work this crop with either one side shaved or a complete undercut.

Men’s braids

Today’s men’s braids are not just for men with long hair or shoulder lengths. Those who sport boys haircuts of the popular long top short sides or the long top undercuts wonder how else they can style up their longer tresses. Braids is a fresh reaction.

Braided High Ponytail

Braided Ponytail hairstyles perform well for men seeking a comfortable dye job. This look will encourage you to give your color saturated strands their time to shine, whether you have a fading blonde shadow or a fun bright shade. Balance the appearance with a rough beard.

Zig-Zag men’s braid

One of the main advantages of men’s braid types is that you can play with designs. With your parting, you can become creative or you can manipulate the braid in the shape of your choice.

Men’s braided extensions

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you don’t have to miss the trend of man braid. You can also play with extensions. For a highlight effect, box braids use thick yaki braiding hair to create bold plaits.

Complicated male braids

If you want a style with a certain staying power, it is better to gravitate to smaller cornrows rather than chunky French braid types. With wear and tear, the latter will come apart more easily. The second advantage of a smaller pattern is that, as shown above, it can be manipulated into more complex designs.

Double Braided Mohawk

By adding double men’s braids, people who have already embraced the long Mohawk style will bang more for their dollar. These are great for a beach holiday or a guy trip when hair products and styling are the last thing you want to think about.

Braid and Top Knot

Whoever said buns was sadly mistaken only for ballerinas and women in high school. By using braids to create an edgy false hawk effect, the look works just as well for men. Tattoos, of course, do not hurt either.

Classic Cornrows for Men

Currently one of the most recognizable braided looks thanks to early 2000 rappers like Xzibit Jim Jones and dozens of other straight-back cornrows are a classic style that men can’t get enough of. The bushy beard gives a modern hipster vibe to the look. jpg” />

<img src="

Bob with Braids

Men’s braids can also be a perfect androgynous look accent. This slanting individual braid bob was a popular style in the 90’s for women (Jada Pinkett and Maxine from leichLiving Single. ‘) The absence of facial hair makes the hair the highlight of your face.

Double Mod Braid

Have fun and merge in one look two braid styles. Instead of doing something crazy, pick two basic styles such as wavy and straight plaits to compliment one another. The result is an interesting-yet-low key hairstyle that works for intermediate to long strands.

Short-hair braid effect

Just because you don’t have long hair means you don’t have to give up your braided dreams. Fortunately, you can fake it with a little styling pomade until you do it. To imitate a braid pattern, twisting a few pieces in the front will give you a similar effect.

Short-sided male braid

This is for you if your hair is longer in the crown but still too short for a flowing braided hairstyle for men. For a tight weave, the hair will not have enough length to create a cool petal-like texture. Safe from slipping during the day with thin elastic.

Blonde Braided Cornrows

Black men’s blonde hair looks great as it warms gold and red undertones. Thanks to experiments with various shades of blonde by Fetty Wap and Chris Brown, you’re sure to be on the bandwagon with this style.

Short Sides and Two-Tone Braid

Add a variety of subtle details to make a stunning look. A tiny bun and blonde highlights tend to be easy on their own but together they are special and edgy.

Middle Part Crown for Men

It’s a great idea to create a crown for men’s hairstyles to diversify your braids. The middle part enables you to create a complex symmetrical design surrounded by a braided crown. Shaved lines on the side make sure it’s a real look for a king.

Braid and Mini-Bun

Think of a braid as a short hair decoration rather than a general fashion basis. For adding pizzazz to the regular man bun, a small inverted braid is fine. 301/21/187.jpg” />

Male Braid Style for Tattoos

No matter where you put them on your body, tattoos are a commitment. But if you want an alternative to cover it later, etching one under your hair is perfect. Male braids are going to pull your hair back to show off your new ink in a stylish way.

Ribbon Braided Bun

Learn how to accessorize the braids of your men. Headbands and barrets might not be your thing, but without doing much, a subtle black ribbon will add a little drama.

Flaked braids in bun

are ideal for boys and men who want to wear a style that doesn’t need to be touched as often. The sleek look can last for more than a week and get rugged in a good stylish fashion.

Blonde Bouffant Braid

Another advantage of a braided style is the size within the crown that you can reach. Just taunt the roots before braiding your hair. To add a further twist, use a different pattern to create some contrast to the tail of your theme.

Simple Side Braid

It is not appropriate to complicate the braids of people. If you want a no frills style with just a bit of edge, a side braid is great. Experiment with various colors or simply maintain a natural hue.

There are many men’s braid choices depending on your personal preference. The pattern and texture alone will surely turn heads, but with fun colors and designs you can always take the look a step further. Prev1 of 20Next —> —> Similar Haircuts Forms That Are Trendy Now Call It A Temp Fade or Temple Fade Either Way It’s Trending Stylish Low Fade Haircuts for Men Ultra-Cool High Fade Haircuts For Men Best Drop Fade Haircut Ideas For Men Sexiest Men Curly Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get ideas from hair style. No matter what your hair type is, we will help you find the correct hairstyles The Correct Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair Ponytails