Blake Lively – Biography of Blake Lively

Blake was born in 1987, in Tarzana, California.

His father is the actor and director Ernie lively, and his mother Elaine, is an actress and talent agent. All his brothers (Eric, Jason, Lori Y Robyn) are in show business.

Blake It didn’t take long for him to follow in the footsteps of his parents and siblings. His first role was that of Trixie the Tooth Fairy, in the movie “Sandman”(1998).

A few years later when Blake was about to finish high school, got the role of Bridget in the romantic comedy “One for all”. The directors deemed her so suitable for the role that she didn’t even have to audition.

When he finished filming his big debut, Blake He returned to school to finish his studies and then be able to continue his acting career.
During the high school years, Blake She was a cheerleader leader, class president, and choir member.

Once she graduated, she played roles in various films such as “Accepted”(2006) and“Elvis and anabelle”(2007).

In 2008, Blake returned to interpret Bridget, in the sequel to “One for all”.

He also took part in “New York, I Love You“, the film that compiles 12 short films about New York City, telling 12 different love stories, each one filmed by different directors.

One of his last film appearances is in the upcoming drama “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee“(2009), where she plays the protagonist in her youth.

In addition to his film performance, Blake interprets from 2007 to Serena van der woodsen, the young protagonist of New York high society in the series of WarnerGossip girl“.

Blake he really enjoys doing housework, and his idol is Martha Stewart.