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Bill Dundee Net Worth. Net Worth 2020 – The Scottish professional wrestler is best known for being a nine-time AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion.

During the United States Wrestling Association, he was also a three-time Tag Team Champion.Bill Dundee was born in October 1943, in Dundee Scotland. He was brought up in Melbourne Australia and at the age of 16 he became a trapeze artist on the circus. In 1962, Dundee began wrestling and then moved to the United States as Bill Dundee’s Superstar in 1974.


He wrestled with Jimmy Valiant and Jerry Lawler in the Memphis Territory and teamed and feuded. Dundee went to the American Wrestling Association where he and Lawler twice won the AWA World Tag Team titles. He became known in World Championship Wrestling in the early 1990’s as Sir William. Dundee now serves as a booker and supports professional wrestling and MMA as well as being a Cole Brothers Circus Marketing Director. His friend Jamie Dundee and his son-in-law Bobby Eaton are both a professional wrestler. Dundee made a name for himself in the Memphis Territory where he regularly spent years teaming up and feuding with Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Valiant. By 1987, Dundee and Lawler went to the American Wrestling Association and won twice the championships of the AWA World Tag Team.

Dundee’s son Jamie Dundee was also a wrestler, while his daughter Donna married Bobby Eaton, a wrestler. His nephew, Dylan Eaton, also wrests. In the early 1990s he partnered in the opening of a furniture store in Evansville Indiana called Superstar Dundee Furniture with Doug Hurt brother of Jerry Lawler’s manager. The shop had closed after opening for about a year. He was an American Cable sales manager in 1998, and supported satellite sales in the West Tennessee region.