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Our 1 Option Headblade Atx Kit

Parker 96R Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur Long-handled Safety Razor

Gillette Mach 3

4 Best Head Razor


HeadBlade Atx Kit

You may like things. Guy stuff. You know the feeling: start a do – it-yourself project and you’ve got stuff all around you. Technology. The technology. Parts. Parts. Instructions. For grooming products, the same rule applies. What you don’t like about a box of things which is what you get with the HeadBlade Atx Kit: Even if you’re one of those people you can’t shop for during holidays, this is a great gift idea that you can move around. Or for someone else you can get it. It’s going to be unlike any other gift that particular holiday. But here’s the other thing: Maybe you don’t need a lot of stuff. There’s nothing wrong with a box full of goodies, but you just want the razor. We recommend the package, but if you don’t have to give the Atx All-Terrain Razor a try. And given that it looks like a mini-Atv ‘ complete with wheels, it’s hard to resist. Moreover, while the model tops any other razors specifically designed for shaving heads, it’s not just a show. This razor works. The Atx is perfect for a range of terrains or head shapes in this case like a real-life Atv. The wheels help you to follow your head’s contour, which in effect maximizes your ability to get a near clean shave each time. Another big difference between the Atx All-Terrain Razor and other razors is that you drive the Atx across your scalp when shaving instead of pulling it. Sure, it takes you to get used to it, but soon enough you will get the hang of it.


Why do you need this kit / razor?


Wait! Wait!

Let’s briefly touch on the difficulties that African-American men can face as they shave. It’s mainly because their hair tends to curl back and re-enter the skin (becoming full-grown) which also leads to bumps in the skin that are difficult to shave around. Black men need to be careful when selecting a razor and some schools of thought suggest that any razor that has three blades will always be a good choice.

Parker 96R Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor

Perhaps you like some old things that work. You’re not alone. Vintage doesn’t have to mean that it’s no longer useful and that certainly applies to the safety razor you know the kind of razor your father or grandfather used a lot of moons ago. The safety razor has made a comeback in recent years while theoretically it’s never gone too far. Like in the past few days, it’s a razor that offers almost every time a near barber-shop quality shave. It also works great on your head which takes us to the Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor Long Handle Butterfly. You’re going to love how it gives you that perfect bald look. But let’s get to the point. Two points in fact:

What is a safety razor?

Simply placing a safety razor is one which places a protective device between the edge of the blade and the skin.

What is not the case:

A safety razor is not a removable razor or a razor with replaceable blade attachments.

What is the mean part of the butterfly?

Butterfly razors are two door opening safety razors. Through turning the handle, you open the doors showing a razor head that looks a bit like a butterfly with its wings spread. Ok that clears up the mystery of a few things in the name of the Parker 96R, but definitely doesn’t tell the whole story. Parker is renowned for its famous butterfly heads but also for its outstanding shaves. As its name suggests it has a long handle that provides extra reach particularly when you’re shaving hard-to-get places and it has a textured handle for a certain grip. Professional barbers love this razor but it’s good for the rest of us too. It’s made of a long-lasting brass frame that will last long for you.

The Pros

What else? Moving the blades just twist the handle to work the butterfly opening is simple and its sturdy frame helps you to let the razor’s weight do the job instead of feeling like you have to drag it across your head. Eventually, safety razors are generally more effective in preventing razor burning than other razor styles.
Here is a clip that offers Parker 96R a closer look:

And The Cons


Merkur Long-Handled Safety Razor

If any discussion of craftsmanship does not seem to involve German craftsmanship, does it not? Whether it’s automobile machinery or movable form (which Germans invented) Germany has a reputation for producing quality items that are cut above the rest. It turns out that our German friends are not so bad at making razors either. The Merkur Long-Handled Safety Razor definitely lives up to the lofty standards of German craftsmanship and it will give your head a nice clean shave.

And what is the offer made in Solingen by this racer in Germany? Let’S Have A Look:

Ok time for a little trivia: When Emil Hermes went to register his new blade business near the end of the 19th th century, he found that the Hermes brand had already been taken. And he called his business Merkur, which is the Roman version of the gods ‘ messenger (which is Hermes in Greek).

Why Can’t You Like This Razor


Gillette Mach 3

The Gillette Mach 3 is a gift that continues to give. The Mach 3, first introduced to the world over a decade ago, was groundbreaking in the world of multiple blade cartridges and continues to draw devotees today. With regard to price and performance, you could do much worse than this now-iconic razor. Note: The Mach 3 range also contains two options for disposable razors: the Mach 3 Turbo Power and the Mach 3 Sensitive. The family line also features Gillette Fusion’s five-blade. The Mach 3 remains the best Gillette razor to shave your head. Let’s get down to business. What’s so amazing about the Gillette Mach 3?



Shaving your head cream? Naturally,.

It’s time to reach your grooming tool box for shaving cream now that you have a high-quality razor. You can also use shaving oil shaving soap and shaving gel, but they all do the same thing. Although shaving creams vary widely in the effectiveness of scent consistency and so on, they are all intended to lubricate the skin (scalp in this case) as well as to desensitize it. But here are a few thoughts: Ok let’s get off our cans and discuss two quality shave creams that we think you’ll like. You’re not going to get that familiar feeling, but every time you’re going to get an effortless shave. HeadSlick is also mentholated so that your scalp gets cool and tingly relaxed from your shave. Each HeadSlick bottle gives you 100 shaves. Another plus: HeadSlick doesn’t contain any parabens. Maybe this clip will help:

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick Shave Cream

Billy Jealousy is a lotion-type shave cream ‘ sorry guys no foaming action here ‘ that’s just a perfect shaving lubricant. It also provides excellent nick and itch protection and quickly rinses off your razor. Unlike some shaving lubricants Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick Shave Cream does not dry up if left on the skin for a long time after the initial application you do not have to hurry your shave or apply water. It’s going to last you a long time. Most importantly, their value makes the cost worth it.

Shaving your head: Here’s how we talked about the devices. Now let’s talk about how-to. While shaving your head may seem like a even a little overwhelming challenge, it’s not that difficult of a process once you get the hang of regularly doing it. But here are a few tips:

Make sure your hair is short before you start. Shave it with a pair of balding clippers (or even a body groomer).

Before shaving, take a shower. The hot air and water will moisturize the hair.

Lather up your hair with a high-quality rasping cream to create a good pad and further smooth the hair.

Now for the actual rasping process: 1) Start from the front and work your way back 2) Shave the front part of your head first 3) Save the back of your head last and start at the neck area while you are shaving. It’s easy to miss a few hairs around your eyes and back corners of your head by using your non-shaving hand to step behind the razor and make sure you don’t leave any hair behind. Dry your head and check around in these areas to make sure there’s no hair left. After you’ve done shaving, eventually put sunblock on your head even when the sun doesn’t shine or burn. Uv rays happen every day, whether it’s sunny or not, so you always need to be careful about sunburn.

Choosing the right razors: The method to our madness

There’s a multitude of quality razors on the market, but our aim was to raise the bar beyond pure value. While we didn’t have the time or res to check every razor on the market, we came up with a top-notch list of razors to shave your h.
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