7 Best Razors For Men

Anyone who has shaved long enough understands that it takes some technical experience and patience to do the job right. And the right tools. Just like an accomplished artist, you should never use cheap brushes or paints to shave your face and neck. Instead let us tell you about the best razors on the market, including our top-ranking razor. We’ll also give you tips on buying and shaving, and talk about the kinds of razors available. If you like a clean-shaven face, and if you haven’t already, we encourage you to try growing facial hair, you need the right tools to do the job.

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Our 1 Selection Merkur Futur Razor

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor

Feather Ss Razor

Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Power Men’s Razor

Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor

Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic Double Edge Safety Razor

Dorco Pace 6 Plus

Before you buy: But as always, experience is your best friend to choose a razor that suits your schedule and lifestyle.
1. Type of razor

Your biggest overall decision is to pick the type of razor and we will concentrate on the four key ‘ safety razors cartridge razors straight razors and disposable razors.

Safety razors

One of the common types of razors used by men is the double-edged safety razor. The blade is locked in a safe angle as the name suggests to expose only its very edge and designed to prevent nicks and cuts. Security razors are easy to use which makes them great for beginners but are also preferred by experienced shavers. The security aspect, i.e. the fact that the blade is fixed at a restricted angle, may be the only downside of safety razor. It eliminates some blade power from the user which can make it harder to shave around the angled areas of your face.

Cartridge razors

The cartridge razor is another form of razor widely used by people. You buy the cartridges of razor and razor separately. The quality of cartridge razors can vary considerably as anything, but the best ones will give you a close shave without a ton of nicks and cuts. The downside is that razor cartridges can cost a small fortune, especially if you buy them directly from a supermarket. The drawback is that razor cartridges can cost a small fortune, especially if you buy them directly from a retailer. The straight razor of all razors is the straight razor.

Straight razors

The grandfather or great grandfather. A straight razor is a centuries-old vintage product but remains one of today’s most popular shaving devices. However, not many men use them and handling a straight razor without wounding your face requires experience and finesse. But hey rashing with a straight razor makes you a real bad-ass.

Disposable razors

A true disposable razor is one in which the blade and handle are all one piece and are thrown away when the blades become sluggish. You buy a bagful of them, and it doesn’t cost a lot. It’s a cheap way to shave and perfect for flying, but you get what you’re paying for.

2. What is the routine for you?

If you’re like most of us and you’re shaving in the morning, consider your routine carefully before you buy a razor. Normally you’re in a hurry? A cartridge razor gets the job done easily while it takes a little more time and attention for a safety or straight razor.

3. How sensitive is the skin?

Safety razor is often safer than multi-blade cartridge razor if your skin is easily irritated since multiple blades will remove too much hair. For built-in lubricating strips, however, modern cartridge razors are more soothing.

4. Test the handle

A razor’s handle may be an afterthought for some, but note that the best razors have thick textured handles to ensure a safe grip. After all, the last thing you want is to slip in and out of your hand for your razor while running a knife across your skin.

5. The price of razors varies widely with many premium razors out there for $100-plus. But while many of the best razors are not cheap they are also built to last and are a long-term investment.


Merkur Futur Justable Safety Razor

Make no mistake the Merkur Futur is a man’s tool made to handle a man’s job. And handle it well at that. Manufactured in Germany the phrase German craftsmanship immediately comes to mind the Futur is unlike any other razo job. For one, it is extremely versatile and able to take on any shaving job from mild to it-time-to-trim-the-forest. It even looks different than other double-edge razors with a smooth satin finish that is worthy of the best razor in existence. Furthermore, while adjustable razors seemingly haven’t been around that long Merkur started producing them in the 1980s. They’re hardly new to the game. Thanks to six separate settings, the future is all about adjustability. If you are looking with the Futur for the least aggressive shave you can set it to 1. But if you’re looking for a very rough shave (do not add too much pressure!) then 6 is for you.
Remember the advantage of an adjustable razor with a multitude of settings is you don’t have to go out and get the exact shave you need by a bunch of razors. You get the idea: the Futur is a flexible, high-quality razor that doesn’t have any peer. But let’s open the hood and look closer.



Bottom Line

If you want to shave your game (and start shaving like a man) you can’t go wrong with the Merkur Futur. Thanks to six customizable settings, you can’t beat its flexibility while the excellent finish makes it a beautiful addition to your grooming kit. It’s the best men’s razor available.2.

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor

You’ve seen the commercials: Gillette The best a man can get. Even if you haven’t seen the commercials but you’ve undoubtedly heard of Gillette who’s been in the shaving business since it looks like cavemen have stopped shaving with a sharp stone. Gillette is a major name in the game of shaving, and for no reason have they been around this long and have been a dominant player on the market. They don’t have a lot of good stuff and their Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor is a prime example. The Mach3 Turbo is the best available on the market and there are plenty of rivals. Gillette is constantly improving and upgrading its products, and the Mach3 is a slightly new addition to its razor line that takes things up to the next level. Let’s count the ways: Without the irritation, the Mach3 Turbo gives you a closer shave. Isn’t this all about the shaving game? The Mach3 Turbo is equipped with three blades for faster hair cutting. It takes three for each stroke you take. It has sharper blades than most other plastic blades which feel as sharp after several shaves as they do during the first. The Mach3 Turbo has micro fins that precede the blade and smooth out the skin and straighten the facial hair before the blade passes over it. That’s like keeping the skin tight with your hand before running the razor over a specific spot on your head. It has a thin strip on top of the razor, called a Lubrastrip, which releases lubricants as you shave to soften the hair and provide a smooth gliding motion. It has a metal handle and rubber grips which stops the razor from sliding into your side. Women love the Mach3 Turbo as well.



Bottom Line

It’s difficult to go wrong with the Mach3 Turbo. It is backed by years of innovative shaving technology and includes every feature you need to get every time a close clean shave. Better yet to get used to this razor takes almost no time at all.3.

Feather Ss Japanese Straight Razor

We thank you for that because it’s just another indication that you don’t mess around when it comes to shaving. Then there are those people whose desire for a close shave brings them beyond the limits of others. These are the men who use the Feather Ss Japanese Straight Razor. First of all a straight razor the incomparable grooming tool that your grandfather used is the most basic way to get t. Would you like to have a close shave? Then use a safety razor, especially the top-of – the-line Feather Ss in its genre. Here’s a look at some of the features we love:



Bottom line

Feather Ss is simply the first straight razor and tool for grooming. Everything about it alludes to fine craftsmanship and it is user-friendly in every sense.4.

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power Mens Razor

Ok, let’s welcome back our friends from Gillette and launch another of their great products, ‘ the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Men’s Razor. Like their Mach3 Turbo, which is at the top of their class among disposable razors, Gillette is also leading the way. It’s hard for the money to beat this razor. Let’s get started by talking about its go-technology with our ProGlide review. And that would be a feature of the Flexball technology that allows the blades to conform to the contours of your face while offering a clean shave without nicks and cuts. The Fusion ProGlide also provides users the option to use battery power and comes with a microchip to give you a consistent shave anytime you place the blades on your head. Many users prefer the option of the battery and others do not, but we will leave it entirely up to you. Just a brief note: the battery offers vibrations or micro bursts designed to give you a closer shave by minimizing friction and increasing glide. Every eight minutes of use, the microchip automatically turns the battery off because your battery won’t die if it is accidentally turned on in your grooming kit or travel bag. Reviewers also like the battery provides constant energy throughout its lifetime, i.e. you won’t get more strong vibrations at the beginning of the battery life than at the end. It’s innovative and takes advantage of the latest technology to create a superb shaving experience.5.

Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor

Schick doesn’t hold back anything when it comes to Hydro 5 Power Select removable razor. Do you like a razor with the battery power option? Check. How about a razor that has a variety of settings? Check. Or a razor with a reservoir of gel? Check. All you need to do is throw in some high-quality blades with skin guards and a flip trimmer like Schick does and you have a razor that can handle anything. Schick is another brand that has been in the shaving and razor business for a long time (to be exact since 1926) so they know a few things about making products that will give men a reliably close shave. More importantly, it responds to the bell where it counts more i.e. when you stand in front of a mirror razor in hand. The 5 in the name of the Hydro comes from its five blades which allow for a super-close shave and are perfect for those with extra-sensitive skin or prone to shaving bumps. You’ll also get a faster shave because you don’t have to make as many short strokes, but instead you can get by with longer strokes. Skin guards placed at the top of each blade are designed to reduce friction The gel reservoir takes a step further than traditional lube strips and Schick claims to reduce friction by 40%. The reservoir is also designed to hydrate the face after shaving for up to one hour. There’s also a revamped guard bar on the Schick Hydro 5 which stretches the skin to provide an even smoother shave. The flip trimmer is also a great addition because it provides a unique design that allows you to touch those hard-to-trim areas. All it takes to switch to trimmer mode is a flip of your thumb.
Finally, the Hydro 5 comes with an ergonomically designed handle that is easy to grip.



Bottom line

If you choose the Schick Hydro 5, you will not regret your decision. It has many unique features that lead to a better shave and if you are a sensitive skin.6.

Merkur 34C Heavy Duty

Ah Merkur, you will really enjoy this razor. So many choices so little time. A company has to do something right that warrants praise in multiple. Sure Merkur has our top-rated razor (the Merkur Futur) but its 34C Hd Classic Double Edge Safety Razor is pretty damn good too. For one if you are a newcomer to safety razor use the 34C Hd has protected you because of its user-friendliness. Firstly, it’s perfect for sensitive skin because it’s not too rough another reason why it’s ideal for newbies safety razor. Another reason to consider adding the Merkur 34C Hd (the Hd stands for Heavy Duty) to your grooming arsenal is because it’s inexpensive. By having a direct hit on your budget, you will get a good quality razor. No, it’s not cheap, but you’ll find much worse razors within its price range. Here’s a closer look at some of the features of the 34C Hd:



Bottom Line

The Merkur 34C Hd comes at a good price for the quality of craftsmanship for beginners and experts alike. And you’ll get a clean shave without thinking about the pain of nicks and cuts.7.

Dorco Pace 6 Plus

You may not know much about Dorco a South Korean business that is cranking out some very good shaving products. Then again you probably know about them indirectly. Dorco is the blade manufacturer for the Dollar Shave Club that has made a huge splash in the shaving world of the us. Let’s face it who didn’t hear about the Shave Club Dollar? Yet Dorco also has its own line of razors including the world’s first six-blade shaving machine, the special Pace 6 Plus. Six blades? Yeah, it’s real, and the idea is the more blades you need to run over your face with the razor, the less moves. The Pace 6 Plus offers you a close shave in less time that’s not too shabby at all. Moreover, the Pace 6 Plus from Dorco is very affordable plus you can get 10 refills and a handle for just $20. Compare that to the local supermarket’s typical price of three or five cartridges, but there’s a lot more to like:



Bottom line
The first six-blade razor in the world is much more than a novelty item. There’s a lot to like about the Dorco Pace 6 Plus including that it’s made by a company that has made major inroads into the shaving market quietly or not so quietly.

Would you like to use a razor?

This is the section where we’ve given you advice on how to shave and no it’s not as simple as it sounds (or looks).We’ve spoken about several razors both here and in previous articles that take a bit more touch than others and at least require some shaving experience. We just want to cover the basics of using a razor for now, though, and help you get a smooth shave no cuts no nicks no errors.

1. Wet your facial hair

If you are looking for an irritation-free shave, wetting your whiskers is a must. Your best bet is to shave your facial hair after the shower when it is soft and damp or when you apply warm water to your face in a different way, such as with a wet towel. Preferably use shave cream with a better shave cream

The shave cream gives you the lubrication you need to get a clean shave. Premium shave creams make up a rich creamy lather with less foaming action than cheaper brands. Shave cream also locks in moisture to keep your facial hair soft and ready for cutting.

3. Foam is more for showing because what’s right on your skin and whiskers is what matters most. The shaving brush: using or not using

Many shaving experts recommend using a shaving brush to apply shaving cream to your face. It is an old-time tool (maybe your grandfather used one) that is highly effective because: this helps to make your hair follicles easier to cut. It allows you to create a rich creamy lather that is difficult to achieve with your fingertips. It also eliminates dead skin cells to reduce the likelihood of razor bumps and other blemishes. Use a professional razor and blade

You don’t have to spend a lot of time describing this as we discussed the best razors on the market and what they brought to your shaving experience. Just make sure the blade is always sharp as soon as it becomes dull.

5. Gentlemen begin your razors

Here are some important things to keep in mind when it comes to putting the blade on your face:

6. Rinse it

Rinsing your face with warm water after shaving is always a good idea, but for more cleaning you might also want to add a facial wash. Then, apply cool water to soothe your skin and pat your face dry (do not rub).

Would you like to use a straight razor?

Since rashing with a straight razor is quite different from rashing with other types of razors, click here for an illustrated guide on how to rasp with a straight razor.

Choosing the best razors: The method for our madness

Coming with our final selections for the best razors for men has taken a combination of personal research experience and listening to the words of others. There are numerous other razors we could have tried on the market, but we don’t have the res to hit them all. But, we like our top 7. And we think you’re going to do that too.


That wraps up our analysis of this year’s best razor for people. As always, we’d love to hear from you if it’s your thoughts about the razors that we’ve picked your experience of using them or other razors that you think merit consideration.


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