The Best pulsed light epilator ( Top 10 – 2021)

Finding the best pulsed light epilator is not easy perfect epilare for you isn’t as simple a task as it seemed, is it?

What if I told you that our team has been testing for hours and finally selected specifically for you the 10 best models of pulsed light epilator that you can find on the market in Italy in 2021?

Don’t thank us and keep reading this list, you will surely find the one that best matches your needs and we guarantee that it will be a purchase that you will not regret.

Let’s start right away and discover the best pulsed light epilating for you!

The best pulsed light epilators

If you don’t know the differences between a laser epilating machine and traditional men’s or women’s body razors, you’ll find all the information you’re looking for in our guide.

Remington IPL6750 i-Light Prestige – Preferred by customers

If you want to buy the best pulsed light epilating to eliminate hair on your body or face, Remington definitely has a product that could be for you: the IPL6750!

Thanks to propulse technology, developed by Remington, dermatologically tested and taking advantage of pulses of bright light, light hits the hair directly at the root, ensuring perfect hair removal and super smooth skin!

This epilating is an easy and fast tool to use, directly in your home. The target of the product is aimed at both men and women, to treat the superfluous fluff of legs, arms, armpits, bikini area, chest, back and shoulders. For women the best pulsed light epilator, a special accessory for the treatment of facial fluff is also included.

Some men have complained that this product is not suitable for male facial fluff, but other than that there are no further defects.

i-LIGHT is suitable for skin with light to medium dark hues and on all types of hairs except gray, white, red, and blond hairs. You can’t use it with very dark skin because pulsed light works by hitting melanin or dark hair pigment – since dark skins contain more melanin, these would absorb too much energy, and doing treatment with pulsed light could be annoying, painful, and clearly ineffective.

Among the price range of a pulsed light epilating, this is classified as an average economic model, which will satisfy all budgets a little. If you care about your image and your health, we recommend that you also take a look at our guide on the best electric toothbrushes of 202

To sum it all up, we have received some very good opinions for this pulsed light epilating. Its most appreciated aspects are: the very wide illuminating window, the PROPULSE technology and the Infinity bulb.


  • Very large illuminating window
  • Product suitable for both men and women
  • Permanent removal of fluff, after some treatment
  • PROPULSE Technology


  • Not suitable for male facial hair

Medisana IPL 805

Analizamos las mejores depiladoras de luz pulsada para utilizar en casa: Braun, Babyliss o Philips


Compact dimensions (140 x 48 x 81 mm) and light weight, it also works through electric current. Unlike all other models, it is powered by a cartridge that can hold about 60,000 pulses of light. In addition, and as a complement, the manufacturer includes in its box a second cartridge of the same capacity. Swapping one for the other is simple and fast. Using this system is a point in your favor because when the first cartridge runs out it is enough to make the corresponding change.

As soon as you plug it in, its ‘Start’ button lights up, which means it can be used not without first selecting the corresponding intensity level. There are five options to choose from, all with UV filters for added skin protection. As everything will depend on the skin type of each person, this information is consulted in a table of characteristics as in the case of its competitors. Apply a system called Silhouette. Compared to other options is not such an advanced model and the feeling you have is that it is somewhat slower. In addition, at certain times it is necessary to make the design more ergonomic.

Philips Lumea Advanced Bri921/00: the alternative

Analizamos las mejores depiladoras de luz pulsada para utilizar en casa: Braun, Babyliss o Philips

Analizamos las mejores depiladoras de luz pulsada para utilizar en casa: Braun, Babyliss o Philips

Its gun format does not go unnoticed, and although its dimensions are larger than the other epilators analyzed this does not prevent it from facilitating comfortable usability. In addition, an eyebrow trimmer pen that works with an AAA battery, a facial accessory and a body accessory has been included in its box. There is also a small cloth for cleaning the product and its sensors.

It works with cable and before turning it on you have to make sure that we have passed the blade and that the skin is completely dry before applying the ‘pulses’ that will trim the hair in successive sessions. You can choose from five intensities that are selected through a button. These degrees of intensity range from number 1 to 5. In this case, for the arm and leg area I applied the number 3 and for the armpits the number 2. In the second session I already began to notice the first results. It does not cause pain, although there was once that I neglected to apply the number 5 instead of the 3 and noticed slight discomfort.

On the back there is an LED informing you that the epilator is ready to use because it turns green. It should be noted, on the other hand, that it has an integrated skin tone sensor. This means that if you detect that an area of the skin is too dark it will stop.


Philips SC2009/00 Lumea Prestige – The ultimate in intuitiveness

Philips SC2009/00 Lumea Prestige The hair removal has never been easier, with this beautiful Philips model!

With its integrated 250,000 flash bulb and cordless system, we are faced with a durable and extremely handy pulsed light model. Its Slide and Flash mode also contributes to ergonomics, greatly simplifying the treatment method.

Philips Lumea applies gentle pulses of light to the root of the hair. The resulting effect is the natural fall of the hair and the inhibition of regrowth. Repeating the treatment regularly, the skin will remain smooth day after day.

The packaging of the model contains, in addition to an elegant case, several accessories including: an accessory dedicated to the application of pulsed light on the face, and another that can be used for the bikini area, in complete safety.

Due to its battery-powered cordless use, the product cannot be connected directly to the power outlet and this reduces the time available to the duration of the hair removal treatment. In addition, the device is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.

Our tests have shown a significant reduction in hair after only two pulsed light treatments performed two weeks later, with smooth, hairless skin. To maintain these results it is enough to repeat the treatments when necessary. The interval between treatments can obviously vary depending on individual regrowth and hair/skin type.

The epilary is effective on hairs of natural dark blond, brown and black color. Like other light-based treatments, Philips Lumea is also not good for red, light blonde and gray hair and is not suitable for dark skin.

I mean, if you’re looking for the best pulsed light epilating for you, this might be just for you. Although it is not the pulsed light epilar with one of the cheapest prices ever, it is undeniable that the quality-expense ratio of this product is extremely advantageous, given its many accessories and functions.


  • Cordless Convenience
  • Different accessories included in the price
  • Slide and Flash mode
  • Great value for money


  • Not plugn in to the power outlet, so it only runs on battery
  • Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women

Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 PL311: our choice

Analizamos las mejores depiladoras de luz pulsada para utilizar en casa: Braun, Babyliss o Philips


The handle and head have an ergonomic design, which favors its handling and works connected to the mains socket. Before use, it is advisable to pass the blade over the hair area to be waxed. It incorporates two modes of use. Next to the ‘normal’ there is another ‘soft’ that is visually identified. It is a small button located at the top that includes the screen printing of a pen: what it does is reduce the intensity at which the epilator works and it works well for more sensitive areas such as armpits and english. However, even using the first modality you do not notice physical pain, rather mild discomfort and heat that is endured without problems. Feelings you get used to as you use it.

Braun BD 5009 Silk-Expert – Best Value for Money

Braun BD 5009 Silk-Expert Another valid model for pulsed light hair removal is what we propose to you, produced by Braun, which guarantees the removal of superfluous hairs in just four sessions!

This pulsed light epilator has been clinically tested and adopts sensoadapt technology, which allows it to automatically scan the user’s skin to automatically find the right mode of use for you.

On first use, Braun recommends testing the device on a small area of skin to determine whether or not your skin tolerates a certain type of hair removal intensity. As a mode, for your first use, you could try the Delicate one, as it uses less light intensity.

Fast and precise pulsed light treatments will be the norm for you, thanks to the exclusive Sliding function, which allows you to treat large areas, best pulsed light epilator such as legs, very quickly. Of course, this product works very well even on the smallest areas (the face, for example) thanks to the integrated sensor.

Our customers do not report great defects regarding this product. Some didn’t appreciate the fact that there is no wireless power mode available, but that’s it.

This Silk-Expert model does not need a battery, no charging and, as a result, no bulbs or a spare gel. It can be used directly through the power supply, without any interruption.

Again we will have greater effectiveness on a light and medium skin shade and hairs ranging from dark blonde to black. Unfortunately, those who have hairs of gray, light blonde or red color will not get benefits from this type of treatment, as the low amount of melanin present in them prevents the absorption of pulsed light.

Our tests have shown excellent performance in the sliding mode, suitable for large surfaces. The SensoAdapt feature is also very useful, as is the Delicate Mode, useful for testing the product for the first time. Do you want a similar device but not pulsed light? Then check out our guide to the best Silk Epil Braun of 202


  • Gentle Mode
  • Scroll mode, useful for large areas
  • Spare parts and battery not needed
  • With its 120,000 pulses of light, it is suitable for the whole body


  • There is no function of use without the power cord

Homedics IPL-SLN500K-EU – Best Savings, Great Technology

Homedics IPL-SLN500K-EU Among the best pulsed light epilators on the market is also this Homedics model, a brand not extremely famous but extremely valid.

This model is designed to carry out fortnightly treatments, so it must necessarily be used 15 days after a razor shave or wax hair removal. Following the graph on the guide will make it easy to understand which level of pulsed light power is best suited to your skin.

Active Cooling technology cools the illuminating head very well and allows you to work even at high levels of energy intensity without overheating the skin, just like in a professional beauty center. Consider that this device has a speed of two pulses of light per second.

The built-in quartz lamp of this pulsed light epilater works for 500,000 light pulses, thus ensuring it a virtually unlimited lifespan.

The only complaint that comes to us from a small part of our customers concerns the temperature of the epilare, which would sometimes be a little higher than normal. In this case it is enough to let it rest for a few minutes.

Following the graph on the guide will show you what is the power level that best suits your skin. Once you choose the right one, you will need to place the device on your skin by slowly sliding it over the entire area to be treated.

Pulsed light is attracted to the melanin of the hair thanks to the difference in color with respect to the surrounding skin. Once the follicle is reached, the light energy turns into heat and damages only the cells responsible for the growth of the hair, this also applies to the use of pulsed light on the face. The higher the contrast between hair color and skin color, the greater the effectiveness of the treatment.

Here, too, we are faced with one of the best pulsed light epilators, practically free of defects. The long life of the built-in lamp and Active Cooling technology, as well as the competitive price, definitely make it an attractive device for many people. Maybe that’s exactly what’s right for you!


  • Active Cooling Technology
  • 500,000 maximum light pulses
  • Very competitive price for the functions it offers


  • Sometimes the device may overheat slightly

Beurer IPL 10000+ – Best Selling

Beurer IPL 10000+ Are you still looking for the best pulsed light epilar for you? Then maybe this Beurer model can be for you!

The SalonPro System technique, integrated into the device, uses innovative technology based on pulsed light, already used in beauty centers and by doctors. This type of technology prevents hair regrowth by gradually disabling hair follicles. Of course, different treatments are needed to eliminate all hairs, as only those growing react to treatment.

The 250,000 light pulse cartridge guarantees extreme longevity to this product which, among other things, halves the treatment time thanks to its XXL light head 7cm square in size.

SalonPro System is equipped with a sensor for the skin type, which evaluates its pigmentation before each light pulse and, for safety, allows the use of the device only in the presence of the right degree of pigmentation. At the same time, the skin contact sensor protects the eyes by allowing a light pulse to be essued only when the light surface is in full contact with the skin.

Beurer does not recommend use in case of endocrine disorders, as hormonal changes would compromise the final result, since they also affect the growth and thickness of the hairs.

Thanks to the integrated UV filter, the skin is also protected from harmful rays. The device can be used on dark blonde, brown and black natural hairs and on light to medium complexions. It is unfortunately not effective on very light or gray hairs and is not suitable for dark skin.

For the rest we feel we absolutely recommend this pulsed light model, which has a fairly low price and a technology created specifically respecting the skin and phototype of each customer. Even the long life of the pulse cartridge is not a factor to be underestimated!


  • Skin care system
  • 250,000 light pulse cartridge
  • Also suitable for very hairy men
  • Integrated UV protection


  • Not suitable for those suffering from endocrine disorders

Babyliss G935E: best value for money

Analizamos las mejores depiladoras de luz pulsada para utilizar en casa: Braun, Babyliss o Philips

Analizamos las mejores depiladoras de luz pulsada para utilizar en casa: Braun, Babyliss o Philips

It has in common with Braun and Philips proposals the option to download an application (for both Android and iOS) that helps control hair removal sessions safely. Babyliss’ is Homelight. It features an intuitive interface and features include (but is not only) automatic session scheduling and information collection.

It is a model that handles well and adapts perfectly to the area to be treated. It supports 200,000 flashes or pulses, which equates to 30 complete programs. In this case, a program is completed after eight sessions. During our tests we completed half and the results became visible as the weeks went by.

It should be noted that it integrates a quartz lamp that guarantees its durability and resistance to the passage of time. Meanwhile, the pulse or flash application window when the epilator comes into contact with the skin is about 3 x 2 cm. It is suitable for very different skin colors to be able to choose between five levels of intensity. On the other hand, there are two modes of treatment depending on whether the area with hair is larger or smaller and therefore more sensitive. In the first case, the ‘Gliss’ mode is advised and in the second the ‘Precision’ mode. It integrates a contact sensor for added safety that prevents the flash from activating if the device does not come into contact with the skin.


 Philips BRI954/00 Lumea Prestige – Best ever

Let’s start with this Philips model, the leading brand for pulsed light hair removal, which will surely attract you!

Equipped with IPL technology, which delays the growth of superfluous hairs for up to eight weeks, it has long been tested by our team and we have been able to see that the amount of hair, after the first three treatments, decreases considerably.

Philips Lumea Prestige is the first photo-epilation device in the world to have curved accessories that adapt to all different areas of the body! The bindings are designed and designed in such a way as to obtain optimal contact with the skin.

This model for pulsed light hair removal works on a wide variety of phototypes. Specifically it is suitable for hairs of natural dark blond, brown or black color. Instead, it cannot be used for gray, light blonde or red hair and, above all, for dark skin, as a contrast between the color of the hair and skin is necessary to achieve results.

The Philips Lumea Prestige is a pulsed light epilating that really works. Its three accessories make it useful for any use you want to make: the Precision Accessory is effective for the bikini area and armpits; the Body Accessory is designed for legs, arms and stomach; the Facial Accessory, as its name reveals, has a linear and precise design for the removal of superfluous facial hair.

The opinions on this pulsed light epilating device are very positive also because it does not need spare parts and that its lamp can last up to 20 years.

This model is certainly among the best pulsed light epilators you can find this year. Its strengths, as we have seen, are the extreme versatility in the field of accessories and operation, which allow it to be used both without and with wire.


  • The Smart Skin sensor that suggests the best usage settings
  • Design designed to adapt to various areas of the body
  • Unnecessary spare parts
  • Possibility of use with or without wire


  • Nobody

Remington IPL6250 i-Light Essential – Best Economic Option

Remington IPL6250 i-Light Essential Maybe this is the best pulsed light epilating for you, if you are looking for an extremely cheap device!

Both men and women can use it on areas of the body below the neck; including legs, arms, armpits, groin, back, chest and shoulders. The luminaire has an ergonomic and elegant design, white and gray, a comfortable handpiece, and is delicate on the skin and easy to use.

Most users will begin to notice the presence of fewer hairs after a few weeks from the beginning of treatment. A full cycle involves treatment every two weeks for a total of three.

Our customers report a significant reduction in hair after only three treatments. In any case, a slight regrowth of hairs that are finer, sparse and clear than the original ones may recur.

Our tests did not highlight major flaws with regard to this model. Probably the only flaw is that its use is not totally painless if the hair you are going to treat is very dark and thick, for example like the hairs of the bikini area.

The i-LIGHT Essential epilature features a 50% larger illuminating window than older models and thus manages to cover more skin surface with each flash. In addition, thanks to the safe and effective UV filter you can enjoy smooth and soft skin without worries.

This is also a pulsed light epilating that really works, despite its practically derisory price tag. Its technology and wider illuminating window make it really attractive to many people who don’t have as much money to spend but would still like to take advantage of such a product.


  • Extremely low cost
  • Five levels of light intensity
  • Universal voltage
  • ProPulse technology, which hits the hair at the root


  • Use is not totally painless on thicker and darker hairs

Beurer IPL 9000 – The best model in skincare

Beurer IPL 9000 With its clinically tested technology to ensure maximum safety, elegant design and its many functions that we will show you shortly, the Beurer’s IPL 9000 is rightly among the best pulsed light epilators.

The SalonPro System, precisely of this model, uses an innovative technology based on pulsed light, already used in beauty centers and by doctors. This type of technology prevents hair regrowth by gradually disabling hair follicles. Of course, different treatments are needed to eliminate all hairs, as only those growing react to treatment. Generally, in just three or four treatments you will already see a 50% decrease in hair.

Thanks to the large light window and the Continuous Flash function, treatment times are among the fastest in the industry. The contact sensor and skin type ensures high safety during use.

Some customers report a slight burning of the affected area after treatment, resolved by applying a good post-depilative cream.

Our tests have shown that the best areas for using this pulsed light device are: the face from the cheekbones down, the armpits, the groin, the chest, abdomen and legs. The device can be used by both men and women and the time required for treatment varies depending on the part of the body chosen. On average a treatment on the face lasts 1 minute or a little longer, while for a male back it will take about 11 minutes.

We are very satisfied with this model, among the best for pulsed light hair removal, and our customers are also no less. Continuous Flash is a highly appreciated feature, because it greatly reduces treatment time, aided by the very large lighting window. The built-in UV filter also protects the skin from harmful rays. Among other things, the product fits well into the price ranking of cheaper pulsed light epilators.


  • Built-in UV filter
  • Speed of treatment times
  • Continuous Flash
  • Noticeable removal of fluff after a few treatments


  • Slight occasional burning after treatment, obsessed with a post-hair removal cream

Imetec Bellissima Zero Pro Dual – The best of Made in Italy

Imetec Bellissima Zero Pro Dual Directly from Italy comes this new model of Imetec, considered rightly considered a better pulsed light epilalator than many others around, for the reasons that we will shortly be illustrating to you!

This epilacle can be used by both men and women on legs, arms, armpits, bikini line, back and chest and, for the first time, also on tanned skin, using the lowest level of intensity among the five available.

Thanks to the action of galvanic energy, which favors the expansion of pores, the HPL light pulse penetrates deeply into the hair follicle allowing effective and safe treatment even for darker skin. In any case, this product is equipped with the Skin Colour Sensor that allows the emission of the light pulse only on skin types with suitable complexion, together with the Skin Touch Sensor, which instead allows the emission of the light pulse only in contact with the specific area to be treated.

An interesting feature of the Zero Pro Dual maybe is best pulsed light epilator dual use operation, allows you to choose between continuous or single-pulse emission, allowing rapid treatment in larger areas such as legs and arms, and targeted treatment in restricted areas such as armpits and bikini area.

This model is also equipped with 400,000 pulses of light that, together with a Quartz Lamp, guarantees a long life of the device and the number of treatments available, which guarantee a permanent reduction of unnecessary fluff from the end of a cycle of treatments.

The results of our tests and the opinions of our customers are more or less overlapping, as they have not found defects or negativity regarding this model, which could really be the best pulsed light epilating for many people, especially those who have dark skin. Dual Use operation has also been considered really useful, because it is obvious to the absence of accessories and allows the use of the device in different ways depending on your needs.


  • Dual Use mode
  • 400,000 maximum light pulses
  • Italian production
  • Skin Touch and Skin Colour Sensors


  • Nobody

Philips Lumea Advanced SC1997/00 – A model of the highest quality

Philips Lumea Advanced SC1997/00 The opinions for this pulsed light epilating are more or less similar to those we received for the other Philips models: more than positive! The company is also very renowned for its high quality rotating brushes that it produces.

This device applies gentle pulses of pulsed light to the root of the hair. The resulting effect is the natural fall of the hair and the inhibition of regrowth. Repeating the treatment regularly, the skin will remain smooth day after day.

The packaging of the model contains, in addition to an elegant case, an accessory dedicated to the hair removal of the face, which can be used safely, and one for the groin area. Philips Lumea has five light intensity settings to ensure gentle but effective hair removal. When used correctly, pulsed light treatment is safe and gentle even on sensitive skin and body areas.

The only flaw of this model is that, according to our tests and according to our customers, it should always be used with protective glasses, as the flash emitted by the light head is quite intense.

During use, you might think that the entire skin contact area is the one that generates the flash, while the lamp actually has a smaller area than the entire head. This means that moving the device from one area to another risks either skipping small portions of skin, or passing twice in the same place, so you have to do some practice.

The really competitive price places this best pulsed light epilator model among the array of epilators accessible to all budgets, a factor that has been greatly appreciated by our customers.

We are faced with another Philips pulsed light model, an undeniable guarantee of quality if you are looking for the best pulsed light epilating for you. Not being a model that works wirelessly, the cost is lower but the quality of the materials and technologies used undoubtedly bring it to the same level as wireless epilators.


  • Accessories dedicated to face and bikini area
  • Very low cost and state-of-the-art technology
  • Suitable for many types of hair/skin
  • Five light intensity settings


  • It is recommended to use it together with the protective glasses
  • Batteries are not replaceable

The 3 factors to keep in mind for the purchase of a pulsed light epilating

The number of best pulsed light epilators

The number of flashes that the bulb of a pulsed light epilate emits, is reported on the data sheet of each model. Once you have used the maximum number of flashes available, the bulb will need to be replaced, so in advance inform yourself about the actual availability of the spare parts and their cost.

Some brands, however, have developed epilators that do not need to be replaced by the bulb. These have an above-average number of flashes, but they are not eternal: in this case, after a few years you will need to replace the entire device.

The time it takes to treat

Are there any contraindications?

Pulsed light is an excellent solution and cases of failure are few and often determined by the wrong use of the device, but some situations that absolutely do not recommend its use. For example, during pregnancy or lactation, or in case of skin lesions, skin diseases or important pharmacological treatments.

Obviously, as we have already said before, this type of hair does not work on too dark skin and hairs that are too light (light blond, red and gray) because, in the first case, the absence of variation of melanin between skin and hair does not allow the machine to work well (indeed, there is a risk of creating unsightly whitish spots on the skin), while in the second case , the almost total absence of melanin inside the hair does not make it identifiable by the epilative sensor.

In addition, you should definitely avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight in the weeks immediately preceding and following treatment with the pulsed light epilate.

How does a pulsed light epilate work?

The luminous pulse of the pulsed light epilacle reaches the hair follicle damaging the part where the hair grows. This type of treatment has melanin as its primary objective, that is, the pigment of the hair: light hits the mounds of melanin contained inside the hair and optical energy deactivates its growth.

The treatment is particularly suitable for women, but on the market today there are many equally exceptional men’s body hair removals. The success of a pulsated light epilating treatment also depends on the type of skin and the natural color of the coat. The results are poor or nil when the skin is dark or when it is white and has a very light hair. So the subjects that will get the most results are those who have a light to medium dark skin tone, and a natural hair color that goes from dark blonde to black.

Have you enjoyed this buying guide? Then take a look also at those on the best hairclips, hairdryers and electric hair warmers,really essential tools to take care of your body directly at home, without having to spend money continuously in beauty salons.

How quickly will I see the results of the treatment?

It takes a little patience.

Always keep in mind that it is not a waxing of or a method similar to the razor: pulsed light epilation is a treatment that requires patience and constancy. You will first have to follow the instructions on the instruction booklet of the model you have chosen to purchase, and you will see that after a few sittings you will already start to notice the first results.

Most of our customers who tested a pulsed light epilator report that, already between the second and third sittings, while noticing a fair amount of regrowth, in some areas the hairs were no longer growing and many of those regrowthed were so weakened that they fell on their own after reaching a length of a few millimeters.

In short, this question is a little difficult to answer, as it varies a lot depending on the epilating model, your phototype and the color of your hairs. In any case, I remind you that a pulsed light epilating system generally allows you to almost completely eliminate your superfluous hairs, slowing their regrowth and making them weaker and finer.

After constant use of the machine, surely you too will be satisfied and if you would like an alternative, you can also take a look at our guide who will help you choose the best electric epilating machine for your needs!

Manufacturers generally report the estimated time for the treatment of an area based on the tests they have carried out. Keep in mind that the size of each individual part changes from person to person, and also the number of hair follicles of a person and the time of their regrowth phase.

We can therefore say that, depending on the extent of the area, the treatment lasts more or less time. Generally, in order to see important results, it is necessary to conclude at least one course of treatments. The total number of seats of a treatment varies from model to model, but generally ranges from 4 to

The structure and functions of the epilar

On the market we can find pulsed light epilators powered by mesh, which have a base and the gun connected with through a wire or at gunpoint with internal battery.

You have to keep an eye on the functions of each model, as well as the comfort of use, the size of the light head and the gun (in short, evaluate how much and if they encumber with your expectations) and, of course, you also need to think about the quality of the materials.

Larger bases often also include a unit cooling system. A good epilating device must have a good structure and a good cooling system. This is useful to ensure its long-term performance and also to perform an epilation preventing the device from needing a few minutes of rest to avoid overheating or some malfunction.

What models have we tested?

The following proposals have been selected: Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 PL3111 (8.75), BaByliss G935E (8.25), Medisana IPL 805 (7) and Philips Lumea Advanced Bri921/00 (8.25).

They have been analysed taking into account some considerations such as the following:

– Ergonomics: an ergonomic design favors its comfortable use when we move through the area of the body to be waxed.

– Materials: to ensure maximum durability.

– Number of pulses: the higher the number of ‘pulses’, more time can be used.

– Efficacy: does the product meet what is promised? Can you tell that the hair is disappearing session after session?

– Others: some models incorporate systems that make them safer, offer an app that helps to track the hair removal process, come with accessories…

Buying guide

Here we go, finally you can make the purchase of the pulsed light epilar suitable for you!

Thanks to our help, we are now sure that you have been able to clear your head and is ready to purchase the best pulsed light epilate for you! Among the many beautiful models we have proposed to you, and our recommendations on use, you are spoilt for choice. Enjoy your purchase with peace of mind!


Everyone chooses the type of hair removal that best suits them and with which they feel most at ease. Thus, it is usual to visit the aesthetic centers when we want to eliminate that hair with which we do not have just felt satisfied, either for a matter of comfort or aesthetics; in these locations, laser technology has made an important hole in eliminating it.

Already at home, the usual methods remain wax, blade and tweezers. However, they are not the only possible options. Another alternative is pulsed light epilators. They are also known as IPL and are more effective.

They work through pulses of light that ‘attack’ the hair root to weaken it and reduce its growth : they do so through the pigment responsible for the coloration of the skin and hair, melanin. Consistency is required because the epilator must be used in multiple sessions to start best pulsed light epilator seeing the first results . Once the treatment cycle is complete, small tweaks will suffice that users will make when they feel it is necessary.

How we’ve tested them

These four epilators have been used over two months in different sessions respecting the indications of their manufacturers. It is important to maintain and follow them for maximum efficiency. Armpits, legs, arms and english have been the areas of the body where they have been used. In addition, sun exposure has been avoided days before and after each session.

Despite being the second most expensive option, the winning epilator has been the Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 PL3111. Not only does it attract attention from the point of view of its aesthetics, but it has turned out to be a very balanced model accompanied by various accessories. Its SensoAdapt technology avoids having to select the intensity level according to our skin color. It detects it automatically.


– Dimensions: 236 x 104 x 194 mm

– Number of shots: 300,000

– Intensity levels: two

– Modes of use: sliding and short shooting

-Technology: SensoAdapt with UV protection

– Accessories: Venus Smooth razor, recommended precision head for face, english and armpits, rope cover and transformer with power cord and plug.

– Others: Braun Silk-expert Pro app

It has, on the other hand, two shooting modes. The so-called ‘slippage’ is recommended for larger areas while ‘short shot’ offers better results on smaller surfaces. The user experience is simple and effective because you notice how the hair is effectively weakening and ‘sleeping’. The added advantage is that it has a smart sensor known as SensoAdapt (UV protection included) that identifies and adapts the degree of intensity of each shot or pulse depending on the skin tone it recognizes. On one of its sides we find a bar in which numbers 1, 2 and 3 are represented: the epilator automatically selects this grade with a white light. Its accessories include: a second head to reach the most complicated areas, a holster and a Venus Smooth razor. 20% discount, save 68.74 euros.