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Irish Data Processing Authority Google Over Location Data ProcessingByBill Toulas-February 4, 2020.1201 The Privacy Authority would like to learn whether what Google is doing is legal and whether or not it is doing so transparently. Whenever possible, the average consumer is advised to disable location tracking and history, and brush off any benefits. As announced by the Data Protection Commissioner (Dpc) of Reuters Ireland, an investigation has been launched into the collection of location data by Google. According to the official announcement coming from the authority, their office has recently received a large number of complaints from all over the Eu. The concerns of consumer protection organizations that sent letters to the Dpc relate to the legal context in which Google handles the location data they collect from devices of people and how open they are about exactly what they do with this data. All that said the Dpc had to move forward with an investigation on Google Ireland Limited requesting a formal inquiry. This action is in compliance with Section 110 of the Irish Data Protection Act 2018 and Google shall comply with the request as provided for in Article 60 of the Gdpr. The regulator asks Google for a long story short how they handle the location data of people legally and if they do so transparently. Whether Google fails to respond or their response shows that they are illegally working, the Dpc will be allowed to impose a fine that would be the equivalent of 4 percent of the company’s worldwide sales or one set at € 20 million. The Dpc is already carrying out twenty large-scale inquiries into the alleged misdeeds of tech giants such as Twitter LinkedIn Apple and Facebook. Ireland is the major attractor of Europe’s entire Eu account, and to test their activities against the Gdpr. That’s also exactly why the Dpc gets complaints from various consumer protection authorities from other European countries because their respective national data protection offices can’t do much on that side.