Benicio del Toro Net Worth 2020

Benicio del Toro Net Worth 2020 Bio Height Awards and InstagramImo Nyong Media Profile 21 January 2020Benicio del Toro was born 19 February 1967, in Puerto Rico. The parents had worked there as attorneys. When he was just 9 years old, he lost his mother Fausta Genoveva Sánchez Rivera. His father Gustavo Adolfo del Toro BermÃodez moved to the US of Pennsylvania after 5 years. Del Toro has an elder brother, Gustavo del Toro, who is CMO and Executive VP at New York’s Wyckoff Heights Medical Centre. At the Academia del Perpetuo Socorro Benicio completed most of his schooling in Puerto Rico. He finished his secondary school from Mercersburg Academy Pennsylvania after moving to the USA. Benicio initially did some small parts in movies and television series but eventually became a lead actor in big-budget movies. Benicio del Toro and his wife Kimberly Stewart have a daughter named Delilah, who is a model and fashion designer. Benicio del Toro began his career doing minor roles in movies and television series. Some of his earlier work included Kill and The Indian Runner Miami Vice License. Following his memorable performance in The Usual Suspects, Del Toro rose to fame, for which he also received an Independent Spirit award. That resulted in better and stronger roles in movies such as The Fan and Excess Baggage. The acting caliber has also earned him major production house films. He recently made Marvel Studio’s movie Guardians of the Galaxy. He also appeared in Star Wars-The Last Jedi produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm’s president. Some of Del Toro’s films which are due to be released in 2018 are Avengers: Infinity War and Sicario 2: Soldado.

Height and weight Height: 6 ft 2 in or 188 cm Weight: 90 kg or 198.5 lbs


The brilliant acting talents of Benicio del Toro have earned him a plethora of awards and honours. Whether a role in a supporting cast or a leading role, Del Toro has always done justice to his characters, winning him admiration and respect for both the critics and the audience. Benicio received the Independent Spirit award for the movies The Usual Suspects Basquiat and 21 grams, devoted to independent filmmakers. He won both the Academy Award and the BAFTA Award for Traffic and 21 grams for his films. He also won the Golden Globe award for Traffic in the category of Best Supporting Actor.

In addition to winning awards, Benicio del Toro has also earned a net worth of $45 million from his roles in numerous Hollywood films.