beautiful braided updos

Updos for natural hair can seem like a dream come true when the temperature rises and heat styling is every day’s dreaded moment. Most of us have been anxiously waiting all year round for summer weather, but humidity or aggressive sun can affect your hair style as well as your hair health. What should a girl do? Put away the heat devices by using one of these quick updos on your natural hair and save some time in the morning.

Beautiful Natural Hair Secure Updos

Natural hair updos are not only functional but can also be very artistic and easy to complete. The following list includes updates for any hairstyling skills taste and level.

Crown Braid Curly Updo

Get the KinkyCurlyBeauty tutorial! Here is an updo to hone in on the beauty of your naturally textured hair for those of you out there with exceptional curls. During the humid months, big natural curls can be hot and frizzy, so you have to find a new way to wear them. Consider this a braided crown wrapped around your head with your natural curls rolled up on top in a voluminous delight. Rolld and Pinned Updo for Natural Hair

Do you ever want your hair to look like an art piece? Okay, that’s the look for you! You are bound to turn heads in the best possible way with this rolled updo. If you’re going to try it out, have plenty of bobby pins ready; complicated designs like this need to be kept in place.

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Half Braided Half Curly Updo with Cornrows

Check our gallery of updo styles for another example of a Mohawk-like wild top with cornrows. The classy ubiquitous is perfect for natural short hair as well as being very unhackneyed. Once you get someone professional to do it for you, it’s cute and relatively easy to complete.

Sculpted French braid with a front roll

This amazing twisting hairstyle is perfect for formal events when you want to look at your best. This requires a good dose of goods that are set so that it is not very stable for everyday life. If your natural black hair is longer than a medium length and this is a suitable choice for your next special occasion, you don’t mind combing.

Cute Contrasting Top Afro Updo

This beautifully pinned updo is an ideal classy look for black women who want to try something else to change. You need an easy side twist and your usual afro puff that can be pushed to the front like in the picture. Included is a color pick.

Twist’n’Bun Natural Hair Updo

Isn’t this perfect updo? It’s always a fun endeavor to borrow trends from the past, especially when you choose a particularly trendy decade like the pre-60s. Hop through this hairstyle on the vintage beauty train. Enhance the look with traditional red lips and a matching Mad Men-esque top. Get the Tiffany Nichols Model tutorial!
Tired of braided crowns?

Rope Twist Halo Braid

Try with this rope twist halo updo a new take on the old classic style. To imitate this hairstyle rope twist around your head’s crown incorporating more strands as you go into your twist. When it’s over, you’re going to look like an angel (pun intended!)

French Braided Updo

This is one of the most beautiful natural hair updos you can make when your hair is medium in length. To do it on your own is a bit complicated, but you can ask your stylist for a braid with invisible bobby pins placed around the eyes. Whether you’re the bride or a bridesmaid, this cute style works wonderfully as a natural approach to wedding hair. It’s also a nice example of an updo that works with African-American hair that is naturally curly.

Twisted Side Updo

Getting ready for a formal event can mean hours in front of the mirror with a blow dryer on your face and a straightening iron heating up next to you, but there are other ways to get ready for the ball while still embracing your natural locks. Use this updo flat twist for your next black dress chance.

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Naturally Curly Tie-Up

This quick updo requires your hair to be tied to the top of your head close to your forehead for women with short or medium length. Then, as a lovely bunch of long bangs draping your forehead, style your pinned hair.

Flat Twists Updo

This is definitely one of the most classic natural hair braided updos we’ve ever seen. This style can be duplicated with long hair (or at least medium-length hair). The combination of thin and chunky twists gives this gorgeous updo a sophisticated flair. Cornrows will replace the twists.

Twisted Curly Mohawk

This cute natural updo with braided Mohawk in mind is great if you want to extend short natural hair to protect it and get a beautiful style suitable for medium-length hair. You can play with your Mohawk’s extensions color and texture. As we see, the twists give some lovely texture of the boucle.

Pompadour Updo for Natural Hair

Updos is not all about fancy dresses and elegant get-togethers. Sometimes during a blistering summer day they’re just about staying cool. This trendy updo is a go-to in the sun for casual occasions. Talk about going to the beach for a walk in the park, or having a picnic in your own backyard.

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Nodes and Twists Combination

It is not important to arrange all natural hair updos and follow a clear pattern. This cute style for medium hair illustrates perfectly that you can just braid your hair any way you like and then randomly tie it to the top of your head; it will still look sophisticated and beautiful. It’s easy to make and maintain that you don’t really need a stylist’s support, and it’s perfect for both casual and formal occasions. 666.jpg” />

Braided Humidity Proof Updos

Braided Humidity Proof Updos

Battle the hair-ruining moisture by pulling one of these three striking braided updos into your hair. Buns are a thing of the past; instead, by recreating one of the above styles, try something new.

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Beehive Romantic Hairstyle

This updo size will envy everyone! While it may be pointless to have your wedding day as your special day to be a total diva. This style is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their natural beauty when claiming that I do! ‘ Mostly using folding and pinning to establish the perfect volume is not even hard to achieve.

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Flat Twists and Caramel Coils

Here’s a beautiful style if you like a wild touch to your looks and keep it easy once you’ve done it. Twist a few side cornrows or flat twists and stack your curls on top of your head to keep the Mohawk-like bunch of natural short hair pinned up neatly on top.

French Braided Bun Updo

All these strict dress codes make it difficult to stay trendy in the workplace. No open-toed boots, no big body, no excentric maquillage. It’s like trying to figure out all of your personality’s facets! Don’t worry that there are still ways to stay in dress code while doing it and look cute. This is a great example of this updo; try it.

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Huge Loopped Updo

This is a beautiful and relatively simple hairstyle for natural black hair requiring smooth, skillful hands. It looks quite impressive the combination of twists and loops. For a super clean look, the trick to this updo is to cover the ends and smooth out the edges.

Braided Crown Updo

This design can be replaced with short or long natural hair. If the length is lacking, use the extensions as the model did. This braided updo pinned is chic to rock for the inclusion of a formal event wedding.

Cute Braided Bun with Full Bangs

This picture shows that natural hair styles can be styled and glamorous. If you don’t mind using extensions and how can you stop when an attached bun is so stunning, this idea would work perfectly for shorter hair?

Elegant Twisted Updo

Full voluminous twisted updo is a great style to showcase fresh afro hair. Through adjusting the width and tightness of the twists stacked above your forehead, create a variety of textures. And as a simple French twist, the back part of your hair can be wrapped and tied. 674.jpg” />

<img src="

Easy Curly Bun with Side Braids

This large curly bun with braided elements is super easy to do by yourself and it’s also very flattering for your natural black hair if you don’t want to bleach it or dye any unnatural hair color. To get your hair part of this style horizontally a couple of centimeters above your hairline then make a braid headband. Wrap a big twist and drape loosely at the nape of your curls.

Tall and Sleek Pony Bun

Unique and quirky updos need not look complicated yet that stunning sleekness will take some time at the salon. Silk pressed hair is beautiful when it’s loose but you can definitely try a simple but definitely state-making updo like this one.

Big Bun for medium-length hair

This style is perfect if your hair is stretched, but it can also work for naturally curly African-American hair. Just tie your hair at the top of your head in a big bun and preferably use a twist when wrapping it at the bottom of your head. If your hair is stretched, this cute twist will become more visible.

Ruby Red French Braid and Bun

Nice hair color updos can be made even more cute. This ruby red look incorporates a loosely braided top knot with a relaxed upside down french plait on the bottom. Use the extension to make a bun of super size.

Braided High Volume Updo

More complex-looking braided styles such as this sophisticated updo require more than medium-length hair or extensions. This is elegant enough for any formal event to be one of the best natural hair updos. It is best if your hair is stretched out and treated with a high shine serum for a complete glamorous effect.

Quirky Afro Mohawk Updo

Why not combine a cool mohawk with a stylish updo? The hawk’s puffiness contrasts perfectly with the preferably polished sides. Such distorted puffs can hardly be avoided! What a stunning updo good enough for a bride.

Cornrow Afro Puff

Try this if you want to rock an afro but hate your head! Keep your hair in check on the back with tightly braided cornrows and sleek peeled hair on the front. Then let a sweet afro puff on top free your texture.

Sleek and Shiny Braided Bun

This is one of our favorite natural hair updos. A braided bun is a popular idea, but with a high brilliance finish and an added V section with a raised braid you can always customize it. 682.jpg” />

<img src="

Braid headband with a Bun Updo

Shorter natural hair is a great base for some beautiful braided updos such as this. A thick braid from extensions that runs along your hairline and wraps comfortably at your neck’s nape is a smooth and beautiful style that you’ll love to wear for a while.

Classic French Roll

For natural black hair, French roll is perfect. With a voluminous roll you can easily come up with and even play with textures. Blow the side section covering your dress, leaving the hair textured inside. If you also have great light.

Bun Mohawk Braid

Natural updos can also be smooth and completely coified. The top braid’s maximum height contrasts with the sides ‘ flawless sleekness to create a dramatic appearance. As if that wasn’t enough to add a puffy bun for a special occasion to complete the perfect updo. Every little girl loves pigtails.

Pinned Up Pigtails

When she grows up, she can update the look by wrapping and pinning the freely hanging ends of the braids around the back of the head. It’s much better like a crown braid.

Great twisted updo

Fantastic multi-braided updos can be achieved with many different braid styles. This style uses four vertical twisted braids that are looped at the neck’s nape delicately around each other. The trick is not to twist the hair a bit loose.

Amazing Natural Mohawk with Cornrows

A natural hair updo with extensions is good when you grow your natural hair and want to live through this awkward phase feeling like a queen wearing a suitable hairstyle. This Mohawk is still wearable fancy.

Eye-Catching Twisted Updo

A height-up is a great way to exhibit beautiful African American hair. This asymmetric style uses wide twisted braids to create a style that is really unique. Ladies who like hairdos on top of their head with volume will enjoy this simple yet spectacular style.

Stylish Updo with Side Twists

Natural hair blown out still has that enviable density and volume while being manageable and retaining its unique texture. Use this stunning layered updo to accentuate your beautiful bone structure with side flat twists and play with the height on top which makes you feel and look even more impressive. 690.jpg” />

<img src="

Thick and Thin Twists Updo

The best thing about natural updo hairstyles is to cover your hair and look so elegant and flexible. When you combine different textures like twists and braids, sleek sections and puffy sections or thicker and thinner twists as in this example, the most creative looks happen.

Snaky Twists Updo

Snaky flat twists are a new way of playing with scalp braided hairstyles. Compared with conventional flat twists and cornrows, they look fresh and special. Start with a shiny twisted bun and be ready to catch amazing looks and hear wow!

Criss Cross Halo Braids

There’s nothing new about a halo braid, but some intertwined braids look unique. They add a hundred more style points to your updo and frame your face in a charming way.

Elegant Chignon with Twist

Chignon is one of our favorite trendy natural hairstyles for formal events. Easy hairstyles are often the best, as is the case with this wedding chignon, which will certainly look classy even in years on wedding pictures.

Asymmetric Braided Updo with Bangs

Do you need a quick, easy, yet beautiful updo? That’s it! Simply part the hair side by side with French braid on each side, putting together the ends and forming a bun behind one ear. For a flirty accent, add curly side bangs.

Updo Side Twist

Always say yes to a side braid or twist! They’re easy to do, but they’re always looking sophisticated. To replicate this look for medium hair or long locks, split your hair in all the right places and then apply a twist to the back of your head along your hairline.

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Easy Knotted Updo for Natural Hair

The best part of wearing an updo is that it may seem complicated and hard to achieve, but some are very easy. This method is as simple as tying the four separate sections into knots (the way you would tie a shoelace) and moving the remaining hair from one knot to the next for more elegance.

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Janelle Monae Inspired Updo for Natural Hair

Too many updos focus on the beautiful braids and buns on the back of your head, but not on the front. You can have all your natural beautiful hair up front with this look for everyone to see. It’s easy to reach; only comfortable in the way you like some French rolls with bobbypins.

Get Jo Michelle’s tutorial!

Elegant Fishtail Braid Updo for Natural Hair

This is another classy updo example. This fishtail braid is perfect for any big event you come up with, such as a prom or wedding. Including the videos sells this look’s elegance. You can replace them with flowers or different types of videos, but just wear the look clean if it’s too much pizzazz for you.

Get the Naptural85 tutorial!

Twisted Back Updo

All you want to do is keep your hair out of your eyes when it’s hot and humid, but that’s no excuse to risk a wonderful day of skin. Try this twisted back updo to get the best hair out of your face from both worlds and boot a fancy thing.

Get A Desired Beauty tutorial!

Pin-Curled Twists Updo

This beautiful style is a little more complicated than most, but it’s worth it. You will be golden if you take your time to create the right curly base of this look. You just twist and pin in the right places after that, making a horribly twisted final product ready for any occasion.

Get a Hairscapades tutorial!

Horizontal Flat Twists and Kinky Bun

This is a cute natural updo hairstyle not only visually appealing but also convenient to sleep with. Recreate get horizontal flat twists or braided cornrows catch the ends of your locks and tie them up in a kind of front roll. This hairstyle retains the natural curly texture and therefore looks twice as good as possible.

Are you ready for sun and shorts? Dust off those sunlasses pick one of those fabulous natural hair updos and start right off the summer. Prev1 of 50Next —> —> Related Head-Wrap Tutorials for Natural Hair Ways I> Ideas for Boho-Chic Messy Buns to Pin and Recreate Currently Common Short Natural Haircuts for Black Women How to Make a Chic Chignon in Easy Steps Ideas How to Spice Up Your Half Bun Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Be influenced by hair style. Shaggy Blonde Waves> Long Choppy Layers Wavy Hairstyle> Subtly layered hairstyle caramel> . .. Chocolate Fountain> Long A-Line Fine Hair Style> .. Great Ponytail> Asymmetrical Downdo> Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle> Straight hair cut with long layers> .. Long hair cut with short angled layers> Long layered and highlighted fine hair>. ‘ .. Short cut with long layers of chin> Long Shot with Feathered Face Framing> .. Layered and Tousled Blonde V-Cut> Long Cut with Side Feathering> With Sophisticated Ombre> Long cut with overlapping layers> .. Delicately layered thin hair style> Hairstyle with V-cut layers and> Flowy Curls for Fine Hair> Large Cut with Flared Layers> With Fluffy Layered Ends> Fine Feathered Hairstyle> Tousled Blonde Hairstyle with Long Bangs> Subtly Layered Blonde Balayage Hairstyle> Right Beaches and Flipped Up Ends> Low Blonde Ponytail Updo> .. Updo> Flowy Low Updo> Short Waves> Cute Long Bob Platinum> .. Volumizing Thin Hair Updo> Wispy Bangs and Curls> Nice Blonde Waves> Updo with Pinned Waves> Reverse Waterfall Braid Straight Hair> Creative Half Up Braid> Half Up Braid> Braided Half-Updo> .. Choppy Lob with Layers> Indeed, you can rely on a wide range of beautiful hairstyles – updos and downdos that you wouldn’t think were made of so cute and classy thin hair. Use bouffant backcombing, as in pictures below, to highlight waves and curls. These are the little tricks that will make our locks look thicker. And from time to time most of us use them who doesn’t?

. ‘ Shaggy Blonde Waves

Shaggy razor-cut layers provide texture with no hard and heavy lines that can weigh down thin hair. Natural beach waves for a comfortably sexy look deliver the perfect amount of volume.

. Wavy Hairstyle with Long Choppy Layers

Layered cuts are a great fit for any type of hair, even for locks that have no body as the latter can be built through the cutting process. Curling and finishing with a spray of voluminous hair ensures that hair does not fall flat. A neutral or cool brown platinum weaved is a great choice of hair color for this cut.

. Subtly layered Caramel Hairstyle

Carefully placed highlights will add dimension to the playback of long thin hairstyles while unnoticeable length changes build movement. Such two pairs make it impossible for a design to appear dull or flat. A straight hairdo is quickly softened by turning inwards the ends of the skin.

. Chocolate Fountain

This beautiful hairstyle for long thin hair practically mesmerizes the soft lines and delicious chocolate hue. If your locks are perfect, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for layering. Let the layers be longer and smoother. Cascading your shoulders will make your thin locks look fabulous.

. Long A-Line Style for Fine Hair

If you prefer one-level haircuts with smoother edges that are a good choice for long thin hair but have at least the front tresses framing your face layered and complete the look with long slanting bangs. This is a good base for beautiful hair-styles updos and half up.

. Perfect Ponytail

It’s all about volume formation when you have thin long hair styling. There’s no hairstyle off limits, you just need to be creative. Texture is the best way to start any look. Use the braid form to create waves in your hair or use a straightener. Then there will be a lot more oomph in anything you do next. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Asymmetrical Side-Swept Downdo

Sweeping all of the hair to one side creates the thickness illusion that more wispy textures are looking for. A french braid that starts at the temple and moves down to the neck’s nape will work as another fun asymmetric detail that elevates the final look. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle

Frizz is not sought-after many times, but in this case it is done with good taste. Combined with weightless bouncy curls created by a wide barrel, it invokes a sense of fullness and tamed messiness. The buoyancy of this fun and easy style is further enhanced by layers of different lengths. T3.710.jpg” />

. ‘ Straight Hair Cut with Long Layers

Modern use of straightening iron results in beauty and sleekness. Using this form, long layers such as those pictured for long thin hair can be toned down. To make them more apparent, use a textured spray to remove the midshafts with your fingers and apply a milder hold wax after it is heated between your hands ‘ palms.

. Long Cut with Long Angled Side Layers

A more subtle way to implement a choppy cut is to use longer layering to remove the crown area and the framing parts of the neck. Starting a curl on shorter parts at the root will help raise and make haircuts look more fluid. Upon washing and applying a gloss spray, round brushing results in a polished look that is perfect for the office or a top-notch outing.

. Long Layered and Highlighted Fine Hair

Just as black clothing is worn to offer a slimming effect, the same can be used even with hair to give a thickening effect. Those with wispy hair may benefit from going blonde as it may appear larger. Flip your head for even more volume when you clean. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Haircuts for thin long hair featuring a delicate fringe that grazes the chin will easily shape the jawline and provide a foundation for more sophisticated hairdos such as boho top knots and sleek ponytails. Such bangs can be swept in the middle or side, offering flexibility as well as trendy.

. Long Cut with Feathered Face Framing

An ideal solution for thin hair is a hair cutting process called feathering. It produces variation for those who already feel like they are lacking in bulk without stripping the density. A castor oil massage is used to stimulate further growth over time and increase blood flow, which is a key component in providing follicles with nutrients. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Layered and Tousled Blonde V-Cut

For many who are searching for a shapely appearance, a v-cut> hot rollers are a quick and effective way to boost the body of the layered skin.

Long Cut with Side Feathering

Changing the design of a cut transforms the profile. jpg” />

. ‘ Long Cut with overlapping layers

A cut that establishes weight in the ends of sports overlapping layers and works great for finer tips. Using a boar bristle comb to tease the crown of the head can add balance and volume. In fact, for almost every hairstyle forming heavy ponytails and accentuating sleek downdos, it is flattering.

. Delicately layered hairstyle for thin hair

Delicate layers are built for slicing by portioning of very small pieces. This approach is a remedy for thinner-haired ladies who wish to accept the layered trend without compromising hair completeness. In this example, a glamorous retro curl is perfectly suited as it further polishes the dainty yet sleek design.

. Hairstyle with V-Cut Layers and Chunky Highlights

Chunky caramel highlights seamlessly combine with a rich brown chocolate hue. This elastic style is a cut that is longer and manageable; it includes understated layers that complement long fine hair hair styles. A straight style can magnify the subtlety otherwise an allled beach wave is an excellent on-trend choice. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Flowy Curls for Fine Hair

Thanks to the soft ombre coloring and fast accent braid, these beautiful curls are made even more special. Use a wide barrel curling iron (and pin each curl so it sets) to get this look. Make a loose crown braid and pull the hair inside the crown slightly to get a bouffant that is effortless. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Long Cut with Flared Layers

Flaring thin tips can increase the body and volume of the eye. A heat treatment and blowdry hair with a round brush slowly flicking out the ends to create this impact mist. For shine and moisture retention, use a root lifting spray to add height and a soft dry wax. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Fluffy layers

Long Cut with Fluffy Layered Ends are a timeless trend that virtually anyone can pull off. Accurate and wispy flips can be recreated at home with practice starting at the midshafts and extending through the length of the hair.

. Long Feathered Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Multi-layering can remove mass, but it also offers the opportunity to give the illusion of thickness when> texturizing products.

Tousled Blonde Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Long bangs extending more or less to the jaw are best suited for those who try to shorten their face or give more definition to a full jaw.

. Subtly Layered Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

This subtle example makes a cute balayage for a less formal haircut. The high contrast between the ice platinum blonde and the dirty neutral brown produces a lot of dimension that, given the basic cutting technique, gives hair life. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Straight Strands and Flipped Up Ends

It is possible to manipulate even hairstyles for long thin hair with extremely minimal layers to build form that can not be achieved by a single cut in length. Use a straightening iron to smooth hair and at the ends turn away slightly from the head. Brush out vigorously then finish to give the look a messy and beachy feel with a mild hold wax. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Low Blonde Ponytail Updo

Tousled messy waves are trendy this season as they appear pared-down and effortless. Use this pinned-up ponytail for a more low-key updo on a special occasion. It’s a great option to have a holiday beach wedding dinner or any outdoor activity.

. Braided Updo

This is a fun way to do it for finer hair if you want to wear a ponytail. The style incorporates several tricks to make the hair appear fuller from the bouffant and braid in the front to the twisted and wrapped high pony in the back resulting in a trendy look that doesn’t fall flat. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Flowy Low Updo

It can be difficult to tell how they are put together when you look at images of complicated glamorous hairdos. It’s incredibly easy this one. Start with hair teased. Then just braid a low plait of French and finish off with a messy bun. When the braid is finished, pull to create the looseness.

. Trendy Long Waves

One of the best hairstyles for long thin hair is a center part with no bangs because you can push all your hair forward on your head, producing a much fuller hair look. Think of the popular texture of beach waves make twists or braids overnight or at least a few hours before you plan to leave. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Cute Long Platinum Bob

The epitome of modern urban style is this office-chic look. So sleek! This is a great length for thinner hair because the layering of other then textured ends does not require much. If you’re looking for hairstyle pictures to compliment your life in the city, this is it! ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Soft wispy hair is a trick to a glamorous updo, which is why it is so important to use the right products. Instead of creating and dousing your masterpiece with hairspray, try spritzing a textured mist or sea salt spray before you start.

. Wispy Bangs and Curls

It can be difficult to find your perfect free-flowing hairstyle if you have long thin hair. Soft waves are a safe bet almost always because they build hair volume and texture. Use the straightener method to make curls to recreate this look and then brush them with a wide tooth comb and a slightly mid-shaft backcomb to ends for an allled finish. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Pretty Blonde Waves

This beautiful> curling iron.

Updo with Pinned Waves

To nail this look you must first prepare your hair. Start by creating large waves with a large barrel curling iron. Then you can tease the roots for a looser look. Twist and loop hair strands pinning them around the crown for this beautiful updo fit for a queen.

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