Beau Bridges – Biography of Beau Bridges

Lloyd Vernet Bridges III, better known as Beau bridges, was born in Los Angeles, United States, on December 9, 1941, and is a renowned actor, director and producer.

Son of Lloyd Bridges Y Dorothy Dean Simpson, grew up with the idea of ​​being a professional basketball player, so he was part of the team of the University of Hawaii and of the UCLA. Despite his love for sports, after accumulating several failures, he decided to dedicate himself to acting, so he attended several castings in order to participate in commercials or small roles in new films.

Once entered the world of entertainment, he was gaining the respect of various directors and the press thanks to his participation in dozens of films such as “Village of the Giants“,”The incident“,”A man for ivy“,”Adam’s Woman“,”The Scarlet Corsair“,”Silver Dream Racer“,”Time to kill“,”The astronaut“,”Meeting daddy“,”Debating Robert Lee” Y “Carlota’s web“.

In the realm of series, it was seen in some as “Zane gray“,”National Velvet“,”The Lloyd Bridges Show“,”My three sons“,”Hallmark Hall of Fame“,”Amazing tales“,”Maximum Bob“(where did Judge Bob Gibbs, in the year 1998), “Beggars and Choosers“,”Desperate women“, and the series that took him to the top:”The Agency“, where he characterized the Senator Tom Gage, in 31 episodes, and “Stargate SG-1“, where he played the Major General Hank Landry, between 2005 and 2007.

In addition, he participated in a large number of telefilms, such as: “Robert Young and the Family“,”The Man Without a Country“,”The four feathers“,”The Child Stealer“,”Alice in wonderland“,”The Man with Three Wives“,”Memphis PD: War on the Streets“,”Two Families” Y “Beyond the apocalypse“, among others.

One of the peculiarities in the professional life of Beau bridges, is that he also directed several telefilms such as “The Kid from Nowhere“,”The Thanksgiving Promise“,”Family sins“, and the movies”The Wild Pair” Y “The last seven hours“.

Regarding his personal life, the actor had two great loves throughout his life, the first Julie Landfield, with whom he was from 1964 to 1984, and the second, Wendy Treece Bridges, with which he maintains a relationship from that same year to the present.