Bartolomeu Dias – Biography of Bartolomeu Dias

Bartolomeu Dias He was a Portuguese explorer, the first to navigate the Cape of Good Hope. Dias began making the trips that made him famous at the age of thirty.

Everything that is known about the life of Days Before being an explorer, he was in charge of some of King João II’s warehouses. Furthermore, he had made only one voyage aboard a warship. Sometime in 1486, however, he was commissioned by the king to lead an expedition to discover a sea route to India. With a small fleet of three ships, Dias set sail in August of the following year. The group initially followed the route discovered a few years earlier by Diogo Cão, which ended in what is now Namibia.

After having stopped in various African ports with gifts of precious metals and guarantees of friendship towards the native peoples, the ships of Days they were thrown into the sea by a storm. However, the king had been given a Venetian map, showing that the Indian Ocean was to the east of Africa, and this encouraged him to turn south. As the group headed into totally unknown territory, Dias was effectively betting his men’s lives on this turnaround and, in February 1488, land was sighted.

The landing occurred a few hundred kilometers east of the cape, but there was little time to explore as the tribes attacked them with stones. Eventually, one of Dias’s men killed a member of the tribe, after which the resistance ceased.

Even if Days he wanted to move along the coast, the food was running out, and the threat of mutiny hung in the air. Finally, an agreement was reached in which a maximum of three more days of navigation would be allowed. This led them to Kwaaihoek in the Eastern Cape, which turned out to be the eastern extension of their travels.

During the return trip, Days saw the southernmost tip of Africa. He called it the Cape of Storms. He chose the name for the treacherous mix of strong currents and frequent storms that combined in the area. Upon arriving home, large crowds greeted the explorers when they reached Lisbon.

Despite the achievements of Days, the king was unhappy because he had failed to find Pêro da Covilhã, a secret agent based in India. He ordered that the Cape, which the explorer had named, should be called the Cape of Good Hope. the same Days, who now disagreed, lived for a time in the Portuguese commercial center of Guinea.

After this, the new king, Manuel I The Lucky, sent him to supervise the shipbuilding of Vasco Da Gama’s expedition. Days he accompanied da Gama to Cape Verde and then returned to Guinea.

After the success of Da Gama’s voyage, Manuel assembled a large fleet and sent it to India under the command of Pedro Álvares Cabral. Days He himself was put in charge of four ships, which first traveled to Brazil, arriving there in March 1500. From there, a course was set for South Africa and then for India. DaysHowever, he never saw the land that he had tried for so long to reach. In May, when the ships circled the cape, four of the 13 ships sank in a storm, finding themselves Days among those who drowned.