Barclay Hope – Barclay Hope Biography

Barclay hope was born in 1958 in Montreal, Quebec.

The brother of the also actor William Hope, debuted before the cameras in 1983, with a small participation in the series “Hangin ‘in”. Since then, he has developed a successful career, mainly on the Canadian small screen.

Remembered primarily for the role of Peter axon on “Psi factor: Chronicles of the paranormal“, Had regular roles in shows like”Street Legal“, Where he played Mike hayden, “Stargate SG-1”, Where he played the Colonel Lionel Pendergast, “Eureka”, Where he gave life to Mansfield, and since 2011 it can be seen in “The Killing“, In the role of Michael Ames.
His other television credits include appearances on series such as “Knightwatch“,”Friday the 13th“,”Top Cops“,”Secret Service“,”Battlestar galactica“,”The L Word“,”Supernatural“,”Smallville“,”Defying gravity“,”Fairly Legal” Y “Fringe”, Among others, in addition to roles in various television films.

On the big screen, his first job was in the 1986 drama “The last season“, And this was followed by roles in titles such as”The Long Road Home“,”Paycheck”, A thriller in which he worked with Ben affleck, Aaron Eckhart Y Uma Thurman, “The Truth About Miranda”, “Fetching cody“,”On the Other Hand, Death“,”Toxic Skies”, Drama that had Anne Heche Y James tupper as protagonists, and the comedy “Toothbreaker”, In which he worked alongside figures such as Dwayne johnson Y Julie Andrews.

In regards to his personal life, he is married to the actress Lindsay collins, with whom he has 3 children.