If you need a simple yet effective way to change your look bangs, it is always an easy solution. Not only can they be done in your own home comfort, but there are many different types of bangs to choose from for face shapes. Sadly, this plenty of choices leaves them concerned about choosing the wrong one for the indecisive. When picking the best bangs for your face shape, make this list your buddy if you’re thinking about bangs but still can’t decide on style.

Maintain Your Bangs

Let’s continue with some basic maintenance before diving. They are trimmed every two to three weeks to ensure that your bangs still look their best. Ideally, to prevent greasiness and acne on the forehead, you will clean them every day. If you just strip your hair, then dry shampoo works wonders at all times. Note also that depending on your hair type, some of these looks require additional styling. If you’re a girl with low maintenance then go for a low maintenance cut. <h2 Bangs for an Oval Face

If you have a perfectly balanced oval face features that are narrow on the chin then you’re in luck. Because this has long been considered the ideal face shape, you can rock pretty much any bang style you’d like. There’s no need to take into account softening or redesign, so the following styles are particularly trendy.

Wispy Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

Depending on how they were cut or> side swept bangs can perfectly frame any face shape. And just like textured bangs, they pair well with any hairstyle.

<h2 Bangs for a Round Face

A round face is characterized by its shortened length of wide cheekbones and rounded jawline. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will add more meaning to the illusion then consider the choices below.

Feathered Bangs

Unlike straight bangs that only accentuate your roundness, the feathered and swept side looks perfectly framed and elongates your characteristics.

Micro Bangs

The illusion of length is no better way than to go with a micro bang. It’s the perfect match for a pixie cut as well.

Thick Side Swept

Another incredible way to extend your features is a thick layered bang cut into a perfect diagonal. For some extra dimension, add highlights to your look.

Texturized Fringe

In particular when combined with loose fabrics, straight wispy bangs will give you the structure you want without weighing down your features or making them appear wider.

Arched Blunt Bangs

If done correctly, blunt bangs can still work round face wonders. Go for a cut that is higher in the center following the curve of your brows and curving down on the sides. This will provide the proper structure.

<h2 Bangs for a Square Face

A square-shaped face consists of a front cheekbones and a jawline all the same size. If your goal is to avoid the appearance of too rough and boxy then soft looks are important when choosing the right style.

Tousled Bangs

The trick is not to cut the bangs in a straight line but more rounded.

Long Side Bangs

Another great alternative for balancing your angles is this gentle sweeping look. And it’s especially amazing for those with wavy hair or who love to do some regular styling.

<h2 Bangs for a heart-shaped face

Similar to a square face except for broader cheekbones and a more tapered chin a heart-shaped face needs a balanced hairstyle. The best bet is a look that draws the eyes to the middle of your face.

Blunt and Wispy

Long and soft this look will naturally draw your beautiful cheekbones ‘ attention. You can definitely still have bangs with a small forehead, despite what you might think. The key is finding a cut that’s just exposing enough to make it look bigger.

Feathered Curtain Bangs

This style works well for those who don’t care for harsh doses or want to add anything special to their wavy locks. Not to mention that it fits well with almost all lengths of hair.

Short Bangs

Short blunt bangs are always ideal for a small forehead. The longer it lasts, the more visible it is through your hair-do.

Asymmetric Fringe

A long asymmetric slice across one eye is a great way to create distance illusion. It’s particularly good for bangs brand new people.

<h2 Bangs for a Long Face

A long or oblong face is essentially an oval face with lengthened features. And just the same they may usually flaunt whatever hairstyle they want. But if you don’t want to appear too straight then we’d suggest these looks.

Straight Textured Bangs

Perfect for those with wavy or curly hair this will offer you the edgy flare whenever you want.

Long Blunt Bangs

Needless to say, the classic blunt bang is always a safe bet as it can not only cover a high forehead but also add versatility to your look.

Bardot Bangs

The French actress and fashion icon Brigitte Bardot cue this look as indicated. Depending on how you split them, a trendy mix of complete and side swept these bangs can be easily changed.

<h2 Bangs for a High Forehead

High front has its own set of challenges when it comes to bangs or hair. Whether you’re trying to hide it or not, the right bangs of statements still make the perfect picture.

Straight Blunt Bangs

The classic straight look is ideal for those with long or long hair in the head. To better camouflage, heavy bangs are generally recommended.

A-Line Bangs

You’ll never miss a good middle part because it helps your forehead to look wider than high and give you the true oval shape.

Two-Tiered Bangs

Blunt bangs framed with chin-length bits on both sides would work wonders for those who want a more casual feel.

<h2 Bangs for a Chubby Face

Consider this section your daily reminder that no matter what your shape or size may be, nothing can stop you from being your fiercest self. And when it comes to bangs, you’ll be surprised by the striking looks you might be able to pull off.

Razor-Cut Bangs

Any> Razor-Cut Bangs instead of scissors is perfect for rounder, more complete features. This is done by a professional hairdresser, of course, best.

Layered Fringe

A slimming elongated appearance creates the long feathered layers and the middle part of this incredible layer.

Blunt Heavy Bangs

There is nothing like a big bang to add to the structure. And with some killer highlights or a shadow, you can really set your look off. Just remember that when cutting the same with any round face in an arch, they are best.

It is important to remember, of course, that everything on this list is a suggestion. If you like a particular style of bang and feel sure you can rock it, it doesn’t matter what the shape of your face may be like. Basically, it’s really all about what makes you feel the most beautiful and comfortable. Short Baby Bangs That Are Trending for 2019 Wispy Bangs to Completely Revamp Any Hair Clip-In Bangs Will Make You Fashionable Without Scissors How to Great Ponytails With Bangs Inspiration Ideas Black Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration for hair style. Whatever your form of beauty, we will help you find the best hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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