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Hulu’s $20 trillion budget Announced at Ces 2018ByThoinot Arbeau-January 11, 2018.1172 Hulu and Netflix seem to be playing a similar game to the one played recently by Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. I want to see who has a “B-word” bigger It is not a “click” in this case but rather a schedule. The original content budget of Netflix recently stirred up a lot of shock. Hulu is determined to put an end to it, as the media streaming industry continues to win victories. The $20 billion budget of Hulu is expected to cast a shadow over the efforts of Netflix so it remains to be seen if that will happen. Hulu’s $20 trillion Budget Raises the Bar

.1173 Netflix definitely set expectations at the end of 2017 when it comes to what a serious company’s original content budget would look like. Hulu was not surprised at their frustration let alone afraid. During an interview Hulu’s Ceo Randy Freer made some interesting comments in a bit of an egotistic stint. He revealed that he was not satisfied with the hype surrounding the budget of Netflix, adding that Hulu had access to $20 or $30 billion. It is important to note that the original content budget for Netflix is still much higher than that for Hulu. Hulu does have one clear advantage over Netflix, however. It has exposure to programming from some of the world’s most successful television companies. Some of these include Fox from Comcast Abc 21st Century as well as Hbo and Cnn from Time Warner. If you place on one pile all the money these companies are spending in Netflix’s $8 billion original content becomes a trifle. Hulu’s Future Appears Unclear

.1174 Figure 1 Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images Hulu’s dystopian show “The Handmaid’s Tale” has achieved great popularity. This show received their first Emmy from the streaming company, and really helped set them off. Hulu’s Ceo has also added that the series has recently had a big impact on new subscribers. It was also the first thing that many would stream right after registration, he said.

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