Asian Men Hairstyles

Asian Men Hairstyles with Man Bun

The man bun has penetrated the eastern shores as well, and you can still see it proudly displayed by Asian men even though it has now declined in popularity a little. Objectively, wearing it is a straightforward hairstyle.

You can also check Korean males haircuts.

Asian Men Hairstyles with an undercut

The shaved sides and lower back offer you a new look, while the lengthy top portion keeps everybody’s eyes on. Use some hairspray to put that pompadour up high.

Asian Men Hairstyles with Ponytail

This is one of the finest hairstyles of Asian men, depicting a very powerful and male person. Let your hair grow and bind it to the back of your head. It’s as easy as that!

You totally have to try it yourself, therefore. Make sure you visit a skilled stylist, though. Try not to bleach your hair on your own at home.


Part Hairstyle Center

Carefully pinch your hair and divide it in the center. You’ll have a neat and clean look that’s not going to be too hard day after day to retain or style.

Chunky Bangs

Who is not fond of bangs hairstyle? If you have a big forehead, it’s a hairdo that will fit you like a glove because it can mask issues like poor angles or acne.

Classic Fade

You need to cut your hair to the corners of the hairline in a fading model, leaving the top of the hairline longer than the remainder. It’s a classy and neat style at some stage everybody should try.

Classic Medium Hairstyle

To make it look modern, you don’t necessarily need to cut your hair. You can choose a medium hairstyle that requires little maintenance, but has the greatest outcomes.


Comb Over with Shave Line

This is just a comb over variation, but it provides you a nicer look. Maintenance is relatively simple and it works well with virtually every clothes selection. No wonder it’s at the top of the Asian men’s hairstyles.

Daniel Henney’s Short Hairstyle

This is a very nice work-ready haircut choice you can wear in official contexts, but also when you’re out with your colleagues. It is the favourite of Daniel Henney.

Ed Harris Power Donut Hairstyle

It is not possible for everyone to have a hair complete head, so if longer locks are not an alternative, go for a donut hairline, just like Ed Harris. Keep it easy, keep it tidy!

Edgy Long Hairstyle

This gives you a mildly romantic yet rebellious look, enabling you to play with the haircut by brushing your hair back or wearing it on one side.

Emo Style

This was a famous haircut back in the emo style of all romantic kids. The hair is brushed backwards or divided sideways, giving a gloomy yet appealing look to the individual.


Feathery Asian Men Hairstyle

This is one of those Asian men’s hairstyles that provides you a very natural yet elegant look. Set your hair loose with this perfect haircut that requires no cuts.

Focused Front Hairstyle

Use some hair gel and spike the front part of your hair while brushing the remainder of the hair back to make your style look more pronounced. You can combine this one with a shadow of five o’clock.


Fringe Up Hairstyle

While the hair on the sides is medium, wax or other hairstyling products are used in the top segment.

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Funky Hairstyle

You can demonstrate off your dense hair and beautiful figure by adding a few stripes of color or even totally tinting your hair. To get the perfect contrast, don’t forget to fade your sides and brush up the top section.

Gentleman’s Cut

Keep it short and easy, apply some hair gel or wax if you want to look bright and be prepared to look nice in any piece of clothing, particularly in a smoothie, as this is one of Asian men’s most common hairstyles.


Godfrey Gao’s Short Two-Block Hairstyle

Actor Godfrey Gao loves shortening his hair in a two-block fashion, meaning that the hair on the sides and lower back is shortened, while the crown hair stays at medium level.


Korean hairstyle

This haircut of live-action anime adaptations or TV shows is likely familiar to you. This style is no surprise so common. Thanks to K-pop, it’s also made a splash recently.

K-Pop Hairstyle

Many people like to imitate their K-Pop idols and style their hair according to the recent trends when it comes to haircuts. Seeing the increase of K-Pop, you should also offer it a go.

Long and Messy hairstyles

Simple hairstyles, how about this half-down updo with enough mess to make you look dull and cool? It just looks like you woke up like this, looking disheveled pleasantly.

Long and straight

Usually seen in rock stars, but you can also pull it off. Just grow and brush your hair out to give you the hipness you’re looking for. See lengthier hair.

Long Fringe

This is an simple hairstyle to pull off, with longer top hair that you can drop over your forehead. To keep it together, you can either offer it a natural look or apply some hair gel.

Long Korean Hairstyle

This is the longer Korean style version. Brush your hair to your side and don’t care if you’re looking messy. It’ll offer you a star’s appearance.

Long Layered Hairstyle

This is one of the finest options from the Asian men’s gallery of really dense hair, a haircut that underlines the beauty of your long strands.

Long Side Swept

This cool, refreshing look can balance the proportions of your face and also maximize your long, dense hair. We enjoy this cool dark nutmeg color as well.

Long straight hair with lenses

Although more maintenance time is required, the lengthy straight hair certainly gives you an improved look, particularly if you add a couple of glasses to the mixture.

Long Wavy Hairstyle

All of a sudden, company shift to casual rebel, with a hairLong wavy top on one side with a buzzed undercut and eventually a beard. It’s fine!

Long Wavy Hairstyle

This haircut requires no hair items to create it look better. It’s all about the approach and trust you’re wearing it with.


Medium Asian Men Hairstyles

This medium or long bob can be enjoyed until your hair grows to that length. We particularly enjoy the ends of the blunt and choppy as well as the equality of the cut. It is really a haircut for

Medium Bangs Haircut

We are strongly in love with this collection of blunt medium bangs and how they look modern and urban. Make sure you have a winner look with the correct clothes and accessories!


Medium hairstyle with loose beaches

Another easy to keep hair that gives you a very natural look that you don’t need any hair for. It’s the kind of hairstyle you can get out of the shower and run out of the gate.

Medium Side Hairstyle

Medium hair hair.

Medium layered hairstyle

You can cut your hair in a variety of lengths, creating a medium layered hairstyle that is enjoyable to wear and looks great. To separate the layers, use some hair wax to demonstrate off the cut.


Medium Spiky Hairstyle

Spikes have the benefit that you can wear them regardless of the type of hair. All you need is a powerful hold product and the outcome will make you feel fantastic, being one of the finest hairstyles of Asian males.

Medium Two-Block

Give your creativity the opportunity to play with your hairdo–either you straighten or curl your fringe, your haircut will still look incredible but casual like you just rolled out of bed.

Messy Asian Men Hairstyles

This sort of hairdo does not need directions. The deed is half performed if you have medium or long hair. Take some hair wax in your hands and go through your hair with your fingers.


Messy Taper Hairstyle

No, you’re not looking at a member (or are you?) of a motorcycle gang, just a cool hairstyle for elderly males, a chaotic taper. All in all, as the gray hair works very well with a silvery beard, you get a very cool impact.

Pink Modern Front Brush

Combine the front of your hair and divide it into the center. Add some color to the haircut and a youthful and joyful look will be displayed. This color is known as purple bubblegum.

Platinum Effect

This is certainly one of Asian men’s latest and coolest hairstyle patterns. Looks fantastic for youngsters, but also with older guys it works perfectly, particularly if you style it well.

Pompadour Asian Men Hairstyles

This famous haircut can only offer you a youthful look, thanks to the shaved ends and lengthy top hair that you can style whatever you want. You can wear it with a slick or chaotic back.

Ponytail and Bangs

Just when you didn’t think the ponytail could look any better! If you have lengthy hair, add some bangs to your already beautiful hairstyle, and the outcome will amaze you.

Fade Hairstyle accuracy

This fade hair is derived from one of the most prevalent hairstyles among troops and sailors. With a wonderful lengthy beard, you can readily couple it, but remember to keep it.


Rainbow Color Fringe

It is not possible to be more creative and innovative. Color your fringe in a loud shade and from now on you certainly won’t go unnoticed. This is called purple orchid.

Romantic Wavy Hairstyle

If you have natural curls, make them look more pronounced, as this is one of the most appealing men’s hairstyles. Remember. The girls are getting the curls!

Rugged Dyed Hairstyle

This wild look gives you the opportunity to highlight the contrast between light colored strands and dark hair roots.

Rugged Mane

This loosely styled layered hair is very common among males of all ages and looks even better when you have dense and long hair with which to perform. Your pics on Insta are going to look fantastic!

Rugged Short Hairstyle

Rugged style also operates with brief hair, particularly if you have a stubble or a beard. It’s a classic haircut that has been adopted to excellent achievement by males for centuries.

Rasped Sides and Long Top

Remove this hairstyle by shaving your sides and leave the lengthy, brushed top hair to one side. If you add a little hair gel or some hair oil, you will get a sexy and attractive look.


Short and spiky

If you don’t have enough time to take care of your haircut, just ask your barber for a brief, spiky hairstyle that takes care of itself mostly. Only some hairspray will be needed.

Short Fringe Up Hairstyle

Trim your hair brief, add a brush-up fringe and you’ll have it there. A look that is easy, yet efficient. You understand what they’re talking about. Sometimes it’s more, less.

Short Textured Haircut

This might be the correct choice if you want one of Asian men’s safest hairstyles. This is a hair that requires no decoration with the hair trimmed shorter on the sides and an angle cut.

Side Sweep Asian Men Hairstyles

Rasped sides and top section brushed to one side: this hairstyle will not require high maintenance costs. This haircut, which is easy but very elegant, also seems to be embraced by public figures.

Simple front brush

This natural and cool style looks best for males with longer and thicker dark hair as it highlights its richness. Also, handling very dense hair is a excellent option.

Simple Medium Hairstyle

This is a hairstyle that can be readily replicated and retained for those who prefer medium length, offering you the opportunity to be creative when designing.

Simple Short Hairstyle

This has become one of Asian men’s favourite brief hairstyles, worn by performers and sportsmen. You can add spikes to it as well.

Slicked Older Men’s BackHairstyle

A famous haircut particularly for elderly men, the sliced back hairstyle provides you a classy and vintage look. You’ll need a lot of hair gel, though, so stock up.


Slightly Messy Medium Hairstyle

This haircut can definitely make you look older and you just need to sharpen your hair to get it completed with your fingers. It’s a very small hairstyle of maintenance.

Spiked and Simple Hairstyle

Trim your sides ‘ hair and use a gel or wax to brush your top correct or left segment. The benefit of the spikes is that distinct angles and even dimensions can be selected.

Spiked Asian Men Hairstyles

You can look cool by spiking your hair, which you can readily do with your fingertips and hair styling. Try hairspray or wax of hair.


Straight Up Spikes

Use a powerful hold gel to pinch your hair up and off the face. For a cleaner and more elegant look, don’t forget to cut your sides shorter than the top portion.

Comb Over

Use some hair products to blow your hair back and shave your sides. You’re going to be left with a soft and classy design that is called over by stylists and that’s been around for far loner than you believe.


To ensure that your long hair, running from the front to the nape, remains intact and eternal, apply hair gel and maybe even some bright colors if you’re in for new adventures.

Shag haircut

Shag cutting is highly innovative and has been around for centuries. Pulling one off is relatively simple and does not involve high maintenance, although it depends on whether you have straight or curly hair.

Shaved Sides Top Knot

It may seem like a complex haircut, but it is very simple to keep. In a ponytail, pull up your top part, shave your sides and maybe develop a well-groomed beard. You’re going to be more than just dashing.