Arnold Schwarzenegger – Biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold schwarzenegger was born in 1947, in Thal, Austria.

Son of Gustav Schwarzenegger, police officer, and Aurelia Schwarzenegger, died in 1998.

His career began when he wanted to join the Austrian soccer team.
He started lifting weights and at the age of 18 he joined the Austrian army.
His stay there was short, since he left the militia to participate in the competition of Mr. Junior Europe, which he won without much effort.

Arnold became great and began to win professional titles, he even became the international champion of Powerlifting before emigrating to United States, where he finished second in his first American competition of Mr. Universe, in 1968.

The following year, fully aware of the type of competitors he would face, he also managed to win the competition, crowning himself Mr. Universe from 1969.

This launched his career in weightlifting and in 1970, defeated Sergio Olivia to win the first of his six consecutive Mr. Olympia (1970-1975).
By then he had realized his dream of being the best bodybuilder in the world.
He then stopped competing, but only temporarily, as he would return in 1977.

His first role in a movie was in “Hercules goes to New York“, in 1970, and his later interpretation came with”The Merv Griffin Show“.

His first foray into the business world led him to set up his friend’s construction company. Franco Columbu.
The proceeds were to fund a mail-order book and tape business.

His steady income allowed him to live the life of a superstar, when he reached the top he invested in the real estate market, and that’s how he was living comfortably in a $ 200,000 house on the west coast.

Arnold won a Golden Globe in the short list of Revelation Actor in 1975 with “Stay hungry“. Later he got the main role of the film.”Conan the barbarian“in 1982.

His most memorable role, however, would be “playing” (paradoxically) the relentless killer robot in “Terminator“(1984) by James Cameron.

His next films were also box office hits: “Commando“(1986),”Predator“(1987),”Twins“(1988),”Total Recall“(1990), and”Kindergarten Cop” (1990).

His personal life also paid off. Had a relationship with Maria shriver for eight years that finally ended in marriage, in 1986.

Terminator 2: Doomsday“premiered in 1991 and it turned out to be one of his most successful films.
This film was recorded in time, among other things, with the phrase “Goodbye, Baby!

On “The last great hero“His success waned and was followed by, even more disappointing”Junior“.”True Lies“(1994),”Eraser“(1996), and”Batman and robin“(1997), together with Uma Thurman.

The “Austrian oak”As people often call him from his bodybuilding days, he appeared in late 1999 in “End of days“where he faced the same Satan.

As one of the most respected actors in Hollywood, Arnold he positioned himself in an enviable place, selecting the projects in which he wanted to participate.

After his role in “The sixth day“(2000), Arnold was seen chasing terrorists in “Collateral damage“(2002) and also starring in the sequel to”True Lies” Y “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”.

In the year 2003 became interested in the world of politics, and like most of his career goals, he also managed to become GCalifornia state oberror.

Shortly after he left the cinema.