Antonio Gala – Biography of Antonio Gala

. His real name is Antonio Custodio, Sergio Alejandro María de los Dolores Queen of the Martyrs of the Holy Trinity and All Saints.

His first years of life were spent in the city of Córdoba beginning to write his first works. At just 14 years old, he gave his first conference at the Circle of Friendship. He has always enjoyed reading the works of Garcilaso, Celso gonzales, Rainer Maria Rike, Saint John of the Cross and other authors.
When he was only 15 years old, he began his law studies at the University of Seville and studied Philosophy and Letters, Political and Economic Sciences as a free student at the University of Madrid, becoming a Bachelor in all careers. When he finished his university degree, he began preparing for the opposition to the State Lawyers Corps, leaving it later as a gesture of rebellion against the pressure he received from his father, and he immediately joined the Carthusians.
But the rigid monastic discipline did not conform to his beliefs and he was later expelled from the order. After this event, he preferred to change his environment and moved to Portugal living in a bohemian way. It was the year 1959 when he was encouraged to give classes of Philosophy and History of Art and received an accessit of the Adonais Prize for his work “Intimate Enemy”. This would be the beginning to give life to a theatrical and journalistic career full of successes, which allowed him to live only writing.
He lived in Italy since 1962, exactly in the city of Florence, during his time here he published some of his poems from his book “The untimely“, In the monthly magazine Hispanic Americans.
The seventies were beginning and a serious illness had him on the verge of death, at the time of his convalescence, he would begin to use his cane, a complement that became characteristic of him and of which he made a large collection.
His press articles published in the Sunday supplement of El País: “Chats with Trylo“,”To the heirs“,”Who goes with me“They became famous and later, they were compiled in books.
Antonio became a very popular character in Spanish literature and began writing novels in the 1990s. His first novel would be “The Crimson Manuscript“, which made him a creditor Planet Award in 1990.
In recent years he continued as a contributor to the press but his articles were reduced to brief opinions and were published with the embrasures name, in the newspaper The world. Little by little, his creation and publication of them diminished and it has even been understood that his last work may have been “The pedestal of statues”.

Another of his greatest works has been the Foundation that bears the name of “Antonio Gala for Young Creators”, Carried out to support and grant scholarships to the work of the youngest artists. The most recent information on this great Spanish literary figure was received on July 5, 2011, where Gala himself makes public in his column in the newspaper “The world“, The embrasure that find yourself suffering from a cancer that is difficult to treat and complicated removal.