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Two Thousand NordVpn Users Fall Victims of Credential StuffingNordVpn is again in the spotlight as lists containing user credentials spread over the net. Two thousand users have already been attacked, while more are vulnerable, by credential stuffing attacks. NordVpn is not to blame for this since most likely the users fell victim to phishing attacks. There are at least ten lists containing NordVpn user credentials which circulate the net right now, according to ArsTechnica. Altogether 2000 users have already fallen victim to credential stuffing attacks while the total number of customers compromised is about 5700, although the list may contain duplicates and overlapping sets. The same was also confirmed by “Have I Been Pwned” where NordVpn users can head over and check whether they are among the compromised. Most of the sites hosting these lists have been hidden or deleted, but there is still a Pastebin and the darknet is almost definitely distributing them on multiple channels right now. All that said it is important to clarify that these lists are not the product of an infringement on any of NordVpn systems. Most likely the compromised users weren’t patient enough to use a unique and powerful password to protect their accounts and have not recently changed them. However NordVpn may help create a more secure environment that encourages its customers to reset their passwords using a password manager on a regular basis and recognise phishing websites or other similar attempts against them. Recently, the internet company unveiled a new strategy that will help them further protect their site, but some issues are still in the users ‘ pockets. Of the most reliable and trustworthy companies on the Vpn market, just ten days ago. NordVpn replied with the following statement to our story: “Our security team is proactively checking these credentials on both public and dark websites, and we encourage our customers to change their passwords. We have contacted about 50,000 customers over the past year to change their passwords; however, the rate of password change is only around 50%. The database that we use to test these credentials is constantly growing and contains more than 30 billion entries. 2000 Linked Accounts is a concern but we have a total of 12 M customers. We have always focused on protective means such as rate-limiting intelligent detection systems and possible two-factor authentication (2Fa). Divtionally we also advise our clients to keep their passwords special and solid across our social media channelsblog and our customer newsletters. “Targeting Microsoft Office 365 Users

Bitcoin Tumblers

.562 The first service is actually quite important. You see it turns out that Bitcoin isn’t as anonymous as people were thinking at first. Combined with different monitoring techniques, the public ledger it uses ensures that particular transactions can in some cases be traced back to specific individuals. Newer currencies like Monero don’t need this, but Bitcoin is still the most common crypto coin around, so tumblers can stay there for some time to come.

The Darknet markets are both surprisingly difficult to squash and surprisingly effective. Believe it or not, a lot of contraband is simply sent via services such as the Us postal service. How much money does Darknet business change hands? The amount peaked in 2017 at a record $707 m taking down Darknet marketplace that gets too large there are always new ones to take their place.

Hacking Services

Hackers the media loves to report on have found themselves a good home on the Dark Web. They boast and share details here but also sell their services there. You can use their technical expertise for the right price. It is up to you of course whether or not that knowledge is directed at a legal purpose. Irrespective of whoever engages with hackers, they have to tread very carefully. No one on the Dark Web is who they claim to be.

Stolen Data

It is by stealing information by hacking into computer systems that hackers talk of another way that they make money. This could include usernames and passwords such as credit card numbers, and even sensitive information. They will in many cases sell to the highest bidder even though one can never be sure that the information is authentic. Taboo or Illegal Content

.565 At least most of the Western world is quite laid back about content that would have turned people white a couple of decades ago. You can now easily obtain pornographic material and watch R-rated movies whenever you wish. There’s still plenty of stuff, though, which is illegal and often for good reason. Sadly the Dark Web has a demand for pornography and identity protection means this is how it gets spread.

I’m sure that there’s a whole host of secret resources on the Dark Web that we haven’t mentioned. Products are also said to have no proof of presence. Such as services to the hitman and snuff videos. What we do know is that the Dark Web is at once a frightening and enticing location. Who knows how long it will still survive but while it does it feels that some big faceless body does not rule at least one small corner of the internet. Thanks for reading this post!