Amparo Bar – Biography of Amparo Bar

Amparo Baró was born on September 21, 1937 in Barcelona. After finishing his secondary studies, he began to study Philosophy and Letters at the University, a career that he immediately abandoned when he began to feel a vocation for the theater. This happened as a result of seeing a theatrical performance of the play “Six Characters in Search of an Author.”

She began to act in an amateur company, and was immediately hired by the Windsor Theater in Barcelona. It didn’t take long for a great opportunity to arise when the main actress, who was Amparo Soler Leal, suffered an attack of appendicitis and had to replace her. His performance, alongside Adolfo Marsillach, was a success.

He then starred in a play by Jaime de Armiñán, “Café del Liceo”, which will be followed by others such as “Everyone’s bread”by Alfonso Sastre. He also obtained great success in Madrid with the work “Slander”, and goes on a tour of South America.

As for the cinema, his first work takes place in 1957, when he participates in “Rhapsody of blood” by Antonio Isasi. However, Amparo Baró’s foray into the cinema has not been very extensive, and she has been an actress who has lavished much more on television. Among the films in which he has participated, which are not many, we can highlight The Animated Forest by José Luis Cuerda or “The things of wanting” by Jaime Chávarri when we have the information. His performance in “Seven French Pool Tables”, by Gracia Querejeta, which was shot in 2007 and won the Goya Award for best supporting actress.

For several decades she has been one of the most assiduous faces on television, a medium in which she has been very prolific. Despite this and the large number of programs and series in which he has participated, it was the series “7 lives” the one that offered him more popularity and awards than in his entire career, which was reinforced by his later appearance in the series “The intership”.

Among the rest of his filmography, titles such as “The nest”, “In September”, “My general”, “Spanish soldier”, “On the other side of the tunnel”, “The lame pigeon” or “Word of mouth”.