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ByGabriela Vatu-November 21 2019.590 Figure 1 Bbc The end of the year is not far away and Netflix expects to remove several titles including a lot of Bbc documentaries by David Attenborough. December is going to bring a lot of cool new titles to Netflix but it’s going to see a lot of others going too. There are a number of nature documentaries from Bbc including The Blue Planet among the many films and documentaries that Netflix will say goodbye to. A bunch of Disney movies that have migrated to Disney+ including Thor: Jungle 2’s Ragnarok George and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, are also moving on. Fans will also say goodbye to both Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown documentary and Merlin for the last seasons available. 1 December

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2nd Africa – Documentary – Season 1 Blue Planet Ii – Documentary – Season 1 Frozen Planet: On Thin Ice – Documentary Frozen Planet – Season 1 Frozen Planet: The Amazing Journey – Documentary The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans – Documentary – Season 131 December

About a Child – comedy drama romance Billy Elliot – entertainment music Black Hawk Down – drama history Daddy Day Care – comedy family Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – adventure series Frasier – comedy – Season 1-10 Frasier: The Final Season – comedy Jackie Brown – crime drama suspense Mona Lisa Smile – drama Pulp Fiction – crime drama Mona Lisa Smile A previously undiscovered memory corruption vulnerability in Microsoft Notepad can be exploited to allow remote shell access according to results from a Google Project Zero researcher Tavis Ormandy. Attackers who want to achieve a first touch and point of penetration on a target system might exploit that. The researcher disclosed the bug discovery reality but did not share any technical details about it as Microsoft is working on fixing it at the moment. If the tech giant fails to address the issue within three months the researcher must reveal it fully. Am I the first person to pop up a Notepad shell? It’s a true virus! …. believe it or not! / t2wTh7E93p — Tavis Ormandy (@taviso) May 28, 2019 What he shared is that the vulnerability is a serious problem. Because Notepad is the default text editor for Microsoft Windows because 1983, almost all computers out there have it and therefore the potential for misuse is very high. Thankfully, malicious hackers don’t know exactly what the vulnerability is but the debate has already begun on social media platforms. After all, and as other researchers point out, Notepad reveals so little of an attack surface that it’s pretty crazy to find a serious bug that allows remote shell communication. More security specialists add that it would be an insurmountable problem for an attacker to exceed the Aslr (dress space layout randomization) which prevents the exploitation of memory corruption vulnerabilities. Taking advantage of mitigation around the Cfg (Control Flow Guard) would also be a difficult feat to accomplish in exploiting the bug in question. Ormandy acknowledged his colleagues ‘ concerns but maintains he’s succeeded in finding a path to remote manipulation based on the memory corruption bug. Whatever the case is, this has created a unique kind of excitement in the cyber-security world and we’ll have to wait until the proof-of-concept code appears before Microsoft addresses the flaw.