Amazing haircuts for soccer players

Players spend nearly as much time on their hair in this modern age soccer as they perfect a pass or a new game plan. In the world of football, an image is all because, apart from the display that players put on the field, their appearance is always a point of discussion. And since most of them are always looking for new deals for endorsement, they need to perfect their look. This has led to the development of many styles of soccer haircuts, some of which are excellent and others are not so successful. Nonetheless, it will draw some curiosity and publicity whether the hair is decent or a total mess. Below are some of the players in world soccer with some unusual hairstyles.
Xabi Alonso–Spain, Bayern Munich

Xabi has been at the top of the game for more than a decade and has played in a few world cups and won many trophies at the club competition, making it necessary for a player of this caliber. Over the years he has had different hair looks, but his neat and unique natural hair is the style people associate with him. Without being shaved and without too much detail, the hair is short, and it is combined with short hair that has no form.

Neymar Jr.–Brazil, Barcelona

Neymar is a soccer world trendsetter. He is very versatile to try new haircuts and never scared. He has tried them all from exaggerated Mohawks to simple undercuts and always looks outstanding in most cases. One of his most prominent cut is his complete disconnection by holding length and texture on top hair. This style works well with any hair type as long as it is well kept and has a round head.

Georgios Samaras-Greece, West Bromwich Albion

Samaras wears long, straight hair, unevenly trimmed and straight from his forehead combed. This hairstyle he blends with thin sideburns cut straight through. His hairstyle has really little remarkable, but it’s also not the worst of all of them. He might characterize his look as flat or average.

Andrea Pirlo-Italy, New York City FC

Andrea Pirlo is wearing a look that every outdoor man should think of trying out as perfect for this environment at some point. Soccer is an outdoor game, making it ideal for the sport to look like it. The hair of Pirlo is medium in length and lined to make it look very thick, and underneath it has a slight undercut. For an eye-catching look, he paires this hairstyle with the full beard on his head.

Mario Balotelli-Italy, AC Milan

If he doesn’t cause pitch issues, Balotelli will still give people something to talk about with his haircuts. Balotelli is one of the world’s most, if not the most extroverted, football players, and he’s not afraid to experiment with new styles. An Iroquois haircut with a Maori-style pattern on the sides of his head is one of his most impressive cuts. With this style, if you’re a little creative, the soccer star showed how exquisite short hair can look.

Mats Hummels-Germany, Borussia Dortmund

The front hair is styled out of the face in the style that Hummels wears to give it a distinctive look. The cut allows flexibility as he can play around from the same cut to different styles. He may spot various shapes, undercuts, spikes, or coloring of gel. Versatility is the key thing that makes this cut fun, and if you get it right then you’ll enjoy having it without having to visit the salon because of the ease of changing styles.

Steven Gerrard-England, LA Galaxy

Steven Gerrard is one of the greatest players ever to have enjoyed the sport, and in many other ways he’s a fascinating player. Gerrard never changed his hairstyle even once for more than years at Liverpool, but he still looked good in the cut he’d been wearing for all those years. Gerrard’s cut is a conventional, simple scissor cut that fits well with all hair types with short back and sides.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic-Sweeden, PSG

Zlatan is one of the few players who managed to pull the bun man’s look almost perfectly. Because he started wearing it a few years ago, his awesome man bun has been a topic of discussion. Wearing and sustaining this style may seem very easy, but it’s much harder than it looks. A man bun’s appearance will depend on the hair type, its length, and how you pull it together as well.

Jack Wilshere-England, Arsenal

This has not changed the haircut style of this British soccer star, although it has been plagued by injuries for many years. His hair look is a slightly longer textured top and sides and back of his head have a gradual taper. Jack’s style works well for those who would like to copy it for thick, wavy or curly hair but it’s not ideal for straight hair.

Cristiano Ronaldo-Portugal, Real Madrid

Christiano is not only one of the best footballers of today’s generation, but also one of the best ever seen in the world, and it is only fair for him to wear eye-catching haircuts with such reputation. When it comes to hairstyles, he doesn’t disappoint as he almost never gets anything wrong. Ronaldo seems to favor very deep, close-to-head scissor cuts with no taper. He also likes a disconnection between the back and top hair and the side hair.

Marco Reus–Germany, Borussia Dortmund

Reus likes to find unusual hairstyles and looks fantastic on him except for a few. He seemed to prefer to wear a subtle Mohawk back in his early years in the game, but things appear to have changed as he grew older. He prefers to wear side-parted styles mostly nowadays, enhanced by undercuts that are either highlighted or bleached.

Jonjo Shelvey-England, Swansea

Although there is no sign of any hair on the head of Jonjo Shelvey, it still counts as a haircut because it has all the characteristics of one. Shelvey is wearing a bald look that looks good on him somewhat. This is presumably because it looks like that, people got used to it. This haircut, however, may be ideal for balding men or those with a receding hairline.

Olivier Giroud-France, Arsenal

A while ago, Giroud complained to the media that they were more interested in his hairstyle than in his target of scoring excellence. The press is always attracted by interesting things people would like to see, so his hair has to be something special. The hair of Giroud is quite similar to the cut worn by his teammate Wilshere. The only notable difference is that the cut of Giroud has a smoother disconnection between the sides and the back, and there is more space left at the top.

Angel Di Maria-Argentina, PSG

Di Maria wears a fake hawk theme but it’s a bit different from his former teammate De Gea. The faux hawk on Di Maria’s head is less detailed in the top section and, unlike other players with a similar haircut, it also seems to leave less hair on the top section. He’s got on top a side taper that makes the crest look more triangular. It may be difficult to replicate because of its rarity, but if your barber can get it right, if not better, you’ll look as good as Di Maria.

Andres Guardado-Mexico, PSV Eindhoven

Andres has a curly hairstyle that he used in the football world to create a perfect picture for himself. Curly hairs may be difficult to work with, but Andres seems to have little trouble with his hair pulling a look. On his curly hair, however, people are divided because while some say it’s organic, others claim it’s an old fashion perm. His curls were able to give him a good image, but take a closer look at them and you’ll see that they’re a total mess, particularly in the top.

Kyle Beckerman-USA, Real Salt Lake

What’s most surprising about the hair of this Major League Soccer Star is that it’s mostly his natural hair and he’s doing some shaping. He still manages to attract a lot of attention, however, and his natural dreads have been considered as one of the best haircuts in world soccer on many occasions. His locks match both his facial characteristics and personality, creating a perfect image for this soccer star.

Wesley Sneijder-Netherlands, Galatasaray

Wesley Sneijder spots a buzz cut which is one of the cuttings known to handle the receding hairline well. One of the simplest hair styles to wear is the Buzz cut, which requires almost zero maintenance. Since it is mostly worn by people with a receding hairline, there is very little hair in the top of the hair and the rest of the head is shaved very close to trying to match the size of the top hair.

Aaron Ramsey–Whales, Arsenal

Ramsey keeps his hairs short to medium and easy to replicate for a fan. His cuts, however, are simple, everyday or routine, so when wearing one of his many cuts, you should not expect to look extraordinary, but you won’t look bad either. One of his best cuts is the Ivy League, which he often likes to wear.

David De Gea-Spain, Manchester United

The Manchester United Stopper wears a Mohawk-based false hawk with the main difference being that its sides are not rasped clean as is the case with a Mohawk. The sides are cut short and the top section is left with a longer strip of hair. Then the top part is waxed or gelled to get out of the ear. De Gea’s faux hawk is unique because before curving it up, he extends it one inch in front. It is suitable for people with rounded faces round or oval.

Theo Walcott-England, Arsenal

Walcott’s short black hairstyles have become his signature, and he has made these designs so popular because they were copied by people from all over the world. There is a straight line in his haircuts where the forehead meets the hairline, and behind the ear and neck and his sideburns the hair is mixed in.

Stephan El Shaarawy-Italy, Monaco

The haircut of El Shaarawy is very common among his fans and other players. Due to the unique head shape that the design makes, it was even called The Pharaoh. His haircut is a Mohawk changed, with the crest lengthening the outline at the head crown. A nice styling gel is required to hold it in position due to the stiffened crest.

Marouane Fellaini-Belgium, Manchester United

Because of his eyes, Marouane Fellaini has a distinct look, and you would easily see him anywhere without even looking at his face. He wears an afro that is viewed as normal by most stylist and hair experts because he doesn’t need to use any products to keep it in place. Fellaini’s hair is naturally thick and curly, allowing him to wear an afro with little trouble.

Robin Van Persie-Holland, Fenerbahce

Van Persie likes to wear a clean look. His hair on the sides is usually shorter and on the top is longer. It’s longer than cutting the crew, but shorter than cutting the false hawk. Some gel or wax is then applied to hold it in place on this hairstyle. This style can look sweet to anyone as long as their barber knows how to cut a longer crew or a shorter faux hawk.

Sergio Ramos-Spain, Real Madrid

Ramos is wearing a casual but soft side with a distinctive look. He has some streaked hair and a dark blonde base color that falls from his forehead. The hair is skillfully lightened, rising up in a non-curly spiky way. The spikes in the top section are moderate in size, but close to the back and sides are trimmed to give him a perfect look that fits his long, narrow face.

Antonio Nocerino-Italy, AC Milan

Nocerino has an incredible haircut that works perfectly well for the shape of his face and the type of hair. With the sides slightly fading, he has a short spiky hair at the end. The haircut is complemented by full facial hair that is kept brief but flows perfectly with his face shape. This style is quite complicated, but it can still be maintained with a regular trip to the barber.

Gareth Bale–Whales, Real Madrid

In addition to his captivating hairstyles on the field, Gareth Bale is well known. Bale is a man with dirt skin, and this seems to give him an advantage because he always gets right with whatever look he chooses to wear. Although over the years he has worn many styles, he clearly favors cuts like quiffs and fohawks and other lifted types of sport. On his face shape, these styles look perfect and give him a sharp, masculine look.

Arturo Vidal-Chile, Bayern Munich

Arturo Vidal is well known for his extreme, rather fierce Mohawk. The Mohawk is a very traditional hairstyle, but it seems that Vidal is breathing into this old style in some new life. Indeed, one of the most copied soccer haircuts is his version of the Mohawk as many fans try to get that Vidal look. The Vidal haircut is easy to copy, and if you want this cut, your local barber should have no trouble.

Miguel Veloso-Portugal, FC Dynamo Kyiv

Miguel Veloso’s haircut is one of the most popular haircuts in soccer today and can be seen on many people. The sides are cut very close in his haircut so that they blend in with the hairs of the head. The top part likely to be the focus of this cut is razor cut to give it an uneven length and add some texture. Top hairs are one to three inches long, allowing them to be swept to one side.

Sergio Kun Aguero-Argentina, Manchester City

Aguero seems to always find the net somewhere and the same can be said with his haircuts because he always gets a cut that complements his look. For short or fading hands, though, he has a thing and a longer edge. He tries a false hawk with a side part or disconnection more often than not. His faux version looks good on him as he has a round face and a medium thick hair.

Johnson Glen-England,