Alicia Moffet and her

Alicia Moffet and her boyfriend Alexandre Mentink Relationship Status After breaking up with Alex L’Abbee 21-year-old Alicia Moffet has again found love in Alex. This time it’s another Alex a former ice hockey player Alexandre Carvalho-Mentink who stole the hearts of Canadian singers. Her popularity skyrocketed with more than 1000 unique followers after she revealed her lover via her social media. Within the Canadian music industry, Moffet became a rising star like Emm Gryner Jenna Walker and many more. Scrolling through their Instagram we know the pair met in August 2018 at some point. So’re you curious to know more about a newborn baby and their relationship? Read along then. New Love Charm … >

Climate supporting Alexandre …

Hockey player 6 foot 1-inch is very fond of fitness. He’s got a very muscular body and in 2013 Mentink played Hockey for the Wranglers with a perfect body and a good skill. But he left the team pretty soon and in 2015 he developed his dream with his construction company to create a green Canada. He began working as the Chairman of Mentink General Contractor Inc. His tenure at the company is known as a triumph because of all the successes that the company has made in the construction sector. Dont miss out with us for a moment.