Alessandro Moreschi – Biography of Alessandro Moreschi

Alessandro moreschi He was an Italian countertenor, and was born in Montecompatrio, Rome, considered the last of the castrati of Western music.

At 12 years of age, Alessandro He began his vocation in music, since it was what he was really passionate about.

In the year 1871, Moreschi begins his long-awaited studies, in the Scuola di Salvatore de San Lauro, later becoming a disciple of Gaetano capocci, an organist and composer of church music.

Soon after, it is part of the Capella Sistina Choir as a soloist, despite the official prohibition, based on the fact that his castration was carried out before the law was promulgated.

He remained in the Vatican choir as a soloist until 1898, in which, due to his recognized work and his acquired professionalism, he became director of the same at the age of 40 and with this fact, he will combine the role of singer and of direction.

Finally, the musician announces his retirement in 1913, when he retires at the age of fifty-four.

Although he is not forgotten due to his professionalism and excellent music, he has been recognized for his years of experience.

When he died in 1922, it is discovered that he has left a recording made in 1902 and reissued in Pearl “Opal” No. 9823 What is his name? “Moreschi the last castrati”, and in it seventeen musical fragments of the singer are collected, together with the Sistine choir.