90 hairstyles for men in 2020

hairstyles for men in 2016 are all about looking trendy and unique. And so if you want to keep up with the times you need to get something thats going to give you a sophisticated look. Its all about remaining natural and opting for something that works for the shape of your face and the type of hair, so you can keep things as short as you want. The gallery below reveals of 2016s best mens hairstyles. Browse through the various designs you might try out for some ideas.

Cute Man Braid

Mens 2016 hairstyles are about breaking the norm and trying something else. This style is a perfect example of this, and it includes shaving the sides and leaving a long hair on the crown down to a nearly bald point. Then you should finish the design by weaving the top strands into a neat Dutch braid that ends in the center of the head.

Slicked Back Blondie hair

This haircut is a typical long and short sides, but its color and styling make it unique. The blonde strands also have an incredible texture, and to create a flawless hairdo, you just need to brush the hair back at the top.

Majestic Slick-Back

This hairstyle begins with a skillful fade taper on the side and some medium-length locks on the crown. Then use some pomade or gel on your strands and finish the style smoothly by brushing the hair back.

Short natural curls

All you need to improve the appearance of your curly locks is a little imaginative. You only need to introduce a small razor line on the sides in this design, for example, and then shorten the sides and give them a fade.

Messy and Layered Brush Back

You need to leave some textured locks on the crown and give the sides a faded undercut to create a stylish haircut like this one. You should then style to form some messy layers by brushing back your textured hair. Its also a good idea to spice up the faded sections to create a distinct pattern by leaving a few small patches of hair.

Fashionable Crop Cut

Crop Cutting is easy for a professional barber to create and is also perfect for mens 2016 hairstyles. This specific one also has an excellent line-up at the top and some textured locks that you should fashion by sweeping in layers at the front.

Permit curls with a fade

Perms are not a woman privilege because they are still operating with men. The perm forms some short curls in this model that also have a beautiful tone, and you should style by sweeping them in subtle layers sideways. And you should give the style a taper fade on the sides to spice up the look.

Curly Scissor Perfection

When in the hands of a skilled and knowledgeable barber, a scissor will create magic on your hair. It creates some fabulous curls in this design that you should style by making them messy and accentuating them to create a polished look with a bald fade on the side.

Long Spiky hair with Slick Back

If you can replicate the long spiky look on these strands, you can rest assured that the headdress is refined and sophisticated. You must also give a slight taper and style to the locks at the back by brushing them back. You need to sweep the spiky hair at the top to finish the look.

Wavy Side Sweep

Some 2016 mens hairstyle like this one will only work for those with thick textured hair. This design means that some full bangs are left on the crown and the sides are tapered. Then you should style the long locks with a slight side sweep.

Choppy high Quiff disconnected

A choppy high quiff like this one is ideal for men with large hair. While offering the choppy haircut to your thick hair, you will also need to shorten and fade the ends. And to finish the look, you can raise the front and sweep it back to create a separated appearance before finishing with a razor line on the arm.

Cool and Messy

This style is perfect for men who prefer to keep their heads long. It involves tapering a small section in the back and leaving a few long locks in the head. Then you should finish the look with a few messy layers.

Neat and Elegant Quiff

Quiffs can also make excellent 2016 mens hairstyles, and you just need to figure out how to make yours look distinct. You should have a taper fade on the sides and a few inches of hair on the edges to make one like this. You will finish with a short and tidy quiff by styling the hairs on the cap.

Long Fabulous Curls

Some men are fortunate enough to have a beautiful natural hair with such beautifully textured curls. You dont have to do much to create a refined look if you have such hair. Besides some moderate trimmings, youre only going to need a soft side part and sweep your curly locks into a face frame.

Classy Tapered Curls

Curly hair doesnt always have to be stressful when it comes to styling because its just a good haircut. This style is a perfect example of a refined look you can create with your curly locks, and it involves leaving on the crown some front swept curls and then giving the sides a taper fade.


A tapered cut couldnt look better than this one, and you can be confident of a polished design if you can recreate it. This involves leaving on the crown several wavy locks and tapering the sides to shorten them. Then the hair should be styled with a side part and peeled to the side over the long top.

Silver Gray Locks

What makes this a top-notch haircut is the natural silver gray shade of these strands. Besides the colors, the locks also have a medium taper, and you should style to create a slightly messy look by running your fingers through.

Over the head Bangs

There are no limits on mens 2016 hairstyles, so if you want to look trendy, you just need to come up with something like that. here the style involves leaving on the crown some long textured bangs and giving a smooth taper fade to the sides. Then you should finish the look by sweeping the long locks to the front and the face at the end.

Silky Curls with Fresh Fade and Side Part

The natural medium size curls at the top of this haircut look amazing, and theyre enough to make anybody look magnificent. But, with a sharp side part and a skin fade on the edges, the design takes the appearance a little higher.

Chunky and Textured Front Swept Bangs

The chunky and textured locks on the crown of this haircut will require a skillful cut and use of a product of some quality hold. You also have to fade the side and finish the look in subtle layers by sweeping the locks to the front.

Funky hipster Look

If you have some beautiful brown or blonde hair, a hipster look will still fit for you in 2016. Youll need a conventional long top and short side haircut to build one like this and style the hair with a slight front lift and back comb.

Clean and Neat Fade

This haircut is great for you if you want anything extra short yet stylish. With a bald fade on the sides and a geometric line-up on the front, it involves making the strands as short as possible.

Wavy hanging Bangs

If you want to recreate this stunning headdress, you will maintain a thick and wavy skin. This involves leaving on the crown some extra-long locks and then easily fading the sides. Then you should style by giving a front sweep to your long locks on top to hang over the front.

New School Bowl Cut

Many people may find this haircut a bit strange, but its still a great design that will make you look special. It is a modern bowl cut variant that involves giving the sides a fade and creating the shape of the bowl with some textured and layered locks at the rim.

high and tight Afro

African hair should not always be dense and fluffy because you can still make such a high and tight body. And if youre giving it a good fade on the sides, you can be sure of a sleek and elegant feel.

Elevated Top with Texture and Tapering

Excellent texture and angle of the locks at the top of this headdress make them beautiful for a long time. They also have a beautiful dark tone that makes the hair look very healthy. And youll have a top-notch hairdo if you finish the sides with a smooth taper.

Loose and Messy Man Bun

You dont have to do any complicated styling to look elegant if you already have a long mane. In fact, just pulling the hair back into a man bun is enough to create one of the 2016 hairstyles of the most charming men. however, to give it a trendy look, you should also make it loose and messy.

Smooth and simple Pompadour

African Americans have a lovely natural hair with a great texture and length. This style of hair allows the thick and tight pompadours to be made, and the skin fade is the only other thing you need to complete the classic look.

Crop haircut with a slight bowl look

This fantastic design is what you get when you combine a bowl haircut with a cropped cut. This involves leaving on the crown some smooth strands and giving a bald fade to the sides. We will line up the front of the crop cut to give it a bowl look and finish with the front brushing the strands.

Cornrows with Intricate Razor Patterns

There are endless things you can do with the crowns long hair to create a sophisticated hairdo. This hairstyle is a good example of something like that, and it involves weaving the locks into some neat braid rows that join in the center of the head. Then you should emphasize them on the sides with some intricate razor patterns.

Messy and Curly Top

You should leave a few long curly locks on the crown and style to create this stylish hairstyle by making it messy. You must also offer a smooth taper fade to the side to accentuate the beautiful top styling.

Shoulder-Grazing Natural Locks

There is nothing else you will need for this style apart from the moderate trims on the ends of these locks to give them some uniformity. If you have such beautiful natural hair, to build a stunning headdress, you just need to sweep the locks into a face frame design.

Tapered Comb Over

A comb over is still going to be trendy, so you can be sure it will work for you any year. This one looks different, and thats because it has some backward tapering and some thick crown bangs. And you just need to give a slight lift to the front locks to style and sweep them to one side.

Classic Wavy Taper

A smoothwave on the front of your hairdo will help you create one of the most impressive 2016 hairstyles for people. And if you have a thick natural hair, thats more so. The only other things you need for this look are tapering the sides to give a nice finish to the design.

Front Swept Textured Bangs

The thick bangs on the crown have an amazing texture, which is enough to give them a sophisticated appearance. All you have to do is style them with a front sweep and then create a sculpted razor line to accentuate the sides of the bald fade.
Textured and angled front sweep

This sleek haircut consists of a smooth side taper with a few long locks on top. The long locks on the crown have a simple cut that gives them a beautiful texture, and you should style to create an adorable haircut by sweeping them to the front.

Mobile to Smooth and Slick Back

You can wear a lot of mens 2016 hairstyles, but if you want to stand out, you have to try something else. This style gives you a perfect example of how to do this, and it includes leaving some long locks at the top with plenty of movement and giving a smooth glossy back to the rest of the body.

Suave Wavy Side Sweep

A suave hairstyle like this will make the audience stand out by a gentlemen. Its a simple design that involves keeping a few long wavy locks on the crown and styling them on the sides with a slight side sweep and quick taper fade.

Bright and Feathered Bangs

Blue blindness in this hairdo is the first thing to catch many peoples attention, but theres a lot more to look at. These strands also have a beautiful dark tone and a fantastic cut that means the long locks at the top are textured and the sides are tapered.

Parted and Faded Down Pompadour

This stunning hairstyle is another example of how you can add a modern touch to your pompadour to make it look extra chic. It involves creating and fading a hard side part on the sides.

This haircut is what anyone who wants to look like a gentlemen will wear in 2016. The precision on the side of the cut and the fade is incredible, and if you accentuate the design on the faded section with a soft side part and a few razor lines, youll look magnificent.

Full and Wavy Locks with a Fade Line Up

The thickness of these strands is incredible, making styling simple for you. If youve got such a full hair, just give it a medium trim and make it wavy before finishing on the sides with a fading line-up.

Up Swept Wavy Blondie Locks

Because this shade has a way to brighten any hairdo, its hard to go wrong. This specific haircut involves leaving some wavy locks on the crown and shaping them up before finishing with a perfect taper fade on the arms.

Easy Side Swept Bangs

Simplicity is one of the key features of 2016 mens hairstyles, and so it fits the description. Its a simple design that involves cutting the sides and short back and leaving a few long bangs on the crown that you should sweep over the forehead with a diagonal side.

Sleek Comb Over Pomp

A pompadour is timeless, and if you can make such a neat one, you can be sure of a chic look. This needs a slight comb-over, a razor line on the side and a smooth skin fade finish.

Luscious Back Swept and Free Flowing Locks

You can have this fantastic hairdo if you are patient enough to grow your mane. It involves making the locks curly and then styling to create a beautiful free flowing appearance by sweeping it back with your fingers.

Neat and loose contours

Several things may define the best mens 2016 hairstyles, but if youve got a beautiful natural hair you cant go wrong with any style, and the best thing is youve got to do little style. You only have to leave a few long and loose waves on the crown and style to create a look like this one by pushing them back before finishing on the sides with a fade.

Feathered Locks with undercut

This is the best hair style for you if you have a beautiful soft and dark hair. This involves leaving on the crown several long feathered locks and giving a fading undercut to the sides and back. Then you should complete the style by giving a comb over to the feathered locks and brush back over the undercut.

Nice and Effortless haircut

This designs smooth and fading undercut allows the undercut appear quite elegant. Besides that, the hairstyle has some luscious locks on the crown that you should style by making them messy and sweeping across the undercut.

Taper Fade Locks

The taper fade on the back and sides of this hairdo is fantastic and helps to create a very distinct look. It also makes things easier for you because only by running your fingers through to finish the look you need to make the feathered locks on the crown messy.

Stylish Skin Fade Top

If you want to create a unique look, you need to be a little creative. There are some voluminous strands in this style on the crown that you should style by lifting and brushing the ones at the front, then sweeping the rest to the sides. You should also have a skin fade on the sides to complete the look.

The Messy and hair

You dont have to give a dramatic cut to your hair to look elegant because you can still get all the elegance you want from the fashion like this. There is no other significant cut in the model apart from the slight taper at the end. And in order to look cute, you can finish by styling the strands of medium length by sweeping them in messy layers to the side.

Side Swept and Layered Fringe

A fringe is one of the most popular 2016 mens hairstyles, but if you want a unique look, you have to inventively style yours. You should leave a few long textured locks at the top to replicate this look and then style them with a sweeping side and a slight layering.

Shiny Short Strands

Length doesnt always matter when it comes to trendy 2016 hairstyles. This model has only a few inches of hair, but the styling makes it look really cute. The style uses some pomade to give a sleek and bright appearance to the short strands, and you should design the front and side sweep with a slight lift.

Simple natural coils with

Sharp Fade