77 Braid Styles for Men 2021


Many men like to wear braids as a way of flaunting their character.
They find braids nice looking when they are experimenting with different types of hairstyles.

It may seem to you that you need to have long hair in order to tie braids. But, this isn’t necessary. The simplest braid hairstyle only requires 2 – 3 inches of hair. The following are a number of creative braid ideas.

1. Short Braided Hair for Black Boys

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Even if you have short hair, it is still possible to tie them
into braids. The best braids style for people with short hair is thin braids.
If you want to have longer braid hairstyle, you will have to wait for your hair
to grow thicker and longer.

2. Box Braid Hairstyle with Undercut

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Box braid is a great protective hairstyle for both black men and
women. For people who don’t have long hair, they will prefer to add extensions
to their existing hair. This allows you to increase the length of your existing
hair without having to wait for it to grow long on its own.

3. Chic Two Braids Cornrow Hairstyle

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You can get a two braid hairstyle as shown in the photo above if
you want to have braids but don’t want too many of them. They look nice on all
types of faces. If you want to add more details, you can incorporate cornrows
into the hairstyle. With longer hair, you will have better looking two braids

4. Dreads with Short Hair for Guys

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Not many people like to have long dreads as they are troublesome
to tie. Short locks are more popular. Many people chose to just dread the upper
part of the hair with the lower part getting an undercut. You will look great
with any type of dreadlock style.

5. Brilliant Braided Tied Up for Men

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Mid-length braids are flexible in that you can easily tie them
into a different style. In the above example, the hair is tied to a ponytail
style braid that is about 3 – 4 inches long. This type of braid is easy to tie
for beginners and looks aesthetically pleasing as well.

6. Eight Shape Braid with Undercut

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You should incorporate undercut into your hairstyle if you want
people to pay attention to your braids. There are many types of undercut styles
including disconnected undercut and undercut fade. Undercut can help to
highlight an area on your haircut.

7. Crown Braids with Cornrows

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Braids can also be tied into crown style. In the above example,
there are two main braids on each side and the cornrows design occupy the middle
part. The braid is tied to look like the sharply pointed part of a crown.

8. Long Braids with Shaved Sides

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If you have been keeping your hair long all these time, you may
want to consider to tie them into braids. The photo shows a man who has the entire
head of hair tied into long braids. The same look can be achieved by using hair
extensions if you have short hair, just like the box braid hairstyle.

9. Zig Zag Cornrows Braids for Men

Zig Zag Braids

Why should you have a common braid hairstyle like everyone else
when you can have a unique braid hairstyle? It is not easy to tie the braid to
a complicated style yourself. If you really like this type of braid style, you
will have to pay a visit to a professional hair salon. To capture’s people’s
attention, you should consider having a zig-zag braid hairstyle.

10. Lil Yachty’s Beaded Braids in Cherry Red

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He is not an ex-member of the military but he is one of the most
famous celebrities in school rap songs today. Lil Yachty is well known for his
unique braids that are dyed cherry red and decorated with beads at the end.
These braids are suitable for anyone who wants to express a bold character.

11. Cornrow Braids Hairstyle




Cornrows is a type of classic braiding technique that has been
around for many decades. More and more complicated cornrows styles are being
introduced fast forward into the future. Cornrows braid is ideal for people who
like to wear tightly woven braids.

12. Men Feed-in Braid Hairstyle

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Feed in braids is suitable for people who like to wear thicker
braids. The braid starts thin and slowly increases its width to become fatter at
the end. It gives your haircut a unique style.

13. Men Braid with a Top Knot

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When you are tying the braid, you can decide which direction the
braid is tied on your head. It is the same as how you divide your hair to the
left and right. You can pick up the hair from where you want the braid to start
and tie the braid on your head from there.

14. Ponytail and Braids for Men

Top Braid and Ponytail

You can also have braids that are specifically tied up and end
with a ponytail. The hairstyle in the photo shown features an undercut and a
braid with the ponytail on top. With longer hair, you can wrap the hair tips into a
ponytail after tying the braids.

15. Braided Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

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People who aren’t interested in a mohawk hairstyle can wear
braids tied in the silhouette of mohawk instead. You can achieve the look as
shown in the above photo by parting the hair in the middle and setting aside a
main braid on both sides. You can tie braids all around to achieve a more
unique look.

16. Twist Hairstyle for Men with Natural Hair

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It is not necessarily for a hair to be parted into 3 strands to
tie a men braid. You can achieve the same look by simply twisting the hair. The
twisted braid hairstyle is ideal for people who want to look more casual.

17. Two Pull Back Braids

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Are you thinking of tying your hair into braids just for fun? If
you just want to have fun, you can tie a small section of your hair into braids
instead. You can get some ideas by referring to the photo above. As you can
see, the braids overlap each other on top while the bottom features a neat

18. Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Black Men

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Dreadlocks is an attention grabber hairstyle passed down in many
black culture. If you are a fan of dreadlocks, you should be familiar with the
different techniques in tying dreadlocks such as backcoming, crochet, and

19. Braids with a Man Bun and Undercut

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You should know what is a man bun hairstyle now. But, do you
know the different ways to tie a man bun. You can actually combine braids and
hair bun together to make a great a hairstyle for showing off your manliness.
It is recommended that you tie up your hair into two braids to have a man bun

20. Braids with Top Knot Man Bun

Braids for Men with Top Knot

Braids tied around the top of the head will usually end up with
a man bun. This type of hairstyle is suitable for people whose hair is not
long. The hair tips must be wrapped so that it will not ravel.

21. Two Strand Twist Style for Males

Two Strand Twists

The two-strand twist is a classic braid style for men who like
to look casual. The technique used in achieving this look is quite the same as
the technique used in creating Nubian twists. It is a favorite braids hairstyle
among black men and women worldwide.

22. Men Braid Style with Faux Bangs

Braids for Men with Bangs

Faux bangs can be combined into your braid hairstyle depending
on factors like technique used in tying the braids and the hair length. The
hairstyle shown in the photo above requires you to tie a lot of braids with
length that reach up to the eye brow along the head temple.

23.Men Intersecting Braids Hairstyle

Intersecting Braids for Men

Do you fancy having a unique braid style that no one else have?
You will need to think creatively to design an original braid style. There are
various ways to create an original braid style for example crossing the braids,
twist together, and extend over the braids. It is going to take some time as
you try many different ways to tie the braid in order to achieve a good

24. Men’s Style Wavy Partitions with Braids

Wavy Part Braids for Men

We have discussed about different styles of braids up until now.
If there are some spaces in between the braids, you can fill them up with
timeless style like cornrows, or create wavy lines to improve the aesthetic

25. Ombre Braids Tied Up in a Man Bun

Image result for Braids for Men with Highlights men pinterest


You may not be a fan of ombre braids but perhaps you may be
interested in highlight some strands of the hair. Highlighting one or multiple
braids will look much nicer. This type of hairstyle can also be adapted for
formal occasion.

26. Three Braids and a Bun

Man Braid Bun Black Hairstyle

You can also look cool by dividing the top of your hair into 3
braids and tying a bun at the end. The hairstyle shown in the photo is not
tightly braided and is easy to unravel when you no longer want the hairstyle.
The braid with the bun on the top part seems to match perfectly with a neat

27. Braided Locs for Kids

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Locks are valuable hair assets for people of all ages including
children. You can braid the locks into different types of fun hairstyles. As
shown in the picture above, the hairstyle can be adapted along with an

28. Braided Mohawk with Undercut

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Do you want a hairstyle that can make you look daring and bold?
If you are this type of person, a non-traditional braid style will best suit
you. The braid can be tied in a creative way to show off your personality. The
photo above is a braided hairstyle of a mohawk hairstyle.

29. Ponytail Dreadlocks for Men

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Long dreadlocks are hard to unravel when you don’t want to have
them. A turnaround solution to this problem is to wrap your dreads up into a
ponytail instead. By wrapping the dreads, you will not have to be bothered
about them falling all over on your face.

30. Men Highlighted Ombre Braids

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One of the benefits of long braids is that you can highlight
them in different colors. It will look nice no matter if you choose to dye your
braids in multiple colors or different shades of the same color. The outcome
that you will achieve is an awesome looking ombre braids.

31. Cornrow Hairstyle for Men

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Cornrows is a classic hairstyle that look nice no matter what
forms it takes on. We recommend that you take some time to brainstorm of a
unique style for your cornrows. One way to look unique in your cornrows is to
tie them in swirls and geometric style.

32. Swag Braid Hairstyle for Men

Funky Braids

A man with an adventurous character will like a hairstyle that
show off his personality. To look creative in your hairstyle, it is suggested
that you incorporate braids. Wear the braids in any interesting way you desire
to stand out in the crowds.

33. Bohemian Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Image result for . Fishtail Braid men pinterest


Are you interested in having a bohemian braids hairstyle?
Dreadlocks are common on bohemian braid hairstyle but you can also try a new
method like fishtail braid. Incorporating a fishtail braid into your hairstyle
will surely get you many compliments from your friends.

34. Men Braids with Metal Beads

Related image


Braids can be worn with accessories to make them unique.
Metallic beads are incorporated into all types of braids. The simplest way to
accessorize your braids o incorporate two metallic beads. It is up to you to
incorporate these metallic beads all over your braids.

35. Cornrow and Two Braids for Men

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It is rarely you will see people with cornrows and long braids
around. If you have this type of hairstyle, the long braids will most likely
lie at the back of your neck. You can add a creative touch to this hairstyle by
adding two braids with longer length to let them flaunt around your temple.

36. Box Fade Hairstyle for Men

Image result for Braids for Men with Box Fade men pinterest


Box fade or temp fade haircut can truly give your appearance a
whole new change. It gives your hairline a classic silhouette. Temp fade is
ideal for men who fancy in having a top braid.

37. Plaited Hairstyle for Men

Image result for Hipster Braids for Men men pinterest


Your hair is suitable for trying out different braid styles when
it is long and it will look even nicer when paired with a neat moustache.
Combining different styles in your haircut can give you a cute image that
people will always remember.

38. Colourful Wavy Braids

Image result for Colorful Braids for Men men pinterest


Can you recall our discussion about braids and playing with
different highlighting colours? The photo above is an example of how you can add
bold colour to your hairstyle. For example, you can highlight your black braids
with turquoise to look stylish.

39. Black Braided Hairstyle

Image result for Braided Braids men pinterest

To many people, braids hairstyle looks like nonsense. The truth
is braiding can help you to look better and make people have a positive
impression. If your hair is long, you should form thin braid first before
joining 2 or 3 of them to form thicker braids.

40. Soft Braid Hairstyle

Related image


It is difficult to keep the braid to be in place when your long
hair is silky smooth. If your hair is like this, you can tie them into loose
braids and end it with a bun to give yourself a stylish look.

41. Viking Inspired Braid for Men

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You can also wear a braid hairstyle that is based on other
historical culture. You can be a bit creative by modifying the historical
hairstyle. The above photo shows a man wearing a braid style that somewhat
imitates the Vikings’ hairstyle.


42. Fishbone Braid Hairstyle for Black Men

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Fishbone style braids are quite popular among men. You will need
to have longer hair to form a fishbone braids. It will be best to have  one
fishbone braid on each side of the head.

43. Men Reverse V Braid with Taper Fade

Image result for Reverse Braid men pinterest


There is no need to keep the braids for long term. Sometimes, it
may just pique your interest to wear a certain braid for a few days just for
fun. The above photo shows a playful braids that you can wear to an informal
occasional. The reverse braid can be formed by tipping the head upside down and
tying the braid beginning from the nape area. When you come to the end, make
sure to tie a knot so that the hair will not unravel.

44. Snoop Dogg Men Braid

Image result for Snoop Dogg Braids for Men men pinterest


We will be discussing a few braid styles that are attributed to
celebrities as this list comes to an end. We’ll start with a rap singer who
likes to wear braid – Snoop Dogg and his famous braids decorated with beads.

45. Men Braids for Straight Hair

Image result for Braids for Men with Straight Hair men pinterest


Those with straight hair can get the same braid look like on an
afro texture hair by tying the braid stightly. The hair must reach up to the
shoulder and not be layered in order to achieve the look.

46. Back Braided Hairstyle

Related image


It is no need for the crown braid to be flaunt in front of the
forehead. It can be flaunt at the back of your head. You can attach two
artificial braids to the top part of your head to form a crown braid if your
hair is not long enough.

47. Dutch Braid and Man Bun

Related image


Is your hair thick? Are you interested in tying them in braid to
add some details to it? Dutch braid style can help you to achieve this look.
This same hairstyle has also been called Ghana braids and is widely worn by the

48. Two Tone Cornrows

Image result for Bicolor Cornrows men pinterest


Many people like to color their ombre braids vertically. But you
too can color your cornrows with different shades horizontally. This method can
give the best result for braids that are formed on top.

49. Mohawk Style Loose Braid with Undercut

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Upon deciding the undercut hairstyle, you can now be creative
and come up with a unique braid sytle. You can customize the shaved undercut
with a braid hairstyle that suits you.

50. Twisted Dreadlocks Men Bun Hairstyle

Image result for . Bun with Twisted Dreads men pinterest


The man in the photo above is demonstrating a hairstyle that
combines dreadlocks, twisted braids and bun. This hairstyle is ideal for people
who like complicated braids with bun. You’ll need to go to a hair specialist
saloon in order to get this awesome result.

51. ASAP Rocky Braided Hairstyle

Image result for . ASAP Rocky Braids men pinterest


ASAP Rocky is another singer with an iconic braid like
Doggfather. ASAP Mob member always like to wear their hair with braids that
reach up to a medium length. You have the option of letting the braid down or
tying it up and flaunting it at the back of the head.

52.Wiz Khalifa Dreaded Braids Hairstyle

Image result for Wiz Khalifa Dreads men pinterest


We will keep our list continue with more creative dreadlocks.
Rapper Wiz Khalifa is famous for adorning his hair with different types of
dreads. In 2017, he comes up with a hairstyle that is shown in the photo above.
This could give you some inspirations to come up with a unique hairstyle.

53. Men Braids and Two Buns

Image result for . Braids for Men with Two Buns men pinterest


Most men only have one bun but you can make yourself look
special by having two buns. If you have braids with same thickness and length,
you can pull each onto the side of the head. The last step is to get them tied
into two buns.

54. Men Braids with Red Beads

Image result for Red Beads on Braids men pinterest


Beads are great accessories for adding a traditional look to
your hair like the tribal people. Beads are useful for adding style to your
braids no matter if it is a metallic or plastic bead. You can try different
colors of beads to see which one look the best.

55. Attractive Men Braids Hairstyle

Image result for Braids for Men with Intricate Design men pinterest


This is a braided hairstyle that will catch the attention of the
most choosy guys. Featuring a complicated design, you will never see anything
like this before. You can go to your hairstylist and ask him to come up with a
braid hairstyle that matches your character.

56 Tied Up Braids

One of the coolest components of the braids is that you can style them as you like. For instance, you can have about-or-inch-long braids and bind them into a ponytail. It’s not only practical, it also feels good.

57 Top Braid and Ponytail

On the other side, you can specifically generate your braid for a ponytail. If you only have an undercut and a braid on the top portion, it enables here. If your hair is long enough, after your braid is in location, you can bind the tips into a ponytail.

58 Fully Amazing Dreads

This is a perfect illustration of creativity. It’s not that easy to forget the elegant twisted and braided dreads bun. To get this incredible creation, trust yourself in the hands of an accomplished stylist.

59 Tousled Dreadlocks

Dreads may look smooth and near to perfection or may have a chaotic look that looks so cool and laid back. You can choose which style is best for you or which one you need on a daily basis.


60 Twisted Mohawk Dreads

Although this is by far one of the most complex styles of dread for men, it is certainly one of the most beautiful styles. Are you going to give it a go? You ought to because at the moment Mohawks are very in.

61 Two Small Braids and Undercut

What if you’re just looking for some fun braids? Only a tiny section of your hair can be braided and you can get cool outcomes. Get motivated by the picture below and generate two overlapping braids across aside and an undercut edge.

62 Two StrandTwists

The timeless two-strand twist is another way to rock natural braids for males. The method comes close to the Nubian twists and serves as one of the world’s most popular African braids for males and females.


63 Urban Dreads

Dreadlocks are nowadays most welcome, irrespective of the formal-informal context. For distinct age groups, dreadlocks go well, which means you can sport them whenever you want.

64 Viking Style Braids for Men

Finally, for your hairstyles, you can be affected by other cultures. Moreover, historical hairstyles, such as Viking braids, can inspire you. Although we can not attest that the braids above are a true depiction of the looks of Viking, they are certainly in that direction.

65 Wavy Dreadlocks

Go for wavy dreadlocks if you want to add more volume to your hair and you’re looking for a distinct dread style for males. They’re long and tamed, giving you every season a beachy atmosphere.

66 Wavy Pattern Braids

We covered braids with particular shapes, but what about the room between them? You can have a classic hairstyle like traditional cornrows and spice up the hairstyle by playing with the divided fields. Lines to Createwavy enhances the look.

66 Wiz Khalifa Dreads

With a collection of electric dreadlocks, we will proceed on a cheerful note. Rapper Wiz Khalifa is known for rocking all kinds of dreads, but in, he decided to bring them to life with a color that can’t be missed.

67 Yellow Summer Dreads

Another color you can attempt effectively this summer is a yellow shade. Choose the one you like most from lemon to sunflower and butterbeer. It operates best if the duration of your dread is medium.

68 Zig Zag Braids

If you can choose a distinctive design, why do you get braids like everyone else? Even if you’re going to have to work with a specialist to get this sleek result, it will ultimately be worth it. For example, a zig zag design is just what you need to focus your braids on.

70 Bohemian Dread Locks

Some people, like Lenny Kravitz, enjoy the hippie or bohemian look. By going for some lengthy and extra-thick dread styles for males, you can highlight your amazing fashion option.

Undercut and Braids Pairing them with undercut is a great way to make your braids stand out. You can wear your undercut in numerous ways–from disconnected to faded and more! To do this, use an undercut if you want to emphasize only a certain region.

71 Twisted Dreadlocks

By selecting two distinct hair colors to highlight twisted dreadlocks, you can dye your hair. It’s like a dreadlock crisscross. This is an idea of creative hair styling that is going to transform heads.

72 Two Braids and Cornrows

Two braids win by a long shot between men’s braids. Most facial characteristics can be easily obtained and complemented. However, by adding cornrows to the design, you can create yours more complicated. The longer your hair is, the better it will turn out for your two braids.

73 Double Man Bun Braids

Now we’re all familiar with bun hairstyle. But how many ways can you rock one, is everyone conscious? For example, you get a cool and original hairstyle when you mix it with braids that will enhance your masculinity. For a man’s bun hairstyle, two braids work best.


74 Braided Top

If you have curly locks, you must have a fast fade. A curly fading top haircut looks sleek and dapper. This allows you to keep in check your unruly locks. You can braid the hair on top and decorate a side with a hair pattern for a trendy twist

75 High-fade braids

A high-fade braided taper enables your braided hairstyle to take center stage. Also known as cornrows, to fashion an amazing style, braids need innovative weaved locks. Most guys prefer braids with a taper on the sides to accentuate the cool hairstyle.

76 Box Braids High Top

Specifically, box braids currently dominate the hairstyle trends charts. You can use them in a single haircut that complements your style to combine new school and old school vibes. Plus, you will have the ideal canvas ready for a flat top if you decide to remove the braids.

77 Braided Bun

The man bun was in the first position. Then the top knot was there. We’ve got the braided bun now. What are they going to think about next? It’s exactly what the braided bun looks like. A French braid that ends either in a top knot or a man bun on top of your head.

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