Zumiez Earnings Call NUGGETS: AUR Gains Accessories BusinessJosh Lezmi More Articles 25 February 2020 Taika WaititiThor: Ragnarok actor/director Kenneth BranaghMarvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) environment became Waititi’s responsibility and he built a character that matched better with the MCU shtick. Figure 1 Taika Waititi Rachel Luna / Getty Images Waititi is set to direct the next (and potentially last) installment of Chris Hemsworth-led Thor Love and Thunder. But recent news indicates that the Marvel head honchos may want to take the man under the umbrella of the MCU with a penchant for bombastic sequences and unscripted comedy and put him behind Deadpool 3. So what do we know so far about the details recently revealed, and is Waititi the right man for the film? He might seem like a good match on the surface but is the best suited for the role when plunging into his portfolio?

Speculation has it that Marvel Studios eyes Taika Waititi for ‘ Deadpool 3 ‘

Deadpool relies on R-rated humor that appeals to a broad audience; it is also clever yet not in a ridiculous reflective manner, in a cynical and silver-tongued way. So can Waititi change his penchant for adult humor to match Deadpool’s offensive lure or will he fail to strike the same chord that was perfected by the former creative team?


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