As many businesses remain shuttered, we now have a chance to adopt a slower pace of living and embrace our creative sides. Of course, while having to forgo your regular hairdresser appointments and tame your locks on your own may seem daunting, there’s no reason to be scared. It’s time to let your natural hair go free and take the opportunity to get it as healthy as possible. So hit that pause button, embrace the slow life, and follow these five quarantine hair care resolutions for healthy hair.


  1. Enjoy Some Treatments


Proper treatment is essential when it comes to maintaining healthy hair and preventing future damage. Under ordinary circumstances, it can be hard to find the time to pop a treatment in between work and a busy schedule. Now that you’re home, enjoy it! Take the time to look into different masks, scrubs, and other treatment options to find the one that best suits your hair. There are plenty of natural options you can try as well, including apple cider vinegar mixed with olive oil and egg whites, avocado mixed with an egg, or a simple deep oil treatment. Now is your chance to experiment and help your hair feel healthier than ever.


  1. Take Care of Issues


Being at home is the perfect opportunity to take care of any issues your hair is currently experiencing. There are even several natural ingredients in your pantry that can be used as a moisturizing hair oil, for instance. Look for ingredients such as argan, black seed, garlic, or almond oil. Each one can help repair and nourish your hair, preventing a dry scalp and any other problems you might be facing. You can also mix different oils together depending on what your hair needs. Garlic, rocket leaves, and cactus oils can help prevent hair loss, while almond, sesame, and coconut oils help to revitalize rough, dull hair.


  1. Wash Less


When it comes to our morning routine, it’s no secret that most of us tend to wash our hair far too often just to have it looking its best each and every day. Yet, since you probably aren’t venturing out much, now is the perfect opportunity to cut down on your washing routine. It is recommended to avoid washing your hair more than four times a week. The chemical in most shampoos can dry your hair out, leaving it weak and more prone to breakage. In this instance, less is definitely more. Give yourself at least a day in between washes to allow your hair’s natural oils to work their magic.


  1. Trim Your Hair


This one is a little risky, but one of the keys to healthy hair is getting rid of split ends. Just keep it to a trim and you will be fine. If there’s someone else in quarantine with you, ask for their help. Ideally, you should aim to give your hair a “baby trim” about twice a month to keep it healthy. Take the scissors and gently snip away at the split ends using a steady hand. Once businesses open back up and you head out in public again, you can go straight to the hairdresser to get a professional cut.


  1. Experiment!


Have you ever wanted to give human hair extensions a go, but weren’t sure if they’re right for you? Now is the perfect opportunity to invest in a set of clip-on hair extensions and try them out from the comfort of your home. Take some time to watch different videos out there and experiment with the look and feel of the extensions in your hair. Without the pressure of wearing them out in public, you can take the chance to style them as you please and see how each look holds up for an entire day. Hair extensions can add length and volume to your hair, giving you the option to test out many new hairstyles in the process. By the end of quarantine, you just might be wearing them every day!


With a little time and attention spent on your hair, you’ll be able to fall in love with it all over again. Instead of reaching for that hair tie every day and opting for the messy bun look, pop in a treatment, nourish your hair, and try new looks to keep things fresh.



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