30+ justin timberlake hairstyles

French crop haircuts

Although it doesn’t have a classic French crop haircut, Timberlake looks sleek with a similar design. If you want to form a box around your forehead or if you want to cover up an unflattering hairline, we suggest the look.

Side Slicked Back Hair

For the last bit, we left this gold standard of cut back side hairstyles because it’s the most tasteful. Gradually, the hair on top is shorter blending into tapered hands. With improved texture and ample size, all of it is pushed back. A real gem! A real gem! Basically, it’s really impressive that Timberlake keeps pace with the latest trends in hair styling. His hair is always on point regardless of the singer’s style. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your barber if you want to try one of the Justin Timberlake haircut styles. Although he’s known for his signature quiff hairstyle, there’s plenty of other Justin Timberlake hairstyles you can use as your next beauty appointment references. Check below at some of his most unforgettable appearances.

Justin Timberlake Long Hair

Long hair gives you the versatility to try different looks and Jt rocked the look with a number of cuts when he went for this model. While his hair has never been so long, Timberlake has grown it past his normal length and used that flexibility to play around with various hairstyle trends, including a clean, smooth back, quiff, and classic pompadour.

You may want to style your hair back with a smooth, high-gloss pomade for a sleek finish or matt hair wax for more flexibility and independence, depending on the look you’re looking for.

Hard parthaircut

A hard part haircut cuts a part into clipper skin. Also known as a

What do I need for the haircut line-up?

The haircut line-up typically works better for shorter-haired black men. If you have a shorter cut, such as a crew cut, Caesar cut, or another form of buzzcut, you’re well prepared to get the haircut line-up. You’re going to want to get one if you don’t have a shorter cut. All sorts of short buzzcuts are going to work.

But, depending on the style, you can still have some volume at the bottom. You can leave the curls on top and get a line up on the front, sides and back if your hair is naturally curly. The line-up haircut is less of a cut and more of a flexible technique that can be used for a sleek look with almost any haircut.

Justin Timberlake Hairstyles with Subtle Highlights

Justin has been shown with frontal highlights, but what about the subtle highlights that dotted his sandy hair? We agree with subtle honey highlights he looked great and we encourage you to try out the concept if it is compatible with your personality.

Ivy League Hairstyles

About Jt

Justin Timberlake (born in January, Memphis, Tennesse) is an American pop singer, dancer and producer.

Ivy League Hairstyles

About Jt

About Jt

Justin Timberlake (born in January, Memphis, Tennesse). Since he was a teenager, he has been an artist. Justin became a member of the boy band’ N Sync at the age of, and received four Grammy Awards.

Textured Hair And Beard

Low Fade

How To Get Justin Timberlake’s Hair

Justin Timberlake’s hair is a testament to how in-touch he is with his individual style. Timberlake has displayed a wide range of long and short hairstyles from some of his more cringe-worthy looks, such as his untamed curly hair in the s, to the wildly popular ones (trendy undercuts, pompadours, and comb overs). And he’s one of the few actors that could comfortably style curly as well as straight hairstyles.

Justin Timberlake Crew Cut

We’re going to skip over the curly years, gold stage and excessive cornrows and get back to the good Justin Timberlake haircuts. Justin Timberlake, of course, still has curly hair but that’s just not how he wears it. Whether his haircut is too short for curves to show, or hair is flat blow-dried. This is done by many guys with curly hair. It doesn’t take long and offers more options for styling. Curly hairdoes, though, look great and need not be straightened. His hair has been up to date lately with the current trend in texture and playing with his natural curl. The fresh look for Justin Timberlake’s haircut in If you want to get the hairstyle of Justin Timberlake, for straight and curly hair, check out some of the pictures below.


Medium-length Hairstyles

looked amazing with medium-length hairstyles. For example, for swept back mid-length curls, he sometimes skips the taper and fade aspects of his haircut.


Justin Timberlake Pompadour

Men with large foreheads

Clear Fringe No bells, no whistles, only fashion. This simple fringe style covers a large front while keeping the hair short all around, and with thick hair it works particularly well.

Wavy Textured Top Loaning elements of shorter, asymmetrical appearance, this hairstyle features a long fringe adding movement. For wavy hair or any guy who likes longer hair, this style is great.

Swooping Fringe The key elements of this look are a full but short hair head and a slightly side-swooping fringe. For men with a big forehead who like to keep it simple, this is another great choice.

Short curly style This close-cut design adds flexibility to a wider front edge. The cut often naturally highlights curly and wavy hair, and all hair gets quite paralyzed.

Side Swept Fringe Here’s a cool trendy and practical hairstyle for big foreheads. The fringe swoops down and sideways, covering the front and mixing in with the rest of the style.

Messy Hair Style

If you don’t know how to style hair today, keep it messy, the golden rule of men grooming says. Justin Timberlake seems to follow this rule quite often, in a disheveled and associated way, wearing his cropped jacket.

Modern Pompadour Haircuts

The haircut pompadour is one of the most common and enduring men’s looks. About Modern Pompadour Haircuts

Choppy Justin Timberlake Hairstyles

Most short haircuts look cooler than choppy ones for people. They’ve got an edgy touch that makes the look even more impressive. The way to go is long, jagged, and many layers.

What about a hair transplant?

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Soft Frontal Highlights Hairstyles

You may be inspired by this look if you’re thinking about adding some color to your hair without absolutely dyeing it. Justin threw on his brown base in a few blonde highlights, but mostly around his hair’s front zone.


Justin Timberlake Short Hair

If you’re sick of daily hair styling, Timberlake’s short hair is worth trying.

Likewise, the cut of Jt’s crew is just as sexy. If you don’t want a very short haircut, without exposing your scalp, this look will offer the same simplicity.

Curly Hair

Justin Timberlake Haircut

At the People’s Choice Awards, Jt rocks the traditional men’s hairstyle with just as much length on top

Justin Timberlake Pompadour

Thanks to its timeless charm and sweeping feel, the pompadour hairstyle has made a comeback in recent years. Bringing Elvis Presley into mainstream fashion, the pompadour is a chic and elegant hairstyle that adds a feminine touch to longer locks but can also be tailored to suit almost any length of hair or texture.

Use a high-hold hair wax or pomade to style Jt’s pompadour and smooth back and top of the hair. If you have shorter, thinner locks, you can use a styling tool and your hands to fashion your hair into the textured, pushed back look, thereby achieving the incredibly smooth look associated with pompadours. Use a round brush and hairdryer on high heat to style the hair on top in an upward movement for those with longer hair. And if you prefer, use the heat to gently brush the hair up and down to the side.

What is the procedure’s cost?

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Regular Haircuts

Although the star factor of Jt is not denied, at the end of the day he is just like every one of us. Justin often avoids absolutely trendy hairstyles by saying that and opts for a good ol’ normal haircut that any guy can copy.


College Hairstyles

Report this ad Whether you’re a college student or just feel like one, you can get a hairstyle to convey the concept. Go for a short and edgy haircut if you want to get this young and fresh look. When you have to get up, you won’t have to waste time in the evenings.

Short Gelled Hairstyles

The last of our Justin Timberlake hairstyles highlights the use of styling products to create good hairstyles. If you have long, curly hair, with the aid of some gel, you can better outline your textured strands.


Mid Fade Haircuts

We have showcased Justin Timberlake hairstyles with low fades, as well as high and tight haircuts. But how about an alternative that is balanced? Rest assured that we have an example for a mid fade too, perfect for showing your stylist.


The Right Punk Hairstyles For Guys To Suit Your Lifestyle

Vintage Justin Timberlake Hairstyles

A few years back, Justin displayed a cool vintage hairstyle in one of his editorials. While not necessarily holding the look for his everyday appearance, we say the retro side-parted hairstyle is a great inspiration for men.

Justin Timberlake Curly Hair

While curly hair is considered unattractive by some, Timberlake has been able to tame and style his naturally kinky hair to look great.

Timberlake’s curly hairstyles create the illusion of a short haircut while still keeping the natural curls visible and softened. What you want is a solid pomade or wax to achieve such curly styles. Instead, you might want to cut your curly hair so short that it doesn’t reveal the curls.

This look will still be synonymous with Jt’s younger days, although he soon got rid of his natural ringlets for straight hair and more mature styles.