19 Cute Ways to Have

Looks like a chic 90’s feel! On this long pixie haircut, the raven hair and textured layers make you a sexy, fierce-looking woman.

Short Bangs

Side Bangs

Textured look with the aid of a little spray of salt and some hair ruffling!

Maintaining long fringes on a short cut look makes the appearance more inclined to a bob. The hard edges produced by the pixie cut certainly softens.

Super Short Pixie looks like a 90’s Hollywood action star there! The blended masculinity and femininity in the sexiest way is a really breezy look.

Bands Side Swept

Choppy Bangs

A with fashion maker Kortri Hairstylist This is the short haircut of a modern woman with the highest practicality and stylish picture. Blond coloring helps the hair to look smoother and the resulting dark roots regrowth can give the hair the depth required. If there are gray hair ends, attention will be distracted from them. Do not hesitate to cut short of your hair. In each specific case, a professional stylist needs to recommend the hair set version focusing on the individual features of the skull and face. You should have no reservations about the modern look of short hair and consider your overall image including the accessories as well.

I did an undercut pixie with Straight Bangs

A with Hiro Ochi Hairstylist. It’s literally a undercut pixie. For movement, I texturized it so it looks piecey and edgy. I used the No. 5 cream from Milbon to style the hair.

Feathered Pixie Cut

A designer Ekaterina Konoreva Salon Owner I really like this haircut because it stays fresh and textured for a long time. The temples and the head’s back are not very short rasped. Originally, this haircut is cut as if it is already a little overgrown. The light strands highlight the texture and add visual flexibility and shearing strength. This haircut is appropriate for young as well as adult women. It’s going to freshen the look. It doesn’t look aggressive this haircut. It’s very soft for the businesswoman to be able to. I always recommend haircuts of this kind. If you’ve highlighted thin hair, it’s going to look very volumetric and new visually. For slightly curly hair, even such short haircuts look good. Styling this haircut at home alone with your fingers and a hairdryer is very fast. Use a texturizer or sea salt spray for finishing.This hairstyle definitely requires some sort of styling. It usually doesn’t take a long time to style though. You need a material that gives you structure and texture for the height and meaning. Naturally textured hair (curls / wave) will really love this cut when it comes to a more effortless look. It’s textured, it’s edgy, and there are so many ways you can tailor it for your stylist! You’re a perfect candidate to rock this look as long as you’re willing to spend a few minutes styling your hair every day and are open to something fun!

Full Bangs

A Mimi Z Hairstylist with fashion maker This look was influenced by a Macaw eagle. My client used to have a fading green color and we thought that adding blue and yellow that creates green would be really cool! My favorite part of this look is probably the paint. My client was also disappointed with a haircut she had somewhere else that left her with a lot of uneven top layers as well as an undercut grown out. I thought it was the perfect time to fully embrace short hair and go for a pixie cut in the form of a cup. I thought this would make her hair grow more uniformly and change her face and style. When you look at this look, I’m suggesting I’m totally going for it! You’re going to have to commit to lightening your hair for the dye, but it provides some flexibility as you can easily switch the colors! This specific cut works great on straight hair, but if you have curly hair, you can apply a strong hold gel to wet hair and comb it straight to prevent heat tools from fading. To give a more textured style, you can also apply a pomade or wax. This look is perfect for summer because your hair is nice and short and in terms of styling it’s pretty low maintenance. This haircut looks fantastic on most shapes of the head, so if you make the jump to a pixie with bangs you should take the dip! Pixie Bob

A with creator design Tristan Baker Personal Salon Assistant This cut is very low maintenance if you have wavy / curly hair. You can air dry or melt just by applying a little bit of leave-in conditioner plus mousse. If you’re a 1.25 straight hair? Curling iron will quickly reproduce the feel.

Thin Pixie Choppy

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