19 Coolest Blue Black Hair

This paint is not for someone in a couple of weeks who would like it to rinse out. Alternatively, I’d stick to purples and coral! How would you characterize this look?

Fabulous Long Thick Black Hair

It’s one of my favorite shades of blue! I reached the root hue with a matte black base color and alternated it with our pre-lit bits using a scanning technique. Pre-lighting parts to ensure motion and dimension just off the surface. Indoors, it has a very smokey denim shade where it can still be casual company! There is a significant shift in frequency in this same look outside! Going from cool tones to deep tones that are bright and heavy. Any suggestions that someone feels about it? Use cool water and moisturizer to keep the cuticule sealed and ensure the color’s durability for the pre-lit treatment. The color of blue can be improved when it comes to skin teint. For white teint and smokey cooler shades or a purple / violet undertone for warmer / darker teint, I prefer emerald or teal undertone. Especially when you want to spice things up, there are so many choices!

Blunt Bangs Textured Ends Natural Black with

QA with Stylist How would you describe this look? This is a blue-black bob that offers a smokey look with blunt bangs and textured ends. The mixture of seriousness and subtlety is my favorite thing about this look. The jet black color and blunt bangs make it harder, but the textured ends and soft blueish color take off the edge a little bit. Like any blue black color in fashion, a lot of maintenance is needed. It’s disturbing because it’s so much lighter than Instagram’s pastels and vivid colors, but it still needs hair lightening. This customer has already had some old highlights that could be toned without any extra lifting. Anyone considering this look should be aware that frequent appointments are needed for touch-ups and treatments (especially when their hair is already brittle or over-processed) as well as the use of products at home to help maintain their hair’s color and health. I’m sending all my fashion color customers home with a mixed color conditioner to help keep their color. I do love color care overtone conditioner.

Black Swan with colors of Deep BlueTo order to achieve this type of look, the hair must be lightened beforehand for the color to conform appropriately to the skin and for the pigment to be shown. To retain the color I developed for this company an Olaplex color bomb that can be used any time to redeposit the color. Instagram How would you describe this look?

Onyx Black with Subtle Blue Highlights

The look would be a black onyx. My favorite thing about this look is the versatility of it. At the same time, she can be edgy and polite with subtle navy hints. The suggestions that someone feels about it? Invest in a shampoo that is color-safe and free of sulfates. It keeps the color vivid. For just about any skin tone, whether hot or cold, this is really a great color. This allows any black to radiate with the onyx. Bright Blue Highlights

Icy and tropical blue will never fail to give you the brightness of the whole year. And it’s too for people of all kinds to go on and pretend to be blue-headed!

Stylist Make-up Designer Instagram QA How would you describe this look? In this beautiful color, I love the bright vibrancyand contrast! When a guest wants to be trendy and adventurous, I get excited. She will need to re-glaze every five to six weeks to prevent the vibration and use color-protecting products to preserve hair and skin integrity. Flirty and bright, this look is fun. The type of person who can rock this look is someone with a strong personality that is imaginative and edgy. It’s great for the person who loves to stand out from the crowd and be the girl wow!

Sleek Black Hair

It’s so easy to maintain for those dark-featuredclients. For a professional look that speaks volumes, pair it with an edgy blunt style. To natural black hair applying some vivid spray, the overall look would definitely improve. Instagram How would you characterize this look?

Black Midnight Blue Color

I’m OBSESSED with this look’s depth and dimension! At the same time, it’s dark and light, welcoming conversation. I’d describe it as the storm waves at sea. Fierce! My favorite thing about this color is how lovely the half-permanent Any suggestions to anyone considering it? Even though we did black blue on her hair to get the blue to show up so well, first we still had to pre-light / bleach it to a flash blonde.

Dark Classy Blue Black

Master Stylist / Colorist Instagram QA This look is so dark and elegant and will transform every head. Blue has a very cold history (no matter which tone) so black is his best friend. Black is enticing rich and will incorporate just about any color of the ears. Whether you suffer from rosacea or feel as if your skin draws heat (reddish), you may not think so, but it will cool off black against your skin and leave you youlookingfoxy! The suggestions that someone feels about it? First of all, the hair must be safe enough to accommodate a tiny pre-lightener. Color of hair (no matter what line of color from all over the world) CANNOT perform miracles. Start with salon haircare treatments if your hair is brittle or broken. NOTprofessional products are items that are not bought at a salon or beauty supply store. Upkeeping with any color is very critical. There are so many pigmented shampoos in today’s world so there’s no reason for easily tofade the hair color. I recommended Blacklight blue shampoo Olaplex No.3 and Red E To Go for this company. She is also struggling with frizz so we’ve been using Bedhead After Party for a sleeker style. This shampoo is advertised to blondes to remove any yellow tones, but this highly pigmented shampoo won’t keep any hair color in depth. As much as this color may seem to be daring / scary / outside / only for the young, it is in reality a very elegant and confident look that can be accomplished by any style or texture of HEALTHY skin. Mind that you wear it is not the color you wear. All you need is confidence.


I used Paul Mitchell XG to build this look: similar 4AA parts and blue intensifier with 10 vol for the most hair color deposit.

Dark Blue and Black Hue

ServicePhoto Copyright Policy Latest-Hair Contact UsPrivacy PolicySitemapTerms? By Length Colors Hair Type All Patterns Sex + AgeI used Paul Mitchell XG to build this look: similar 4AA parts and blue intensifier with 10 vol for the most hair color deposit.

Dark Blue and Black Hue

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