19 Best Reddish Brown Hair

Red Highlights on Brown Hair

Crimson streaks on dark natural hair can provide a beautiful contrast from nothing else. If you want to spice up your natural color but don’t want to commit yourself fully to high maintenance, this is a great idea.

Take this hair inspiration for a special hair change! There are warm undertones in this sweet coppery vibrant shade that make it look so defined and full of contrast.

Red and Blonde Brown Hair Highlights

Trade your classic brunette hair with this honey and strawberry scanning combination. A flash of this one-of – a-kind mix of color will give you a cozy atmosphere.

Light Reddish Brown

Show off your stunning, vivid copper color with a perfectly flat-ironed hair for a smooth and bright finish. This color is perfectly suited for shades of white and brown hair. Red Brown

Red Brown Caramel Ombre

Chestnut Balayage

QA with Telford Shropshire Independent Color Balayage Educator This is such a comfortable and versatile color. I created this look with a technique of free hand painting and then matched the root shade to the natural color of my client so that it grows seamlessly. It will grow into a beautiful shadow twice to three times a year that needs maintenance. The cut is rounded softly with just a touch of texture around the bottom and formed gently around the front. Any advice that someone thinks about it? This is really a color that is going to suit many skin tones. It is soft on the hair doing no harm and for a bit of a seasonal change it can be melted over old high lights. This type of coloring is perfect if you don’t have the time / money to be in the salon every 6 weeks.

Reddish Brown Hair with

QA Hair Artist Highlights How would you describe this look? I would characterize this sleek look as a dark brown chocolate melted with copper highlights and a long layered haircut in the cherry red. The most beautiful thing about this look is the dimension and the light that it adds to the body. The suggestions that someone feels about it? The great thing about a long layered cut is it’s perfect for all. Be sure to start the face frame at least one inch past the jawline for a more complete face. To maintain a vibrant color as long as a sulfate-free shampoo can always be used. Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo and Pureology Hydrate Conditioner would be recommended for this look. Acquire a flat iron to establish such a sleek and brilliant appeal. Use a water protectant at all times. I used Sebastian Professionals ‘ Trilliant Shine Spray (made from quartz crystals). It tastes like a vision of a Bubbalicious Watermelon. If your hair type is perfect and mostly straight this look will be the most effective for you with the lowest upkeep but curly-haired girls who don’t mind taking the extra time to smooth their hair out can also have this look (with the help of a good anti-humidity spray and conditioning mousse). I will suggest Amika’s The Shield and Sebastian Professionals ‘ Whipped Cream.

Copper Brown Hair

QA Hair Artist / Salon Studio Manager How would you describe this look? I love how big and edgy this color wears, but it still looks natural! It’s the perfect fall color in the winter. Her foundation is a deep brunette of mahogany (think red wine) with the slight highlights of balayage copper. I used standard lightener on her highlights but, instead of using foils, hand painted them raised her about 4 grades and then toned her using a Redken Shades eq copper brown toner. The cut with some textured layers is blunt and angled as I call them, which is my word made-up. To me, textured layers mean that not all of them are blended like a standard graduated layered cut, but instead I point cutting some random parts that flow with the way their hair lies naturally giving dimension and texture. The suggestions that someone feels about it?How are you going to describe this look? This is a great color for the transition from summer highlights to fall neutral tones. A golden and neutral dark brown root added throughout, and red pops give this paint a fiery look to confidently face the fall months. With the use of many neutral tones, the red pops still allow the client to have some spunk while still being able to wear the color in all lifestyles. The suggestions that someone feels about it? Red is an endeavor that requires a little extra care. Using a quality product and rinsing your hair at home in cool water will help preserve the color’s durability. Colorist / Stylist Mahogany Balayage

QA How would you describe this look? The suggestions that someone feels about it? This hairstyle and red brown hair would be perfect for someone who only needs to come in for root contact in 6-8 weeks in search of low maintenance. Products that I would recommend would be the Wow spray dream coat as a heat-protective Kendra working spray for a medium hairspray and the Aqauage shine sprays at the end for an extra shine. To build such beautiful beach waves, the Paul Mitchell wand was also used. ServicePhoto Copyright Policy Latest-Hair Contact UsPrivacy PolicySitemapTerms? By Length Colors All Patterns Formal Sex + Age