19 Amazing Ways to Wear

This unbelievably flawless twist Bantu knot-out would not prove accurate unless it was performed with the right products. If you’re looking for a definition of your natural hair, it’s one of the top hairstyles you can try and do it in just under an hour!

On a Weave

The use of trendy crochet braids makes these huge knots more achievable. Still super easy to do, it still gives you the most beautiful result you could have.

Straight Hair

Straight or curly long or short Bantu knots will never fail to be the finest and most flirtious African hairstyle that anyone can try on their own! Then remove them and rock those twisty curls after you can wear them for a few days!

Bantu Knots Short Hair

Transitioning Hair

Make sure the larger partitions are created if you do Bantu knots on transitioning hair after proper conditioning. If you want a more trendy and flexible feel, you can also opt for extensions. On

Dry Hair

The most important thing to remember when doing these wonderful knots on dry hair is to be careful, particularly because dry hair can be brittle and coarse. Be gentle to moisturize and take your time and it’s all going to be worth it!


Locs are a stunning hairstyle on their own, but this shouldn’t deter you from doing a more elegant one! In doing Bantu knots on dreadlocked hair, there really isn’t much difference than on loose strands. All you need to do is keep your favorite moisturizing product next to you all the time and you’re good to go!

Small Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots With Braids

A with Master Cosmetologist / Stylist Bantu Knots is a hairstyle out of the box and deserves a person who is assured that he can be the center of a space without trying. What I love about this style is it’s not taking long to do yet it’s so special and trendy. Know that your hair only needs to be long enough to get into ponytails, and if you don’t have the length, the rest can be done with extensions. You won’t also need too many things to carry only scalp oil and a satin wrap or cap to cover your hair while you’re sleeping. This style extends to those who have no constraints on clothing at their workplace or to those who do not put restrictions on themselves. Be safe and organic. Bantu Knot Twist

Bigger mounds on your head create a larger claim that can also be easily replicated and preserved.

For this style, there is no form of hair. Most people are doing their hair this way for fashion purposes today, but in fact it is a symbol of unity of power for the culture of Bantu / Africa. It is primarily used for styling safety. Before you get this style shampoo with moisturizing products and detach with a light oil or leave-in conditioner. When damped, it’s best to do this style, but for a nice beach wave, some stylist or hair lovers do it dry before bed. Take them down with a light oil in the morning and then break apart. They don’t need shampoo if you get them cleaned while they’re damped. It can last up to two weeks in this fashion. Light on the tea tree oil scalp. This will help with itching (if any) and humidity. Wrap them softly in a silk scarf at night!