18 Youthful Hairstyles and Haircut

This look is a wedge cut that’s fun and sassy. I scanned a few pieces of caramel against a brown chocolate for dimension and produced a rasier texture. For foundation and low light, I used Wella 6/73 6/ and toned with Redken shades Eq 7 gb 8wg. To women over 60, this is a perfect haircut and looking for a square or oval face shape to match. Using Bumble and Bumble thickening spray contour thickening cream and a medium round brush it was styled. With fine to medium hair types, this look works best. Coarse or curly hair can require styling for a few more minutes!

For women with thick hair

This look is considered a high-contrast, modern shag haircut (pretty dark base with bright highlights). I love this cut as it creates a lot of flexibility and eliminates some weight from the hair combined with any dimensional color. This complements the hair’s high texture and makes the color pop. This cut is more intended for people with decent hair, who frequently have time to style it. It’s perfect for softening or improving features in different face shapes. With a broad round comb, a strong volumizing mousse can help you achieve this look. If your hair is already wavy you’re going to have a better time to style it. Blonde Bob

Easy Shoulder Length Blonde Bob

What I love about this cut and color is particularly chic cutting – so many celebrities like Khloe Kardashian have the lob. It is a cut that is very common and very versatile. Anyone can wear it to a square face-shape from the young to the aged. It can be tailored to fit the consumer. As far as the color I love it because for someone who has gray hair, it fits really well. The highlights blend in with gray camouflage without changing the color of the surface. Among appointments (6-8 wks) and root-touch ups (4-6 wks) it gives more time. It is easy to style as well. With a flat iron or blow dryer or some loose / beach wave curls with a curling iron or flat iron, the customer may create a straight smooth look. It’s great for someone who has gray hair and doesn’t want to switch their base color and it’s a little less maintenance so it’s also good for someone who doesn’t want to come every 4-6wks to the salon because the forward angle is very attractive. It can help to make the face look slimmer with someone with a round or square face shape. It’s a very fashionable and famous look for someone who wants to keep up with the latest trends. I would prescribe a color safe heat spray to help keep the hair clean from hot equipment color safe shampoos / conditioners a purple shampoo to keep this icy platinum blonde nice and cool in between appointments a smoothing cream or oil to combat any frizz and a textured spray if my customer likes the beach wave look.

Thin-haired girlsShort Pixie Colors on Gray Hair

This short haircut and color I did was on a great client I had for 15 + years! She is constantly changing her gray hair so I get the pleasure of taking her through all the seasons. We selected these colors to really accentuate her amazing blue eyes and skin tone. I used a variation of violet and turquoise. I love to show once again that vivids can also be ageless. To older women like this one with a heart shape or square, I suggest haircuts to accentuate their cheekbones even more. This is the ideal haircut for a woman who likes a sexy look that is quick and easy and takes just minutes to style. The surface will actually vary in thickness to fineness as the material changes. L’Oréal Pro beach waves spray L’Oreal Pro powder lotion and a great finishing paste are also the best styling material I like to use. But the intensity can also vary depending on the type of hair. I like a more matte hair spray, finished with a soft paste with a little shine. The combination of styling products makes the best hair possible. Anyone can take this look influenced by Katy Perry off if they want to shake it up a little!

A with Master Craftsman This presentation is a classic French roll. It’s formal and very classy elegant. Especially when you get a blonde or light color, I love hair up as you can see the full dimensions and style textures that sometimes get lost in dark hair. In older women like this, formal hair styles are suitable in medium to long hair. I’m also going to tell my clients to look at a picture with a similar hair color to what they’ve got so you can get a clear picture of how it looks on their own skin. I think French rolls are elegant, but depending on your personal style, they can be made to look edgy with a lot more texture.

Smooth Hair Choppy Long Bob

A with Tier 4 Stylist This is a blunt medium-length cut with a razor micro fringe. I love the versatility and the feeling of fun and carefree. This look is ideal for someone who has a busy lifestyle, but with little or no effort wants to stay trendy. It’s quick to blow-dry or just pull back at this point, and the micro bangs look funny and compliment it in any way. You’re ready for a night out with a few wraps around a curling wand and a dry texture mist!To women over 70 it’s a comfortable haircut and with a few ways to style it. For a completely different feel, it could be round brushed flat ironed or just blow dried. D some paste or other cool sexy and messy look items! Hair Style