17 Stunning Examples of Balayage

A deep hot red and a cool brunette definitely go perfectly together when exactly combined. In particular, the mix adds definition to the cut on short layered waves.

Copper Highlights Balayage Black Hair

Dark Ash Brown with Golden Tones

Golden scanning will add glamor and luster to your brunette hair. Some touches of butter plus coo beachy waves are a perfect combination for your tresses to have length. Black to Silver Ombre

Who would not melt for this high-contrast head-turning hair color? The layered waves on a V-shape plus the silver metallic undertones establish a sexy look.

This is an amazing alternative – the dimensional wavy plum hair can make your mane look bright and alive!

Rose Gold Balayage Highlights on Dark Cocoa Hair

A rosy glow is a fast way to bring your natural brunette hair to the next level. For this easy-going brown balayage hair color, this choppy and allled bob is the ideal canvas.

Red Highlights of Dark Mocha

Subtle Light Brown to Dark Ombre

This look is perfect for clients who are not always able to get into the salon every 4-6 weeks but want to remain on the trend. This color is tailored to each customer. With a little hair contouring around your face, you can enhance your facial features and make your eyes pop! For someone who wants to break away from traditional highlights / lowlights, a balayage is awesome. This is for you if you are ready for low maintenance!

Dark to Blonde Ombre

A with Senior Stylist This look is the lived-in balayage / ombré. The most beautiful thing about it is that although it has been freshly done, it looks natural and is very low-maintenance. First and foremost use professional products. It is a must for condition therapies once a month and day-to-day professional brand products. The balayage / ombré will look perfectly balanced whether the hair is straight or the natural look is important for curly mind.

Grey Highlights Balayage Hair

A with Master Colorist The most beautiful thing about this look is that the grey highlights help to balance the natural greys of this customer while still keeping them stylish. She chose to embrace and even strengthen them instead of running from her greys. I kept her layers on the longer side for her cut to complement her scanning and allow her to wear her natural waves or smooth and sleek style without removing the color placement. It’s not for everyone as beautiful as it’s gray toned skin. Because of how high-maintenance gray or silver colored hair is I’m also practical with customers seeking results like this educating them on the value of professional hair care at home such as a color-safe shampoo blonde shampoo (to combat brassiness) protein and moisture treatments and heat control when styling as well as coming in every 3-6 weeks to refresh the gray look. If the hair is dark, whether natural or colored outcomes such as these that take a few sessions to achieve, it is important to be diligent and commit to the necessary steps to achieve the outcome.This look is not only great for long hair, but with this type of dimensional color, medium-length lobs look incredible. It’s also a great hair color intro for brunettes who haven’t plunged yet or are afraid of a surprising switch. My cutting and coloring methods carry the woman in search of a trendy shift with elegance and a little sass!

Caramel Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Caramel scanning is so stunning that it catches the sunshine and adds warmth to the features of your client! The highs and lows of her natural root between the hand-painted parts are some of my favorite things with this pigment. You can also create a lot of dimensions inside your lightened parts using different types of lightener and developer volumes. So keep her very low maintenance, I kept her natural root color! It always looks beautiful to deepen the natural root of your client, but she wanted the lowest maintenance choice. Moving off the different dimensional pieces using a variety of long layers and painting with a razor, you can add motion and attention to details to complement the light. Styling this color I love to finish with beach waves and vibrant hair curling products to help capture the sunlight off different hair pieces! You can really see the paint melt when you wear this straight color and watch the caramel dripping down each skin. Go for it for anyone who wants to try this color technique! One hundred percent! The methods of hand painting and balayage have been around and will not go anywhere soon. Most people want the glamorous sun-kissed goddess to look at their hair so it’s definitely an option for anyone who wants to look amazing. This color design is so versatile – wherever you want you can add dimension. It’s a very important conversation to have with your stylist to put your lighter bits. The lighter pieces, and where you can place them, can either enhance a feature that brings focus to one area, and big things now with the scanning is the money piece that brings the lighter pieces around your face to capture and enhance your look! The color’s design and material are very easy to return to wanting to look like a goddess. I stress how important it is for my clients to keep their hair clean. It is recommended for every consumer to use a good professional shampoo and conditioner, but where I see the best results for this beautiful color is the preparation and finishing items! Using a brilliant product to finish your hair for the day will also help you look colorful and feel incredible! The genius materials really make the hot tones bounce off the beam! Your face shape and lifestyle is another thing to think about with this paint! If you’re trying to make your face look slimmer or make it look more oval like talking to your stylist about making a piece of money around your face to catch your eye! If you don’t want to attract more attention to your face, start your lighting around your shoulders or neck to draw your eyes or hold some of your natural dark root around your head! Lighter pieces shyly attract attention from darker pieces. It’s another thing to consider talking about your lifestyle and what you’re doing with your hair on a daily basis! Do you wear your hair back and forth? If you pull your hair back, do you want to see light or dark? Do you have a hair style? Do you have a good level of maintenance? Were you still granted time to come to the salon? The scanning technique is definitely a lower color maintenance option if you don’t have the time to get in touch-ups every month. Although I always suggest that you come in between your blonding services for a color glossing service, it can help maintain and improve the tones you want to see in your hair! It may take multiple times to achieve this technique depending on how blonde you want your hair to be. Keep this in mind when you think about a scan! Latest-Hair Colors Hair Type All Trends Formal 13 Hottest Fulani Braids to Copy Right Now’

Short Fulani braids

Simplistic and one-of – a-kind Fulani braids are pretty much in the present. With the contrasting monochromatic-colored beads in full attention, the hanging masterpiece in this short version is still breathtaking as ever.

Shadow Fulani

Short Fulani braids

Simplistic and one-of – a-kind Fulani braids are pretty much in the present. With the contrasting monochromatic-colored beads in full attention, the hanging masterpiece in this short version is still breathtaking as ever.

Shadow Fulani

With Afro Puff

The scalp braids can be balanced by having fluffy puffs in the middle, as it offers looseness and vibration to the look. This look is a must-try for our vibrant ladies out there with everything perfectly arranged. Short braids with beads

Make your braids into a bob by loosening it and closing off the edges with colorful beadwork. They accentuate the look even more like other braids and can even be tailored to your mood and personality.

This genius ethnic style is a template with different patterns tailored to your personality. One of the many braiding patterns that you can get along with the smooth edges you can get with is a leaf-like style like this one.

Tribal braids

A beautiful tribute to your culture, these tribal braids are not only for beauty but also for cultural recognition. The proximity to patterned skin braidings is one of a kind look that is pure beauty.

Egyptian Braids

Queen Nefertari’s signature braid style brings you back to ancient Egyptian times. Good thing you can now access those stunning intricate braids all dressed in gold accessories and the dreaded braid of the single center. Great when parading your special long locks to bring out the royalty in you.

Blonde braids

Cornrow braid patterns

are the highlight of this braid as they intricately cover the head. For glam the feel, you can even add accessories.

Begin the young girls with very committed braiding techniques. Great way for their daily activities to keep tidy hair while preserving cuteness through these fun chunky beads. A with Cosmetologist / Colorist This is a type of defense that can be applied to all hair textures. It’s important to keep the hair moisturized with a braid moisturizing spray with any protective design. Use a lightweight satin scarf or cap at night to help keep the look fresh and avoid breakage of the hair.

Braided Updo

The magnificent patterns produced by the braiding technique are shown even more with this updo weaving. All the texture and shape that resembles a mohawk style in the rope-like appearance of your structured braids. Since decades, a flat twist hair with Salon Owner / Hair Stylist has been a go-to style since African American women. Such twists, however, have developed into a multitude of beautiful captivating styles with today’s trends. The ingenuity in flat twist hairstyles knows no boundaries when it comes to long hair natural hairstyles or extensions. My favorite thing about a flat twist updo is that the safe look for natural hair is an easier alternative. Hair must be on proper maintenance (treatment wise) and a little fuller for a nice looking outcome in order to achieve better results. This hairstyle goes with a youthful, simple and more reserved person, but it’s great for older people as well. All Trends

This trend takes you back to the golden cinema era. A lot of gel to make these swirly finger waves with the guidance of a precise comb.

Short hair finger waves

Soft finger waves are so light that they match a short cut such as this pixie. This type of combo displays choppy layers.

Quick Weave Finger Waves

With the finger wave weaves, shorter waves can be seen. It creates layers and makes them look more interesting and complex. Due to these beautiful finger waves, more hair this short still brings texture.

Finger Wave Updo

Deep Finger Waves

Only by carefully tightly arranging the hair can this pronounced finger wave be achieved. With this retro style, if your long hair is coiled to perfection, it can achieve a much-needed bounce. Soft finger waves

The precise arrangement of finger waves that makes your long blonde hair stand out is a nice difference between finger waves and your usual beach waves. The folds produced by the waves expose your hair tones that compliment your caramel and brown ash tones.

Long hair finger waves

This look is going to take you back to the ‘ 20s. These waves create a texture like no other, creating volume for your long hair and doing wonders.

Natural Hair Finger Waves

A messy loose finger wave or beachy finger wave Use light mousse to form messy curls on the side of the main waves. For someone looking for that effortless style, this style is great. Tossing and scrunching your curls with a light mousse up top makes it easy. Use an edge monitor to refresh your finger waves and reshape your natural S curls.

Super Short Finger Waves This finger-waved look is sleek and edgy. It’s easy to keep this look dressed up or down and that’s my absolute favorite thing about it. In order to achieve this look, I would suggest you get a relaxer or texturizer unless your hair texture allows for a flat, polished look. The puffy finger waves are nothing chic. Blonde Finger Waves

This is an old Hollywood style with a modern twist from Marilyn-Monroe.

A with Hairdresser This is a classic Hollywood wave or loose finger wave reminiscent of 1940’s silver screen icons. The charm comes from the polished and sculpted curls to create ridges and valleys. With its peek-a-boo framing, this creates a soft bouncy and glamorous look that draws attention to the cheekbones and eyes. What I love most are the flat roots that make up a perfectly classic face-framing. That’s 101 hair beauty. This is for the person who, when they arrive, wants to make a statement and look absolutely amazing. It is best suited for any special event or occasion. Medium to dense hair works better under the shoulders with length. Extensions for fullness can be added. Even though it has a soft look, don’t be fooled by this style’s sophistication. It’s not an easy look to create so the best way to help create it is to get your stylist or a specialist. For an intense hold and shine that will firmly set the curls for bounce and sculpture, mousse and a lacquered hairspray are required. For order to maintain the sculpted look, the curls must be brushed teased pinned for place and sprayed.

Finger Wave Curls

A with Barber / Stylist I love the harmony and refinement of texture. A finger-wave core shape with exaggerated ridges and smooth hair peaks that turn into allled textures allows for dressing or dressing this style. It’s a classic, urban-flavored hairstyle.

Pixie Cut Waves

A with Salon Owner / Hair Stylist This is a stunning sexy Hollywood theme. My model is a new mother who is staying at home. You can run this look up or down. I wanted the deep bold waves of my fingertips. The materials used to put the waves in place was foam wrap and then held it for 20 minutes under the hairdryer. Hairspray and oil sheen were the final materials. To achieve this look, I suggest a medium texture hair – thin hair can reveal the scalp. This theme will also be perfect for girls ‘ night out and after-5 activities cocktail parties for brides. This is going to look like a win! ServicePhoto Copyright Policy Latest-Hair Contact UsPrivacy PolicySitemapTerms

High Ponytail with Bangs

Genie Ponytail with Bangs

Walk like a beauty fountain with this version of the goddess-looking ponytail. Half Ponytail

creates the perfect illusion of a full body skin. Plus, for more versatility, you can do more styling with loose hair.

Often a good hairstyle with ponytails. But do you know that it is possible to show even this basic tied up design in multiple ways? Take the colors of this elegant approach to waves, and the body will definitely turn a seemingly normal ponytail into a desirable look.

Ponytail Braid

A unique way to taste a high ponytail that seems to be normal! Get to braid and use it as your ponytail’s hair tie.

Curl ponytail

I’m calling it a tail! It’s just a stylish dresser putting on our regular ponytails. I love it because it’s very flexible and suits so many women. It’s great for those worried about getting an upstyle done and looking or thinking it’s just too formal or too fancy for the event. You certainly need the length and thickness of your hair or a great set of human hair clip in hair extensions to have this style finished! This style actually also has a couple of clip-in hair extensions to add volume and length. Curly Ponytail

Wig Specialist Curly Ponytail

Wig Specialist Use your natural curls or spray your hair with a curl cream. Steel. Iron. Iron. Sleek your hair high up pony making a double stacked pony to make your hair look longer if desired. To make it appear more voluminous, tease under each pony. Sleek back the top with a boar bristle on a tiny teasing brush or toothbrush that includes your baby’s hair with hairspray.

French Braid

A with Hair Braider These are Dutch braids with braid extensions that come in all sorts of colours. As a little feature we’ve added hair rings that I think complete every look! The long, bright, thick ponytail is what I enjoy the most. This bright look with natural hair is difficult to get, so the braids extensions really made this look nice! For more than a week, most would leave a ponytail in. It’s not too hard to maintain. Use a large tooth comb to clean. You could put it in a bun and you’re going to look completely different. The ponytail won’t easily slip or come off as it’s fixed inside the braids. You cut the whole theme out if you want them out. You know, at least, that in an event your hair won’t fall apart. For music festivals, these types are the most common. A few people go normal and close to the color of their skin.

High tissue

Braided Ponytail

Make sure you’ve got enough hair or it’s certainly going to change. The length allows a smoother flow to occur that counteracts the edginess of the braids and accessories. Texture spray is also going to be your go – to product to get a more complete ponytail. Volumizing hair powders also helps to achieve height and completeness! Some of my favorites are dry texture spray from Moroccan Oil and Puff Me. This will be pulled out by a bolder personality as it is more of that vibe. It makes you want to know who she is when you see the leather jacket and high pony with the fun accessories! The status of it-girl!

A with Cosmetology Student This messy high pony is a straight to wavy hair upstyle perfect. This high ponytail is a traditional and stylish style and my favorite thing about it is how it can be dressed up for a wedding prom or other formal events dressed up for a night out for girls or even just for your besties on Sunday brunch. Think about how your look around this ponytail will be styled. Consider how tight or loose you want your curls to be, how high you want your ponytail to be on your head, how much volume you want, and if you want some loose pieces to frame your eyes. I would say that this style should be done on straight or wavy, shoulder-long or longer hair. The higher the ponytail can go the longer the hair. I’d come to the salon with dry hair for the best results. As far as product selection is concerned, I would recommend starting with a protective heat before curling your hair and working with a textured hairspray to add volume and matte texture to the curls. Once the hair is in the ponytail and the client is pleased with the look I will add a matte, medium-to-high-hold hairspray. To this look, you don’t want to add shine. A versatile and effortless upstyle perfect for your special day, this messy high ponytail.

Long High Ponytail

A with Senior Hairstylist Well this high ponytail was influenced by singer Ariana Grande from her Manchester Concert in support of bombing victims where she wore a similar style of hair. The sharp and sleekness of it is my favorite thing about it. It’s sophisticated and fun.This is a sleek and versatile high ponytail! It is the ideal hairstyle case and adds to any outfit a formidable feel! Great with a wing liner or a red lip comment! It is definitely the key to straighten the hair first! This can be easily achieved with a ponytail extension if you have shorter hair. I know that Moroccan Silk has just released some lovely ones that are so easy to apply! If you have long hair, I find this style easier to create at the crown with two pieces of hair on the front and back. To find the perfect place for your ponytail, use a lightweight hair spray to smooth baby hair while you brush and draw the line from your ear to the crown. Wrap around the hair tie and secure a small section of hair with a bobby pin below, then you’re good to go! Cornrow Ponytail

A with Braider My advice is a ponytail if you need a hairstyle easy for a month. Your ponytail can also be painted. Olive oil edge protection gel and shea butter can be used as items for your scalp. Especially for summer months, it is a recommended hairstyle. Latest-Hair Colors Hair Style Formal