Temp Fade with waves

Waves add texture to your look even if your skin fades around the temples! This temp fade with haircut waves will reveal this flawless black hairstyle to greatly clean up your look.

Temp Fade with Twists

A with Barber / Stylist This look says that while keeping a clean brush, I let my hair go wild. It’s both worlds ‘ best – a clean blend while the top remains untouched. Only someone with thick hair can get this style. Hair is a word, not a race – telling my customers so I understand your hair and then I can tell you what’s right for you. I wouldn’t suggest a job interview for this look. If you’re looking for an office job and I wouldn’t suggest it if you’re over 25. It’s great for those who want to let their hair grow while with it maintaining some kind of style.

High Temp Fade

A with Barber / Stylist It’s a bit different from the usual ones I’ve been seeing for a while. Most of it’s a wearable look. Focusing on the type of products to use is essential in order to obtain very versatile shapes. I used mousse volume (Label.m) and wax spray (Label.m) in this case. I always recommend this look to those who want a look different from the usual cut personality. The critical consideration is the smooth / medium hair structure preferably.It is a very new and trendy look that is very present in the youth of today. It has a skin tone that increases slowly in the temple area. The curly hair above would be very relaxed because when the customer is at home, it doesn’t take long to brush. I’d say it’s nice to look at and it’s realistic to handle.

Temp Fade with Part

This side temp fade is a professional’s legitimate job. The cut is made strategically to compensate for the men who are occupied. For a well-presented feel, the brush up complements the longer strands on the sides. A with Barber It’s futuristic and avant-garde, but I like it most because it frames the guys ‘ face and makes you look younger. I will encourage each customer to take the risk of changing their conventional haircuts, which would suit everyone. Hair Type


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