15 On-Point Short Inverted Bob

Don’t worry about very short straight hair because this cut is bound to give you form and bounce! Graduated layers round the bob at the back, allowing you the ability to style up front.


This could be a haircut for thin-haired girls! On its flyaway ends, the tapered back with long fringe at the front gets a lot of volume and teased roots.

Textured for Fine Hair

This bob’s graduated cut makes the look more complete. Gloss over the rusty brown color makes it even more enticing and eye-detectable.

Bob For Fine Hair

I enjoy haircuts because they are very easy to handle. This client has light curly hair so in order to get a really cool and simple texture, if she wants to dry her hair naturally with some sea salt spray. She should wear it straight with an iron as well. Which means that if you want to, the hairstyle looks different every day and it won’t take a lot of time to do it. If a client wants this haircut, cutting it is almost never an issue, because cutting it is very individual. I don’t graduate / layer it too much in the front if I have a client with thin hair – quite the opposite of thick hair who requires even more layers or a good thinning-out technique. You can also adjust the length on the sides with this style, the partings cut a fringe and cut it asymmetrically or bluntly. No matter what kind of hair or the customer’s face shape, finding the best way to create a nice-looking short bob cut is almost always possible. For almost every woman, it’s a timeless, always good looking haircut. I use a smaller round brush a flat iron or curler for a client with straight hair and create all kinds of texture for each mood.

for thick hair

The first thing I’d say about this inverted bob is that it’s a clean-line classic look. This works for women who are willing to go short but still want to retain a certain size. It’s a feel of extremely low maintenance. For a woman with fine hair, I also highly recommend this cut. She will find that her hair is going to fill in all the right spots. By adjusting the length and layers, I feel like the inverted bob fits virtually every face shape. I just blew her hair out with a round brush, but a big paddle brush is another choice. It’s a bit easier to deal with. Enjoy this flirtious feel! Do not overthink the styling process when choosing this style, but have fun with it. If you have wavy hair, it also works well with an allled beach look. Maybe scrunching one’s own waves as it is drying or a half-inch tub, and then raking their fingers through it, finishing off with Kms Hair Play Playable Texture for next-day hair feeling! And now she’s got that Je-ne-sais-why look and love it.

Short and Angled

A with Master Stylist This inverted bob is a simple yet elegant classic timeless bob. In reality, this is the only style I didn’t color on my blog! We cut 19 inches of her locks to give children wigs that got rid of her old colored ends and left her with her beautiful natural color. The cut falls seamlessly into place and without much effort styling (which is what she was looking for) still looks like she’s putting a ton of effort into it. It’s the perfect cut for a lady who wants to look together for any occasion without the effort that other styles can take. In fact, we chose this cut based on the styling’s simplicity. The previous styling regime for this client was wash-and-wear, so we needed to be realistic about what she was going to do with styling at home. This cut is flexible because it can be worn with a little texture spray as wash-and-wear. A smoothing cream round brush and flat iron will be perfectly doing the trick for a sleeker feel. When cutting into the correct length and angle, this cut works well on all face shapes, making it so timeless and beautiful on any woman. Latest-Hair Colors Hair Style Formal