15 Modern Comb Over Haircuts

Medium Side Part

Want the most striking men’s look? This sleek comb brushed to the sides over hairstyle is one of the most beautiful and easiest to get groomed looks. Drop Fade

Sleek faded hair from the temples down to the nape completes this perfect beard-like look for a real gentleman.

Show off your clean sides with striking black hair to create a tapered look.

Bald Fade

Stop crowds combined with straight dark hair. With this look, anyone would look more bolder and sleeker.

Classic Comb Over Fade

This beautiful style can accommodate any guy who has the class and beauty to wear. Use a fade to seamlessly turn into a beautiful beard. Anyone can wear this classic comb over haircut.

3. Ultimately apply a product of styling. If pomade texture material etc. takes about a dime amount and warms it up by rubbing between your hands and spreading it all over your body, this is whatever beauty product you want. Then use a brush and/or your hands to direct your hair as you like. After that, Hairspray is available.

Comb Over with Hard Part

This look is a tapered comb over with a hard part and a tapered nape and temple tapering should be the best thing. I like a simple clean look in those focal point areas with some soft blends all around. I will suggest a pomade for styling with either a smooth shine finish or a natural matte look to pull off this haircut successfully. This style is not too hard to maintain, but you have to comb / brush and use blow dryer mix with a cream to do it correctly in order to preserve the hair. I would like to say that any type of hair can pull this comb over the hairstyle. Personally, I like the dark, coarser hair which makes the contrast between the skin and the hair more visible. This haircut can be club-ready for Monday morning meetings on Friday night or business-oriented. Simple and smooth cut. Skin Fade

A with Barber Consider items and styling of your everyday lifestyle routine and type of hair. Usually this comb over style can be done with most styles of hair, but some may need the aid of hair products. Other great things to use to achieve this look are pomades soft or hard gels and specific hair sprays such as spritz or holding sprays! If you’re following this comb over haircut but want to have more length, you’ll need a good large tooth comb and a blow dryer to help with the perfect appearance. But what I think is your everyday routine the most important factor. Depending on your activity load, this style might use more maintenance throughout your day. The humidity or wetness of physical work or exercise may ruin the style affectively, so keep that in mind! Otherwise I would suggest that everyone try this haircut style.

Undercut men’s

A with Barber This look is a bald fade comb with a hard part and fading beard. The biggest thing about this haircut is the client’s rough hair so you can see the fade description.This is a sleek daily professional haircut comb that can be worn in the workplace and a night out in the city. What I like about this hairstyle comb is that for a more edgy look you can also wear this spiked on top. Keep clean of this cut. Mousse coloring can be used for maintenance purposes. So long as you have the charisma to display and prove, almost any face shape can be worn with this.

Disconnected Undercut

A with Owner I love this comb over haircut because it embodies my barbering method which is to scatter and compress different styles to create a modern type of Rockabilly-style haircut. The quiff is a nod to the hairstyles of Euro-chic men. I am taking inspiration from my own Latin roots in precision razor work and skin-tight blending. The haircut starts with a mild bald fade and finishes with a V in the back silhouetting a mohawk in the darker hair regions. I finished the cut thriving with a simple design to improve the look, but not to detract attention from the bald fade or disconnected quiff. The hard part also runs quite parallel to the simple design I slashed into the side that is also ironically halfway between the start of the hard part and the end of the V fade. It goes without saying that a lot is going on! It’s easy to style this hair but it takes time (10-15 minutes). To begin with, I apply to wet hair grooming tonic. Then I blow the hair against the grain with a paddle brush until 70% dry to create weight. Then I finish drying it in the direction I want it to flow with the grain. I proceed to fashion by applying a lift-assisted volumizing material. Eventually, I use my fingertips cushions (never smeared with palms) to add a matte paste to lock in any fly-away hair and a wide-toothed comb to set it up. This haircut comb is definitely intended for someone who has time to do their hair. I wouldn’t necessarily consider it ideal for the workplace, but it would be great for any career that would require a little more artistic freedom. It’s a style that speaks for you definitely. This means that you care about your appearance, but you still have a spirit of youth. Hair Style 23 Amazing Galaxy Hair Color Ideas

Spiral Galaxy Lavender Magenta ‘
Men’s Galaxy Hair

Spiral Galaxy Lavender Magenta ‘
Men’s Galaxy Hair

Cosmic Color Melt

This strong and deep scanning body, with its vivid colors that suit fair skin tones, really catches the eye. The aqua blue begins at the roots and ends as a transition shade in a bright teal with purple. Deep Dark Galaxy

With each deep hue effortlessly blending into each other, this multi-tone look manages to look stunning. The outcome is so sleek and vibrant enhanced by the big waves and will certainly suit all styles of hair with the right maintenance.

The artistic combination of dark blue and purple in this style is deeply in love with us. Stylist Jeni added buns and fantastic jewelry to the look that anyone can replicate, adding a magical and exclusive touch.

Star-Gazing Blue Black

This two-tone blue scanning is a beautiful combination of cold water colors that suits many skin tones. Holding the dark roots saves the stylist’s visits and the waves make it easy to look effortlessly.

Milky Way Pastel Bob

This stunning gradient begins in a bright purple and transitions gradually into a lightened pastel blue. For those with fair to dark skin tones and medium to long hair, it’s super great.

Teal Magenta stratosphere

Balayage of The Future

This very dreamy hairstyle starts with a sweet, vibrant violet with dark roots and transforms into blue streaks. The gradient is so subtle that you don’t even notice it without those white highlights ‘ brightening effect.

This is definitely the smoothest violet bob you’ll see – taking on a cool violet base that transforms into a vibrant blue and then a beautiful violet all creating movement and dimension.

Unicorn in Space

This short color-popping hairstyle is sure to fall in love with you! Infused on a rich blue base with purple lines, this hair got a lot of texture along with that messy wave.

Andrameda Braids

A brilliant evidence of the beautiful mix of braids and dyed hair. This look incorporates perfectly placed violet and blue shades highlighted on both sides by a thick braid center and two cute loose braids.

Braided Peacock Astronaut

Cosmic Bow

This mystical color melting of purple teal and magenta is entirely possible for any hair length. These electrical shades will require high and regular maintenance, but it will be worth it for sure.

Northern Lights

This gradient teal is amazing for women who want to have this color experience. It starts with a dark base and transforms into a bright, lighter shade electrified by neon green bits.

Muted Milky Way

Sprinkle your shoulder-long straight hair with such a super edgy purple lavender melt. One strategy for better upkeep is to keep your roots dark so you’re not going to have any trouble growing up.

From This World Magenta Highlights

Neon Nebula

Feel the galaxy’s vastness right in your hair with this top quality paint job! It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a short haircut – it only matters if you’re bold enough to look like this for a high maintenance but super fun! Hair Type
Thick Mid-Fade

Like they tell be careful what you want … The most desirable hair feature of thickness comes with the handling downside that is sometimes infamous. Not only does the following cut deal with this problem, it also helps to highlight the natural beauty of thick healthy hair by giving it freedom to grow and freedom to flow.

Smooth Mid-Fade

Older Men’s Textured Crop

A with Hair Replacement Professional This style is classic and ideal for people with medium to smooth hair. On the sides, the form is square and most of the edges, eliminating unnecessary weight and offering a very masculine look. For tight edges, it’s short enough to look clean, giving it a very polished professional appeal. This cut is built to last 6-8 weeks without an ideal messy look. The top is definitely my favorite because with rounded edges the front is longer. It can be built in a variety of ways from day to day to suit the needs of the customer. It’s such a simple look. It is a classic form designed to maximize flexibility and masculinity, making this perfect for several gentlemen. I think the game changer here is the style. While still looking good, it’s short enough to be a wash and wear but I suggest using a matte pomade to enhance the look. It will bring the style to life, adding some structure and polish to the hair, but still allowing it to look low maintenance and live in.

High Pompadour

A with Barber This is a classic pompadour look that gives a much higher pomp to Japanese biker fashion. Styling is the favorite thing about the haircut. The comb lines and the height it could reach after using a grease pomade and looking at it is very satisfying.Usually called Ivy League or Princeton, it’s a conventional classic haircut that the graduates of the most prestigious American universities used to wear in the 1950s. A longer crewcut version – long enough to make a parting, but the sides and back were still kept short, keeping it comfortable to wear and suit the university rules. And I characterize it as the moderate, traditional look. What I personally like in this hairstyle is this feeling of the good old classic that used to fade away in the 1960s and yet you can rarely see such a look as new barbershops make more metrosexual looks just slightly touching or making it pompous. If you want to look sleek while saving time on combing your hair, it’s certainly your style. Such a style, in my view, fits best with young men who like to look more formal and traditional. Because the length on top is not longer than 1.5 inches and the fringe is kept progressively shorter, the sporting activities should be comfortable enough. It’s a universal haircut that suits virtually every hair type. I would suggest using matte paste or hair pomade (the first one is for a matte finish and the second one is for a lighter look) particularly for thick Asian skin, although it is not always required. Clean High Fade Crop

A with Boca Raton Fl Licensed Barber How would you characterize this look and what is your favorite? This is a textured look that is messy. Recreation is easy for the customer. Since it’s messy you just put your hands through the hair and it’s over styling. I’ve used the pomade Layrite brand. For people with hair that is naturally all over the place, I recommend this style. It means that, unless you use a lot of product, the hair naturally does not want to comb over a certain way. It’s ideal to use as little product as possible and keep the style all day long. The best choice is this messy textured look!

Clean up and smooth fadeFor someone with dense and straight hair, I suggest this look. Customers who don’t have much time to spend on grooming or who have a busy lifestyle usually choose this type of hairstyle. This finished hairstyle and beard varies depending on the head and face form of the client’s hair type.

Traditional Hard Part Combover

A Barber How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite? With a modern twist and a hard component, this look is a typical combover. A hard part is essentially a line in the hair that is physically created with a trimmer or razor rather than with a comb or brush separating or cutting the skin. The change from fade and light to dark contrast is my favorite thing about this cut. It’s very clean and simple but at the same time very attractive. You can use any pomade with a brightness to achieve this look. I used Jramosny’s The Shine for that particular haircut and style. For anyone who wants to try a new, more sophisticated conventional and business-oriented look, I suggest this slice. This look can go with any style or occupation of trendy wear. It’s a very diverse hairstyle with lots of variations that’s my favorite part overall about style.

Side Part + Fade

How are you going to explain this look and what is your favorite? This is a tiny skin-fading side part. I love this look because it’s a classic haircut / style but the skin fade makes it a bit more provocative at the same time. For Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay, I modeled this one. This gentleman has wavy, curly hair, of course. He wanted to keep the natural curl and wave and we got it with Matt Clay’s little fingertips!

Licensed Cosmetologist Spiky and Textured


Brushed Natural Back

A with Barber This haircut is a brushed back style loosely textured. It looks and feels really normal. Maintenability is my favorite part of this theme. In order to achieve this look, the client does not have to put a lot of effort into styling. What products do you recommend for this look to be maintained and recreated? I suggest a light amount of marine salt spray and a matte clay finish. The better the natural finish. To a client with thicker hair, I prefer this style because it’s much easier to maintain than a shorter clipper cut. The shape of the face is also significant. On most face shapes this style can be done as long as you adapt the hair’s profile shape to the individual’s head shape. Skin Fade Caesar Cut

A with Barber How are you going to describe this look and what is your favorite? What products do you recommend for this look to be maintained and recreated? The product I’ve used is Affected with Jack’s Barbers by our own company. It’s a spray of texture and clay blowing slowly dried into the skin with a diffuser? It fits best with someone in the front front with a square face shape and a solid bone structure as well as a decent hairline. This look will trouble clients with really straight hair because they find it difficult to get texture through the edge.

A with Barber How are you going to describe this look and what is your favorite? This look is influenced very much by the U.K. I enjoyed creating and pairing the wavy texture with a smooth fade. It basically says at the same time I care and I don’t care.
Young Professional Combover Part

A with Barber How are you going to describe this look and what is your favorite? It’s casual but elegant this hairstyle. This looks just as good on a day out in the sun with shades and jeans as dressed up for a formal event. The thing I like most about this cut is that the sides are gently blended with the section being long enough to feather back. It still has some weight to it, but it adds to the whole cut’s overall shape and skin. What items would you suggest for this look to be preserved and recreated? I use a blow dryer to give it as much body as possible to create this style and use a small amount of a matte clay material to hold the style together while retaining a natural look. The material that I use for this cut is the Maximum Matte Shiner Gold Clay. With this style, I really like to exaggerate the sides ‘ feathering back to give it that perfect blended look where the weight is. You want to make sure that you focus on drying it back almost straight from the component instead of down and away from it. This look is great for the young business professional who still has a sense of style to maintain. For this, the perfect hair would be medium-length hair, which is average to medium in thickness and straighter than curly. Nevertheless, curly or thick hair can still be manipulated with enough blow drying to achieve this look.

Texture Cut with Highlights

I would characterize this look as adding a little dimension to the skin. It’s perfect for someone who wants a change but isn’t willing to do something entirely different. My favorite thing about it is how its hair texture really stands out from the highlights. I recommend a matt paste with a strong hold to recreate this look. I used the American Crew Fiber because it’s the kind of product that doesn’t make it look like you’ve got anything in your hair but it’s got a strong hold you don’t have to worry about your hair falling all day long. Nearly anyone can rock this look as there are countless style choices. It’s extremely versatile! Having the top styled up a bit will definitely add some height and lengthen the shape of a round face to create the oval shape you want. If you have curly, straight or wavy hair, with slight variations, you can still look like this.This is a twist-looking bald fade on edge. I recommend that you use the Twist Sponge and the curl cream with it. Next, add cream with water, then twist and blow dry on hot at the same time.

Great Combover

A with Barber This is probably my favorite haircut to do as you use all facets of barbering to accomplish it. A detailed description of this look would be a mid bald-fade combover with the top trimmed. I recommend only a soft pomade. Most people saturate the hair with pomade or gel, but ideally only a small amount is needed to help the hair style to keep it flexible and soft? For a customer with thicker hair, I suggest this look but it can be tailored for anyone. Depending on the shape of the head and the color of the hair, I will change the blend slightly higher or lower on the sides. I would also cut the top of their head shorter depending on how busy they are so that the hair does not interfere with their daily routine, given their lifestyle and behaviors.

A with Barber How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it? What items would you suggest for this look to be preserved and recreated? To achieve this style, using their hands, one would blow dry. Apply a matt cream material after drying. I used Matte Cream Layrite. To customers with thick or thin straight hair, I suggest this look. It might be a good look for any lifestyle it’s just a question of whether the client wants to take the time to regular style their hair.

Use your fingertips for hair styling. Enable the rest of the way to dry hair for best results. Aveda Control Paste provides hair with a finely textured but low-sheen look that is not oily and smooth. Best Face Shapeand Hair Type: Tip: The most natural finish will be provided by using a texture cream on towel dried hair and allowing it to air dry. Use a styling gel instead if you like a more managed grip.

Pompadour Prep

Hair remains high and soft when styled on the pompadour in this modern way. How freshly washed and conditioned hair is dry to towel. Job a quarter-sized quantity of hair styling cream. Use a medium round brush to remove hair from the face and create the lift you need for your finished look. Complete the look for command with a medium to high keeping hairspray. Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray performs dual duties with high hold and a medium shine finish. Best Face Shapeand Hair Type: this style may be rocked by oval round square and pear face shapes. Styling hair with a round brush when drying the blow is necessary to create an all-day look.


Combover for Older Men

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com A sleek and classic look lends itself to the longer length on the top and sides of this design. How to work throughout a texture cream to ensure that the material is evenly distributed across your body. Enable dry air. Use Gage to keep versatility and a medium finish for Men Shaping Cream. Best Face Shapeand Hair Type: Tip: Work products all the time through your hair head. Working material can result in uneven styling and finishing through just one part.

Thick Buzz Cut

In a trendy state, grow your own lawn. The buzz cut is one that anyone can wear, refreshing and elegant.

Short Fauxhawk

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com This long, slightly wavy gray hair has a youthful and corporate-friendly coif. How to clean hair towel. Flick up the front hairline a little of the hair. Enable the hair to dry air. American crew company Hold Gel is alcohol-free non-flaking and has a low pH to avoid scalp drying. Best Face Shapeand Hair Type: Tip: Working with wavy hair can be difficult. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair after you work through the gel if you like more power.

Short shag with layers

This medium to short cut is built around the head to produce lots of movement around the ends and a broken look. How to clean hair towel. Wrap hair around your head with a paddle brush while you blow dry. It produces the motion in the picture you see. Work through hair a bit of pliable styling cream to define the motion that was created in the previous step. Men’s Bed Head B Multi Tasking Grooming Cream is a lightweight cream that offers natural structure and power. Best Face Shapeand Hair Type: This look will wear well oval square pear face shapes with thick straight hair. Tip: Alternatively, opt for a pliable styling paste with a moderate grip.Perform with hair a golf ball-sized amount of mousse styling. Use your fingertips to raise the roots of your hair when you blow dry. Once the hair is dry, work a high hold gel through the top and sides and push the hair forward at the back of the head. Use OsiS Grip during blow drying for extra style support. Oval-shaped round and pear faces will easily rock this style. Tip: Sometimes it’s hard to describe this style to a stylist or barber. Please bring pictures with you, so you can be sure that you’re on the same page as the stylist or barber, especially when you’re trying something different.

Thick Casual Curls ‘
Brushed Up Crew Cut

Perfect candidates for this style are heart round pearandoval face shapes with thicker coarser hair types. Tip: Gel works better on thick hair than cream products because gels tend to offer a little more control and structure for stubborn texture of hair.

Punk Inspired Choppy Hair with Fringe’
Thick Surfer Hair

This is a very basic long look for those with a straight hair texture. How to clean hair towel. Perform a quarter-sized amount of liquid coloring from roots to ends throughout the body. Be sure to work the brand for even styling in your body. Use a blow dryer to put the material and your style back and slightly off to one side as your hair is finger-combing.Deep Side Part Combover

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com This style is split into lots of visible boost and high-stakes fashion. How to part one side of the hair. Use the outer eye corner as your guide to where the part is supposed to be. Use your fingertips to raise the roots of your hair when you blow dry. Full by spreading throughout the hair a nickel-sized amount of pliable styling cream. Hair from the finger comb to the hand. For Men Loose Ends, try Redken Liquid Pomade. This gives a slightly elastic finish for longer lengths. Best Face Shapes: Tip: Apply a little medium or high hold aerosol hairspray for extra control.

Brushed Forward Crew Cut

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com How to use medium heat setting to blow dry hair forward. Lift the front when you dry up (near your hairline). Work a quarter to quarter quantity nickel high hold styling gel through hair for perfect control. Catch OsiS Gelastic with a strong shine finish for a firm hold. This look can be pulled off from the heart square and oval face made with thicker hair of any texture. Tip: Ask your stylist or barber to use clippers across the sides and back and scissors in the top area to create this look. Then the two lengths can be combined with textured scissors. Class of hair