15 Magenta Hair Color Examples

This shows that this deep pen color is also suitable for mid-long hair!

Naturally Curly Hair

Extra protection means having curly hair. And it may be a doting complement to painting your hair a wild hue. But as you can see giving extra time to your hair and paying attention so well to see the perfect end result.

Dark Magenta Hair

What color to try? This soft burgundy color does not make it harsh on the hair coloring zone for first-timers.


This look is very versatile for me. It’s rock, it’s sexy, it’s romantic and chic, and I love it! The cut is one of the most flexible cuts and one of the most beautiful in my opinion! The magenta color is a bright reddish color and character, and for those who want to break from the usual colors but do not overdo it, it is a color. I made waves to show both the cut and the color for styling. Just do it! It’s a look that looks good on the character and lifestyle of all styles of hair skin complexion face shape. To keep the color beautiful and bright, it is best to have some precautions and a little more time to wash with items. You’re always at the edge with this look!

Magenta Purple Ombre

Short Faded Hair

A with Samantha Bradshaw Style Creator / Master Hair Colorist This look is bold and fresh for a girl who wants to have fun with her usual highlight appointment. My favorite thing about this hue is that for a blonde it’s a bold switch, but without the commitment. Only a few washes last for this type of colors and you’ll be back to blonde in no time! To dilute the color, I mixed Pravana magenta dye hair into Olaplex number 2 and used it as a toner in the bowl on my client. The color deposits differently to the blonde levels and the styled waves really display the various magenta pops! Note that it’s really quick fadeout! I made custom color masks to use at home for my customers to keep the magenta hair color longer. This look is perfect if you’re like me and have a hard time with your blonde!

A with artist Hollie Evans Color Specialist This magenta hair color has been produced using all specific Pulp Riot colors. I customized each color section to create a unique and tailor-made color creation that ensures that each individual customer is never the same but still gets a beautiful magenta hair color. My favorite thing about this magenta hair color is the seamless mix between melting each color and complementing each other’s colors to make the whole look pop. I always love to finish with a curl to see the end result intertwined with all the colors. Committing to such a color can be exciting and fun, no matter how dedicated you are to give it the Tlc it needs. Maintaining such beautiful colors will put a spammer in your current hair care regime’s works. To ensure the color’s life span, qualified items are a must. To create the perfect outcome, it can be quite an operation. Ideally a customer should have blonde hair or be willing to lighten it to a desired level. Direct coloring can be heat-sensitive, so people who frequently use hot styling tools need to consider minimizing use and reducing temperature. Also, swimming pools are not your hair friend and will jeopardize the color’s integrity. Photo Copyright Policy Latest-Hairstyles.com © 2019 Hair Type All Trends Formal