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Zak Bagans Net Worth 2020 Zak learned the basics of filmmaking at the School. He was strongly interested in making documentary films and after his MPI degree he moved to Las Vegas to make his dreams a reality. He had previously suffered. He worked several jobs to meet the ends, and for some time he was a wedding disc jockey, before attempting to get a cast and crew together to make his debut documentary. He was a skeptic at first but one thing changed his life forever. He once met a suicidal woman’s spirit and his life has never been the same, according to him. From that moment on, he decided to work to dig deep into the spiritual aspects of human life, and he brought a team together to make a documentary-style movie named almost Ghost Adventures. Education

Zak graduated from Glenbard West High School located in Illinois in 1995 and was a keen history enthusiast. To him his university years have been somehow frustrating. He wanted to pursue filmmaking but he opted out of it given the difficulties he might have encountered. Fresh from high school he began attending the University of Western Michigan. Eight months into the program he knew he wasn’t ready for it and dropped out to attend the Michigan Motion Picture Institute to learn how to make films.

Bagans became well known as the lead expert and host of the paranormal Ghost Adventures American TV setup. He is also one of the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC)’s leading members, one of the largest global group of experienced paranormal experts. A former cynic Zak’s passion for the paranormal was awakened when he came across a self-destructive lady’s spirit in his condo at Trenton MI in 2002. On the show Bagans and his hunter friends Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin are investigating locations which are known to be haunted. He is frequently criticized for his strategies and he says he loves afterlife and wants to set off an answer from evil. In 2011 he became the host and producer of another paranormal series on the Travel Channel called the Paranormal Challenge. By 2012, he intensified his paranormal experiments even further as he became the executive producer of another series on the Paranormal Paparazzi travel channel. That year he launched his private line of clothing called DungeonWear and made two music collaborations with the Belgian-American band Lords of Acid and the Belgian singer Praga Khan, one of them.


Cassandra Peterson Net Worth 2020 Bio Weight Awards and InstagramBio

Cassandra Peterson was born 17 September 1951 in Manhattan Kansas. A bucket of Easter eggs boiling away from the fireplace burned a third of her body in her childhood years, which left her scars visible. Her family later moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. She was also reserved all her early life. Her mum ran a dress store and used it as a platform a lot. Cassandra attended General William J. to speak about her career. Cassandra was initially introduced as a dancer to the local clubs while still in high school. She later auditioned at the Dunes Hotel on Vive Les Girls during the 1969 spring break. She then sang in the Italian pop rock band and had a small part in Federico Fellini’s 1972 film called Roma. She posed photos for Playboy magazine after moving to the USA. Later, in 1979, he joined the band Improv Groundlings. In the spring of 1981 KHJ-TV hired Cassandra to host the Macabre film series for $350 a week. She has made a number of guest appearances on TV programs and numerous movies such as Elvira becoming the first woman to lead a nationwide beer advertising campaign. Elvira is playable as a player. During the 1990s and 2000s she was a renowned figure. In 2007 Cassandra hosted her tv reality show The Hunt for the Next Elvira. She is still as powerful as Elvira even though she is in her 60s. Altogether she has over 90 credits as a result of her role in movies and television shows.

Weight and height

Weight is 152 pounds (69 kg)


In 1990, Cassandra was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Actress for Elvira: Mistress of the Moon. Then in 2001 she received the Spirit of Silver Lake Award.


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