Wonderful Side Men Swept Hairstyles

A man looks very distinct with side swept hairstyles. Clean, trendy and also very sleek side swept hair. And if you add all this to the fact that it’s a very flexible hairdo as well, then you’ve got a look every man who wants to keep up with the times should try at some point. This gallery displays exquisite styles with a side sweep, and you can be confident that you will find some to suit your tastes and preferences.

Blunt Cut Layers with Skin Fade

Blunt Cut Layers with Skin Fade

It’s not the only thing that makes this a top-notch model, though, as it also has some blunt cut smooth layers on the undercut section and an amazing skin fade.

Magnificent Modern Pompadour

There are many pompadour variants, and this is a modern one that involves giving it a side part and then effortlessly brushing it sideways. To create a disconnection with the full facial hair, you should also fade the sides.

Classy Feathered Coiffure

While the bangs on the top are quite long in this style, they are as light as a feather, making them easy to style. You should create a roll at the top to style them, and then finish with high sides tapering.

Gray bangs like these do not need any complex layout to look amazing. All you need on one side is an undercut and then sweep them diagonally across the face to the other.

Fabulous Faux Hawk

Fake hawk is one of those types that will never come out of the trend, because there are countless ways to create it. It has a very original cut in this particular one, which includes tapering the sides to create an undercut. Then you should finish the style by sweeping to the sides the long strands on the crown to form the faux hawk.

Lovely Short Bangs and Skin Fade

You don’t have to keep long locks to create a polished look because short bangs like these can also make you look magnificent if you style them with an inventive slick back and side sweep. And if you spice them up, you’ll look outstanding with a skin fade and side part line.

Slick Pomp Gelled Hairdo

Pompadours are common, but this one will still make you stand out as it is not only smoothly gelled but also has a sharp part line and stylish tapered sides design.

Sleek Side

This hairstyle redefines beauty because it’s a lot more than that. It has an impressive side part that produces a contrast between the crown’s smooth side-swept strands and the sides ‘ high fade.

Quiff with Bald Sides

This short quiff is impeccable and, thanks to the smooth shave on the sides, looks amazing. The smooth shave is vital to the look as it reveals not only the exquisite tattoo on the head but also establishes a disconnection with the killer beard.

Good Gentleman Look

Most men have perfect hair, and this is one of them as it has an outstanding size, texture and length. And just cut the sides and back short and then sweep the long mane diagonally across the forehead on the crown to style it.

Fun Messy Locks

Messy hair is cute and quick to make as it’s all a basic haircut. You should taper the sides and back and leave some more locks on the crown to mess up with your fingers to replicate this look.

Up and Side Sweeping

This design sweeps up and down and makes it look great. There is also a hard part line on the side of this style and a high fade that adds to the elegance.

The Majestic Wave

Wavy hair is beautiful, but the waves on this one are majestic and higher than the others. The design on the front of the waves looks like an exaggerated quiff, but it’s still very amazing, and the magical fade on the sides enhances it.

Messy Hipster Side Sweep

This haircut is a hipster design as well, but the longer locks on the top have a simple messy sweep. The sides are tapered, but they’re not as short as the other haircuts you’d find.

Layered Silver Gray Bangs

Silver gray is a rare hue, and if you pair it with such a stunning style, you’ll have a great hairdo. The haircut involves short tapering of the sides and leaving on the crown some long bangs that you should style by layering.

Comfortable Wavy Locks

This hairstyle is very comfortable and shows a high level of trust. This includes sweeping slightly to the side some wavy bangs on the crown, forming a side part and then tapering the rest of the hair.


Shiny Beach Waves
Beach waves are beautiful and those in this style look extra sweet because of their incredible shine and the beautiful undercut on one side. Really great is their soft part line and side sweep styling, and they make the wavy locks look amazing.

Short Choppy Redhead

Red hair works for men too, and you just need to know how to cut and style it. It has a few short bangs on the crown and a fade on the sides in this style. You should style to give them some height by sweeping the bangs at the front and finish by brushing the other sideways.

Tapering Perfection

Because of the precision of the cut and also the inventive side sweep that creates a fabulous wavy pattern, few other tapered haircuts might look better than this.
Artistic Coiffure

Often all you need to create a stylish look is an artistic touch. There are some beautiful patterns on the short sides and back in this hairdo but the freshly waxed bangs on the crown are the center of attraction.

Grown Out Bowl This look is what you get when you leave your haircut to grow. However, by trimming your long locks and styling, you can still create it by sweeping them in subtle layers over the forehead.

Texturized and Razor Fade

This haircut may look sophisticated, but it’s very easy to obtain if you have a large hair. And it includes textured the strands on top and a hard part line and razor fade on the sides.

Hipster hair with Tapered Sides

Hipster hairstyles are very fashionable, and you can create one like this by simply tapering the sides and back and finishing by sweeping the smooth strands to the side of the crown.

Side swept hairstyles will provide you with solutions for any length of hair, and they are also very simple. The above styles are just a few examples of the many ways you can rock these trendy hairdos, so if you’re looking for something to make you stand out, you should try one of them.

Side Slicked Pump

It’s hard to say it’s just a pompadour model because it has a wonderful side slick layout which makes it look distinct and amazing. Besides that, it also has some tapering and a beautiful dark tone to make any man look elegant.

Extended Classic Quiff

Many people with long locks often have trouble cutting them, but this style allows them the option of keeping most of it. It involves leaving a few long bangs at the front and rolling them into a side-swept quiff and finishing with sides tapering.

Voluminous and disheveled look

This hair’s volume is just beautiful, making it a stylish headdress. Besides that, the strands also have a beautiful disheveled look and a simple side sweep from a soft part line of the top locks.

Classic Sharp Fade

This short haircut’s sharp fade on the sides is amazing and it will make anybody stand out. The design on the crown, however, is also top notch, and brushing the short strands to the side is involved.

Shear Comb Over with Side Part

While these strands may be short, their creative styling makes this difficult to spot and includes combing them from a soft side. But, to give them a complete grip, you also need to use some gel.

Neat and Light Blondie Locks

This is another example of neat and very light side swept hairstyles. There’s also amazing blonde shade, and it also makes the hairdo look very effortless.

Natural Curly Bangs

If you’ve got a long curly natural hair with a perfect volume and texture like this one, you’ve got to do little to give it a top style. It is enough to have a simple side part and push the long bangs in moderate layers to the sides.