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The key to a youthful soul and sparkling eyes is to stay out of your comfort zone. In their 60s 70s 80s and even 90s, you can be just like these fabulous women who rock unicorn hair in so many different ways! Bianca Rose, a professional hairstylist, offers hair ideas for older women who want to add color to their lives.

Nice in Lilac at 93

This grandmother of 93 rocks her new color and shows that it’s never too late to become a unicorn! Lilac tips frame and fresh her face into natural silver roots that blend softly. Waves raise the look’s size and playfulness.

Godmother Rainbow Fairy!

In her new pastel rainbow hair, she glows with envy. By diluting your rainbow recipe, this placement is bold but gentle. You’re never too old to let your true colors shine! 681.jpg” />

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Bold in Primary Blue

This bold blue placement not only makes the color pop and gives the hair a focal point, but also a beautiful contrast that plays off its natural white locks.

Color Ribbons

Adding back-to-back color slices to the front and holding a lighter, more natural root really adds depth and scale to this bold look! Bold Fringe Is In!

What better way to add color to the beautiful white hair than a bold fringe color!? This really gives this look a bit of a punch and is very trendy. And the purples fade into silver and white locks so beautifully.

Split-Color Hair

If you can choose both, why choose just one color?! The first thing you will notice is the half-violet half-periwinkle hair colors that are obviously cool. Look, and woah again! You’ll see she’s covered in tattoos, too! It’s safe to say she’s the block’s best grandma.

Dusty Pink

Not every unicorn hair has to be bold and bright. By simply diluting the formula, you can also play around with super-pastel colors. This dusty pink is just enough to make you do a double-take of a color change.

Funked-up Faux-Hawk

A fun, bold color is the best way to show off your new cut! Not only does she have a bright color scheme through her faux-hawk, but as an accent piece there is even a small color on the side while leaving her natural color throughout the rest of her hair. Unique and fashionable!

We know what her favorite color is! Why limit it when a natural white canvas is perfect for adding your favorite shades to your head? She’s green and her smile is infectious!

Cool-Curled Hues

What better way to improve beautiful curls than luminous colors? That really makes the curls pop! We help these curls remain the focal point by adding a few bits of red in the front to play off the magenta and violet beautifully. 689.jpg” />

<img src="https://ourhairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/thr/500/500

Dusty Mauves

Perhaps your customer isn’t a super bold guy. By playing with dusty hues such as mauve, this is the perfect way to dip into vibrant colour. Dilute the formula and add a little silver to an older clientele is a great way to introduce light.

Pastelized Reds

High impact reds! But on lighter skin tones, they can be a little harsher. Play with this palette of colors by pastelizing your recipe. Only bear in mind that the quicker it fades, the more diluted the light. Make it a perfect choice for those who have no dedication to color!

Summer Peach Hair

This fruit in the season gives us a lot of color inspiration. This color is natural yet striking, perfect for natural redheads.

Mermaid Colormelt

For some time now, the color trend influenced by mermaid has been super in style, but we love how effortless and bohemian this look is by embracing the natural texture of her skin. Her exquisite curl pattern is really highlighted by the way the blue blends into the green at its ends.

Use Add Tips to Dip!

Do you need an obviously safe way to add some color to your do? It’s great fun to add some pigment to your hair tips and try a fail-safe way. If you love it, at a higher placement, you can always add more. Will you be willing to part with it? Without trying to remove it with a color remover, a quick snip and the color will go away.

Color-depositing shampoos and conditioners are a simple and easy way for your customers to experience color at home. The color will fade back to the previous color they had before adding color in three to five washings. This is a great add-on service for stylists behind the chair before cutting or washing & styling!

Opposites Attract

What better way to really make your outfit pop than a bold color? Together with the light blue hair, this coral pantsuit really makes this look stand out. What’s the reason? Because at the opposite ends of the color wheel is orange and black, that’s why this look is so striking and chic!

Colorless Look

Not ready for color engagement? How about a comprehensive design?! Barbers have so much fun slicing into the hair fun designs. By outlining in black or blue-black hue, you can add emphasis to these designs to make this design really pop! 697.jpg” />

<img src="https://ourhairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/thr/500/500

Bold Peacock-Inspired Fringe

Put your color bold! This fun fringe color is the perfect way to make your color show around your face without sacrificing on coloring your whole hair.

Split Personality

Would you like some bold color but not ready to divide with the natural locks? Earlier in the article, we featured split skin. While leaving a natural side, this color really helps to stand out! ‘

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