Wisin – Biography of Wisin

The singer known as Wisin, from the successful reggaeton duo Wisin and Yandel, has by name Juan Luis Morena Luna and the December 19, 1978 in Cayey, Puerto Rico. Member of a typical family of the place he studied theater and interpretation and from a very young age he was already a friend of who would be his partner in the future Llandel Veguilla.

In matters of music both had very similar tastes, one of their favorites being the reggaetonThat is why some time later they recorded some songs on albums that they have compiled.
His first public participation was in 1998 on the album No Fear # which was made by DJ Dicky and later in a compilation called Mission Vol. 1. It was a huge acceptance that he had and it quickly became a gold record, thanks to this success the first album of Wisin & Yandel what was called The kings of the new millennium.

This first production would be the prelude to all the triumphs they have achieved and they felt driven to continue creating and showing the whole world their new songs.

2001 highlights From new to old, My life … my life It’s from 2003, the following year Otherwise, but all of these were gold records. They were just beginning their career in the world of music, however they were already recognized with the Prize Your music to the best rap and reggaeton duo, an award they were awarded in 2002.

Fame had arrived but soon there would be talk of a possible separation because in 2004 Wisin released his first solo album, which he called The survivor, and on his side Yandel launched Who against me? This situation did not seem to please the public very much and sales were not so good. Subsequently, they continued working as a duo and did not speak of a separation again.

Years later in 2007 they release their new production The aliens, in this album the sounds were different since they received support from international artists such as Eve and Fat Joe.
Their total success would see it arrive in 2009 and this would encourage them to publish The revolution, an album where they received help from rapper 50 Cent.

Time continued to give them more fame and popularity, announcing in 2010 many other new projects, they even indicated that they would be in a film and continued with their 2006 album The Cowboys: The Return.

In 2012 they gave birth to their new work, a much more elaborate album that had the collaboration of other greats such as Jennifer Lopez, T-Pain, Chris Brown and Alberto Style.

Regarding his personal life, Wisin is married to Yomaira Ortiz and is the father of two children named Yelena and Dylan.