Willem Dafoe – Biography of Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe Jr. was born in 1955, in the town of Appleton in Wisconsin, United States.

He is the son of Muriel Isabel, a nurse, and Dr. William Alfred Dafoe, a surgeon. His real name is William but he changed it to Willem so that people wouldn’t call him by the nickname “Billy”.

Coming from a family of professionals, Willem He spent his childhood living with his 7 siblings. Attended high school Appleton East High School, from where he was expelled after being part of a video that was called pornographic by school authorities. His education ended in the Lawrence University, where he left before graduation to join the newly formed group, avant-garde THeatre X.

Later, he began his studies of Dramatic Arts on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, but he left them long before receiving his title, to intervene in various theatrical groups and dedicate himself to traveling through the United States and Europe, playing various characters in various plays.

Joined with Elizabeth lecompte, a fellow theater director, in 1977 and together they would have their son Jack in 1982.

Willem would make his debut a year before he was born Jack, beginning an extensive cinematographic filmography.

His career began in 1981, when he was chosen to “Heaven`s gate” but his role was removed from the film during editing.
In the mid-1980s, he was selected by William Friedkin to star “Live and Die in LA“, in which I play Rick masters.

A year later, he was a tough motorcyclist, in “The loveless” (1982).

After a while, Dafoe would become a recognized and famous film and theater actor, as well as being an excellent co-producer, nominated on more than one occasion for the award Oscar as best supporting actor.

To add one more achievement to his career, he is an honorable founding member of the company. “The Wooster Group. “

In 1986 he got his first award nomination Oscar thanks to the film “Platoon” from the director Oliver stone and co-starring Tom Berenger Y Charlie sheen; Dafoe I had the role of the compassionate sergeant Elijah.

In 1988, he led another movie set in the Vietnam War, this time playing the agent Buck mcgriff, on “Saigon”.

That same year, he played the controversial religious character, Jesus of Nazareth, on “The last temptation of Christ” under the directive command of Martin Scorsese.
Critics received it favorably despite the controversy the film generated.

In the following years, he would participate in some films that turned out to be box office successes:
Born on July 4th (1989) together with Tom cruise, “Wild Heart” (1990) with Nicolas Cage Y Laura dern Y “The English Patient” with Ralph fiennes Y Juliette Binoche, for the year 1996.

Undoubtedly, one of his most remembered performances was the one he did in 1992, together with Madonna in the suspense-erotic film “The body of the crime” from the director Uli Edel.

With the new millennium, a new nomination would come to the Oscar in order to Willem, this time for the film of Elias merhige “Shadow of the vampire”, next to John malkovich, in which he had to undergo long makeup sessions to play the very Nosferatu.

In 2002 he reached a peak of worldwide success, after participating in a mega-production directed by Sam raimi, in which he has to embody Norman Osborn (the green goblin) in the first installment ofSpider Man, whose protagonists were Tobey Maguire Y Kirsten dunst. For this production he was also involved in difficulties for the physical characterization of his role.

Although his character does not actively participate in “Spider-Man 2”, his name appears in the credits since in the final edition of the film he makes some appearances.

In the following year, Willem is summoned to record the voice of Gill, one of the little fish in the film Finding Nemo.

During 2003, he was part of “Once upon a time in Mexico“, next to Johnny depp, Salma Hayek Y Antonio Banderas.

In 2004 and 2005 he participated in some films that have been quite blockbuster and recognized, such as The shadow of a kidnapping (2004) with Robert Redford, “The Aviator” (2005) together with Leonardo Dicaprio Y Cate blanchett, Y “XXX 2: State of emergency” (2005) co-starring Samuel L. Jackson.

During 2005, he married for the second time, with another director, named Giada Colagrande.

Characters with character are the forte of Willem dafoe since he has stood out in characters of that characteristic in numerous films, thanks to the very particular gestures that his face carries.

His latest works include “Spider Man 3 “ (2007), “Fireflies in the garden“(2008) with Julia Roberts Y Ryan reynolds, “Adam Resurrected“(2008) together with Jeff goldblum, “Daybreakers“(2008) with Ethan hawke Y “Cirque du freak“(2008), which will also include Salma Hayek already John C. Reilly.

According to the critic said Thomas Obregon: “Willem Dafoe will go down in history for his wicked face and demon smile and for having starred in the most controversial film in history”.