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Will Smith’s ‘ The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ‘ Wasn’t actually filmed in Bel-AirMichelle RegaladoTwitter September 26, 2015 Jason Kempin / Getty Images Jake Gyllenhaal and Benedict Cumberbatch have proven themselves to be two of Hollywood’s best actors today and are now looking to join forces on the big screen. Both of the celebrated actors are currently in talks to mark the upcoming historical drama The Current War in the Weinstein Company. According to The Hollywood Writer Gyllenhaal and Cumberbatch, the project that takes place in the late 1880s and revolves around power titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse as they fight over the supply of electricity is now in negotiations. If they signed on Cumberbatch, Edison who advocated the use of a direct current (DC) for the transfer of electrical power over an alternating current (AC) would operate. Meanwhile Gyllenhaal will play Westinghouse whose electric company backed the use of AC along with several European companies. No star has yet officially closed a deal but it’s certainly worth getting excited about the prospect of seeing two top talents join forces. Gomez-Rejon has received critical acclaim for helming the Sundance Film Festival that loves Me and Earl and the Dying Girl for a big year. The director is currently starting work on The Current War after his next film Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith, which starts shooting this fall, should he close a deal for the movie. The project will be the latest in an already jam-packed timeline for Gyllenhaal. In 2015, the actor stayed very busy with the long-delayed political comedy Accidental Love and the boxing drama Southpaw following it. He is currently starring in the Everest disaster drama, and also has the Demolition comedy drama coming out in the spring. He will show no signs of slowing down early at any moment. Gyllenhaal is already set to star in the The Guy Who Made It Snow biographical crime drama. He is also co-starring in the Nocturnal Animals movie by Tom Ford that is set to start shooting this fall. While on the big screen Cumberbatch hasn’t worked as much as Gyllenhaal this year, the actor stayed active. He can currently be seen co-starring in Scott Cooper’s Black Mass opposite Johnny Depp, and will return to the small screen in Sherlock’s forthcoming Christmas Special. In the animated feature Magik, Cumberbatch is also expected to lend his voice to a villain and will play Shere Khan in Andy Serkis ‘ Jungle Book: Origins. But the highest profile of his upcoming projects is Doctor Strange from Marvel Studios which is set to start shooting in November 2015. We will have to stay tuned for more details but with two such talented actors potentially on board the project definitely seems off to a promising start. If Gyllenhaal and Cumberbatch choose to sign on it’ll probably be a while before we see The Latest War hit the big screen as both stars are busy this fall with other projects. More from Entertainment Cheat Sheet:

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Jess Bolluyt More Articles of December 28, 2016 Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images To be honest, this is not a single gadget that we would like to advise. It bears mentioning that any tech company’s first generation of a new product will not be flawless, and even Apple with its well-documented ability to masterfully combine hardware and software is no exception.Jess Bolluyt More Articles of December 28, 2016 Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images To be honest, this is not a single gadget that we would like to advise. It bears mentioning that any tech company’s first generation of a new product will not be flawless, and even Apple with its well-documented ability to masterfully combine hardware and software is no exception.Friends broadcast for 10 years or so and had six main characters. So it’s understandable if you don’t remember all the ins and outs of the dating history of each character (or even the co-stars Jennifer Aniston dated on the show during her time). But if there’s one thing you’d like to remember, it’s who ends up with whom at Friends ‘ end. We have a refresher in front of us on which Friends characters ended up together and what was contentious about the final of the sitcom.

Chandler and Monica become parents, so they move to the suburbs

Monica and Chandler end up marrying and moving with two children to the suburbs. Netflix As Hello Giggles reports any loose end. “Monica and Chandler had already married, despite the long-running joke of Chandler’s engagement issues. And while they were unable to produce a baby themselves, they decided by adoption to build a family. Bustle reports that for Chandler and Monica to leave New York, many fans felt bummed. (They bought a house in the suburbs earlier in season 10 to raise the family they wanted to have.) But the final series shows them at last hitting another milestone: becoming parents. They foster twins born to Erica, a birth mother, for three minutes and 46 seconds apart. They expected just one kid, but instead they had a boy and a girl named Jack and Erica.

Ross and Rachel come back together for good Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe on Friends NBC Mike proposed to Phoebe earlier in Friends ‘ final season and just a few weeks before the end of the season they tied the knot. Even though an unforeseen blizzard hits the city causing everyone to think the wedding will have to be postponed, Phoebe knows Monica’s Type-A personality will allow her to pull off the case. They are conducting the ceremony on a snowy street close to Central Benefit. And she becomes Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan after a small mishap in which Phoebe changes her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock and Mike changes his name to Crap Bag.

Joey finishes off. New chick and duck

9/9.979 9/9.979 Rachel and Joey during their vacation to Barbados NBC via Netflix Andrea Francese More Articles 29 October 2019 Howard Wolowitz’s lack of a Ph.D. was a point of contention. His group of friends, composed primarily of Ph.D. s, never missed an opportunity to remind Howard that his master’s degree was a little easier to get through than their advanced degrees. Regardless Howard seemed to be doing himself fairly well. How much, then, would Howard have done in real life? May surprise you with the answer.

Howard may not have a super-advanced degree but his history in education is still quite impressive. Though his colleagues, Sheldon Cooper in particular, are poking fun at Howard’s education is clearly incredibly smart. On more than one occasion, he points out that he earned a M.I.T. Master’s degree. See this article on the # MIT2023 Instagram Welcome class. Best of luck on this first day of class, to all @MITStudents. Photo: @mitstudents # massachusettsinstituteoftechnology # with # thisisMIT # firstdayofclass # bestofluck # yougotthis A post shared by MIT (@mitpics) on Sep 4 2019 at 6:36am PDT How much money would Howard Wolowitz have made? Howard was an engineer in aerospace, and then became an astronaut. For estimates purposes let s analyze his engineering salary. An aerospace engineer should expect to make between $64,000 and $157,000 annually according to Payscale. The type of company a person works for will determine their income and the years they spent in the industry. Given Howard’s qualifications and the relatively young nature of his profession, we might conclude that he is making the national average for a $89,000 aerospace engineer. Figure 1 Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz Sonja Flemming / CBS from Getty Images) While his peers are statistically well above his national average Howard’s profits. They also has far less debts and even his highly educated peers, regardless of what his friends think Howard is definitely in a much better financial situation than most people. Howard did not have a Ph.D. but at least during the first few seasons of The Big Bang Theory, his bills were also significantly lower than those of his pals. He stayed in his childhood home with
his mother and obviously he paid no rent. He also rode a scooter which meant his insurance rate was pretty low, and there was no question about a car payment. View this post on Instagram Tossing it back for the final # BigBangTheory episode # TBT A post posted by The Big Bang Theory (@bigbangtheory cbs) was supposedly born in 1981 at 2:08pm PDT Howard on May 16th, 2019. The show starts in 2007, meaning that he was 26 when the show premiered. Howard and his mother lived in the home until Season 6. So we can safely assume that from the time he graduated, he lived with his mother until he was 32. If Howard’s studies went according to plan, at the age of 24 he probably ended up at M.I.T. Howard would have spent the first eight years of his working life with his parents, rent-free.